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Each and every month thousands more brave young men and women are volunteering to fight a war they supposedly can't win against an enemy that supposedly doesn't exist for a President who supposedly isn't smart enough to be President and who supposedly lies to his troops and his country about the enemy so his friends can supposedly get rich off of the war (that we are supposedly losing).

The United States Armed Forces met or exceeded recruitment goals every month for 2006 in spite of constant negative media coverage, constant degrading comments from Democrats and a constant barrage of attacks from the enemy designed to destroy morale and support.

"The Army, which is bearing the brunt of the work in Iraq, did the best. It signed up 6,485 new recruits in November compared with its target of 6,150 - meaning 105 percent of its goal.
According to figures released Tuesday by the Pentagon, the Navy signed up 2,887 recruits last month, or 100 percent of its goal; Marines signed up 2,095, or 104 percent of its 2,012 target and the Air Force signed up all 1,877 it was seeking."

According to Democrats (like Charley Rangel), new recruits only join because they have no other choice due to poverty or race, but according to the data and according to the men and women who are doing the volunteering, it is for other reasons entirely.

This story is more typical of the type and character of those serving us in the military today.
"Among the youngest processing through the Baltimore MEPS July 31 was 17-year-old Bethany Wade, a high school student from Lewes, Del. Wade still has a semester of classes ahead of her before she graduates five months ahead of the rest of her senior class, but she had far more than senior proms and yearbooks on her on her mind. She has her heart set on becoming a Marine."
"Many of the recruits sitting alongside Wade at the Baltimore MEPS were fresh out of high school. Some, like 19-year-old Corey Robinson, of Boonesboro, Md., said he knew since he was a child that he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the Army.
If all goes as planned, Robinson will head to infantry, airborne and Ranger training after his Basic Combat Training. He said he’s excited about the opportunities ahead. “I’ll get the educational benefits for college when I get out, but I also get to serve my country,” he said."

Recruits are coming into the military with higher than average education which refutes undermining comments made by Democrats like John Kerry that our military is comprised of the uneducated and the poor.
In fact, the opposite is true. "Military-wide, more than 60 percent of all recruits come from the top half of the aptitude categories, and more than 90 percent are high school graduates, David S. C. Chu, undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, said during a Pentagon news conference in July.
“Typically, we see an above-average high school graduate” processing through the Baltimore MEPS, Station Commander Lt. Col. Robert Larsen said.
Army Master Sgt. Mark Schoeppner, an Army liaison with the station, bristles at talk that military standards have dipped. “There’s a perception that we will allow anybody in, and that’s absolutely wrong,” he said"

Why do they volunteer?
For a variety of reasons, but all have one common belief. They want to serve their country, they believe in the goodness of America and that it is worth fighting for. They believe that by fighting terrorists in Iraq, they are making us safer... and they are right about all of the above. They join because of their patriotism, feeling of responsibility and honor. Money and benefits are listed as extras, not the primary reasons as some detractors claim.

God Bless these brave young American hero's who volunteer themselves to fight and perhaps die so that the rest of us can live in peace for generations to come.

THANK YOU to each and every one of you and your families back here at home for the sacrifices you make for the rest of us.
In spite of zero media coverage of this fact, many Iraqi's DO see America as liberators and ARE grateful for American presence in their country.
Those opposing the effort in Iraq need to look at the photo above and ask themselves what would happen to that little boy with the American Flag held high if America "cuts and runs" on him?
What would the Islamic throatcutters do to him for daring to dream of freedom?
Then tell us you still want to cut and run.

Those that claim we are creating more terrorists by fighting in Iraq need to look at the numbers which show the opposite. It is the terrorists who are "creating" more Americans to come and kill them every time they blow something up or attack a US soldier in Iraq or elsewhere.

Keep fighting the fight, keep winning the war and remember that there are many of us back here safe in our homes that understand and appreciate your gift to your country and the world.
God Speed.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, this comment "According to Democrats, new recruits only join because they have no other choice due to poverty or race, but according to the men and women who are doing the volunteering, it is for other reasons entirely." is in reference to the Kerry gaffe. If that is the case, it is again a generalization used by Red Stater to take comments of one and blanket them to cover all Democrats. You should be smarter than that.

Personally I have always supported our troupes and wanted nothing but success in Iraq. I was not opposed to the war, but since then things have not gone as well as we could have hope for. Yes there are successes, but the overall effort does not seem to be going well.

My hats are off to the brave men and women who serve our country. They are much braver than I and it is because of them and those who have served in generations past, that our country is still free.

11:18 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:41 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

after further review...
maybe you have heard of these two "low ranking" Democrats.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi wrote President Bush encouraging him to act immediately to reverse the decline in our military’s readiness.
Here is what they had to say.

“As Senator Kerry has so incisively pointed out, the U.S. military is the repository of our society’s losers,” the two wrote. “The combination of a slumping economy and a failed education system has left too many poor and minorities with too few options. Opportunistic Army recruiters are sweeping these unfortunates into military service where they serve as cannon fodder for Bush’s imperialistic ambitions in Iraq.”


12:17 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

Yes dave, you are mistaken.

In addition to the 2004 Democrat Presidental Candidate (the man who would-be president), The new Democrat Senate Majority Leader, the new Democrat Speaker of the House... add the new Democrat Chairman of the "Ways and Means" committee, Charlie Rangel.

Do I really need to post his quotes for you too dave? Is the google button broken on your 'puter?

We can see just how much you support the military when you say...
"Personally I have always supported our troupes..."
Troupe- A group especially of the performing arts.

I am sure they all appreciate your subvert,errr I mean "support" dave.
You make my point about liberals hating the military while you are pretending to "support the troops".

8:59 AM  
Blogger Fried Onions said...

You think and write well. God bless your efforts.

Jimmie Martin in Newcastle


9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You got me there Red…my typo was obviously based on my hatred for this country and our military. What a load of crap. In the few months that I have been reading your blog you have done nothing but regurgitate the same garbage and nonsense that comes out of “commentators” like Limbaugh and Hannity. Your nose is so far up the President’s butt it’s sickening. Do you have a single thought that was not provided by the GOP or Fox News? I have always been respectful of you as an individual in my posts even though we disagree 95% of the time. That having been said, you have taken repeated cheap shots at me. Why? Because I’m a liberal and obviously evil in your eyes. I don’t understand why you feel you have to be an attack dog. You are a blogger in Oklahoma for Pete’s sake, not a politician or talk show host. You post hate day in and day out and it’s getting really old. This country will never be able to cross the divide if everyone attacks politics the way you do. Give it up. Write your opinions but leave out the name calling, mud slinging, trash talking, and hate.

One other thing… How many children of GOP Senators and Representatives are currently serving in the military in Iraq and Afghanistan? Since my Google button is broken, could you look that up for me please? Thanks.

12:55 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

laughing out loud...
now it's a typo... funny,...kinda like when kerry "gaffed" huh?

I'm not sure how you get troupes out of troops with a slip of the finger there dave. must be a very FAT finger and it reached over and just threw that "e" in there for no reason.
are you saying that you actually thought troop was spelled troupe?

Either way, that does explain how a lot of stuff gets written on liberal blogs however... by a slip of a finger, a typo or a "gaffe".

BTW-I listen to as much liberal talk radio etc as I do conservative.
But I enjoy NPR, Cspan and cpan2 and the cable news channels as well as reading the newspapers.

My opinions are my own,dave.
If rush or anyone else agrees, fine by me.

thanks for playing

12:33 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

and one more thing dave, I'm glad you read my "garbage"- thank you.
It wouldn't be any fun if EVERYONE agreed with each other though, is that what you really want or think is possible?
Do you honestly think that liberal bloggers large and small have treated the President and conservatives fairly dave?
Where do you get your news and "talking points" from?
Have you seen conservatives and Bush attacked relentlessly for the past 6 years by libberal bloggers top to bottom like AIR AMERICA, moveon.org, dailykos, democratunderground.com, Okiefunk, etc. etc.?
Yet, you want to hold conservative bloggers to a "higher standard" than those you blindly copy.
I am sorry if I treated you harshly or unfairly, but I do call them as I see them.
As far as cheap shots go, i think that "troupe" gaffe/typo/oops ranks right up there.
Please come back often.

1:52 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

"laughing out loud...
now it's a typo... funny,...kinda like when kerry "gaffed" huh?"

I didn't lie about this...it was a typo. If you want to not believe me, then that is your problem. I try to communicate with conservatives, but people like you sure make it difficult.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

okay dave, i'll take you at your word, which is all i was doing in the first place.

you support the troops and i support the troops AND their mission.

conservatives support the troops toward VICTORY, liberals support their retreat... we get it.
am i wrong or (in your words) just spewing more hate?

communication starts with listening.
we are listening.
We hear what liberals are saying, retreat, withdraw, re-deploy, defeat, Vietnam, war for oil, Bush is a liar, Get out of Iraq and let the civil war commence.

THe question is, when are liberals going to stop supporting our troops by supporting their defeat?

I'm just trying to communicate with ya' dave...

please go read my post "Jihad Bowl"
and answer the quiz at the bottom... do you pick A, B, C, D or Z?

11:15 AM  

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