Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Trickle-Up Poverty" The New Economics of Barack Obama

Thanks to FGO... and The Savage Nation

"The liberal media talking heads are already proclaiming that a Barack Obama victory will be revolutionary.

Revolutionary is right.The last great revolution took place in Russia.

Within a year of the Russian Revolution in 1917, the communist leader Lenin brought the Russians change they could believe in. He created an economic system in which:

  • All industry was nationalized and strict centralized management was introduced.
  • Obligatory labor duty was imposed onto "non-working classes" or people who had money. Food was rationed and centrally distributed.
  • Military-like control of railroads was introduced.
  • Private enterprise became illegal.

After Stalin took over the Soviet Union, he:

  • Imposed a state-run system of socialized medicine
  • Formed a strict, centralized cultural administration and ideological control system – in other words, reeducation.

There is every reason to believe that some kind of socialist revolution will occur under B.O. Bush has already imposed socialism on the banks, and Obama promises to do more of the same. The Soviets put people with money to work in factories.

Under Obama, the business owners in this country who drive the economy will be put to work by being forced to pay crushing taxes that will fund gold-plated healthcare for illegal aliens and welfare cases.

Private enterprise may not actually be made illegal, but so many businesses will die under an Obama administration that the same goal will be accomplished.

Instead of trickle-down economics, we’ll have trickle-up poverty.

We already know Obama will impose socialized medicine – that is a given.

And reeducation will come in the form of the Fairness Doctrine, which Nancy Pelosi will push through the Congress by stressing the need to foster unity and avoid destabilizing the markets with hurtful and unbalanced commentary.

This is what the future holds under B.O." - by Michael Savage

-The views of Michael Savage do not necessarily represent the views of red stater, but in this case... they do.



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