Monday, September 22, 2008

Red Stater Was Right About Iraq, Anti-war Lib's Still In Denial

A couple of years back I offered antiwar liberals a chance to unify the country and support the war in Iraq. What I recieved was mostly jeers and hatred from the left, claiming not only that we couldn't possibly win but that we had already lost and I just refused to admit it.

We can now see clearly that those of us who claimed that we must win and would win were correct. That General Petreaus did NOT betray us, but was telling the truth when he said the surge was working.

Flopping Aces has a nice piece on the current state of things in Iraq... funny, there is no mention of civil war or defeat of America.

Engram At Backtalk blog has documented week by week the near failures and huge success in Iraq using the left's own numbers along with huge amounts of data and analysis.

The very fact that the anti-war democrat controlled news media isn't reporting ANYTHING about Iraq during the election is proof positive that things aren't going poorly like Obama needs them to be. So they focus on the "economy" because it helps Obama in their eyes.

So... to dave at Oklahoma Lefty I say - God Bless you man, you had the balls to take a stand and stick by it. YOU were the ONLY one my friend.

To the rest of you including Professor Roger Payne, and Doc Kurt at Okie Funk... an admission of your error in judgement and of being just plain wrong would be most professional.
But I won't hold my breath for THAT.

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