Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Even a Broken Watch is Right Twice a Day

I happen to agree with Gabby "Jihad Joe" Biden when he predicted ("mark my words") that (if elected) a Obama-Biden administration will be tested right away (within 6 months) by our enemies (Islamic Fascists).

If true, Americans should take a moment and think for just a second. Lets say another 9-11 happens, only bigger this time. Chaos or leadership?

The Democrats and Obama in particular have proven to be completely clueless when it comes to fighting terrorism. They oppose listening to phone calls coming into the US from KNOWN terrorists, oppose defeating them where Bin Laden himself termed "the central front in the Jihad against America and the west" (Iraq), in fact the Democrats view terrorism as a mere crime and not an act of war. Our police are not equipped to take on Al Qaeda... particularly in other countries, this idea is worse than dangerous.

Joe is right (for twice), America cannot afford to have the inexperience and just plain ignorant approach to the war being waged against us that Obama and he will deliver.

Vote McCain-Palin and vote to protect America.

This message was approved by Gabby Joe-Biden Johnson.

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