Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who is "Joe the Plumber"? You are.

I work hard for every penny I make... I don't believe the government has the right to take even more of my hard earned money to give to people of their choosing who either won't work or won't work hard enough to better themselves.

We are all Joe the Plumber.

I think the media is horrible and that journalism is about dead. The news media promotes their own agenda and are in the tank for Barack Obama. The media makes hero's out of people like Brittany Spears and is quick to condemn our military at even the slightest question. The way they have treated Sarah Palin is a disgraceful and a discredit to journalism and the way they have treated Joe the plumber is simply hateful and mean.

We are all Joe the Plumber.

I want to be able to ask a legitimate question of politicians and not have my entire medical history, diet habits and bowling average plastered on every front page Newspaper.

We are all Joe the Plumber

I might like to own my own business someday...
I might like to make $250k, $500k.. a million or more... and not have the government take 50% or more and "spread it around" at their pleasure.

We are Joe the Plumber.

If you aspire to greater jobs, bigger paychecks, maybe owning your own business, greater success... the good life, then don't vote for Obama-Biden, they have promised to punish you the moment you make it. Income re-distribution is just plain socialism.

Vote for McCain-Palin
and Joe the Plumber!


Blogger wentzr said...

Joe the plumber is a gimmick. He makes nowhere near the level where he would see a tax increase under Barack Obama's plan. In fact, he would get a nice tax cut from Obama. And if he buys the business, he would have to be netting over $250,000 to see any increase, which is certainly something he could afford at that income level. What's more he would only be taxed an additional 3% on profits over $250K. So if he made $280K as he said, his taxes would only increase by 3% of $30K, or $900 -- an amount that would not in any way hamper his ability to buy a truck or hire employees. In fact, if he hired employees, his expenses would be lower under Obama's plan because those employees' taxes (and Joe's employer-share of their taxes) would be lower.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

He never said he did make 250k now.
And you are leaving out (just as Obama does) that letting the current tax break expire (Bush Tax Cuts) Joe's taxes (and mine) will go up, not to mention the Death tax and Capital Gains Taxes... so, Joe is no myth and Joe is no hoax (unlike global warming etc).. if you know anything about history then you should be VERY suspicious when a Democrat say's he's going to lower taxes... it's either a trick or an outright lie... you decide which.

3:47 PM  
Blogger wentzr said...

If you're going to look at this in context of our two presidential candidates, then lets really look at our options.

What's the better option? A Republican who is giving tax breaks to everybody?? Neither candidate is being completely upfront about the necessity to raise taxes across the board at least a few percentage points, but anybody with a brain knows that to do so at this point of a presidential run especially in this economic climate would be political suicide. We _all_ can expect our taxes and our cost of living will absolutely go up in the next few years regardless of who is elected president on November 4th. What we're left with is choosing the best of the two options presented to us as of now.

I don't need to remind you what Bush Sr was running his campaign on on the verge of an economic recession. What happened as a result let to the need to raise taxes across the board on every class of Americans. At least Barack Obama is raising taxes on somebody. His plan was drafted prior to the current massive plummet in investor confidence, at least Obama's plan reflects foresight into the root of what myself and millions believe caused that problem: Unregulated breaks on the upper tier of our economy.

And let me just get this out.. Obama's economic strategy is not Socialism. What America is facing in almost every aspect of government is moving this country in the right direction because it has been fundamentally steered by the trainwreck that was the Bush administration (AND his congress). Even McCain's campaign is running his campaign on change, because every voter in America knows we need to change many things about how our country is run and its government operates. Of course the opposition is going to slap labels on this redirection.

The point you are trying to make in your follow up is moot. W's tax cuts will expire under Obama's term, but The middle class existed before Bush's $1.35 TRILLION in tax cuts in 2001. Bush believed (and most of his republican congress disagreed) that "the surplus is not the governement's money. The surplus is the people's money".. He thought the tax cuts would "stimulate the economy and create jobs" Now when a president says "the people" You would assume he's referring to at least say 50% of the country. Well, no. Bush's tax cuts went to the wealthiest of the country. It was almost like a big middle finger to the majority of the country he was leading. John McCain would agree with me. In 2001, McCain said of the Bush tax cuts: “I cannot in good conscience support a tax cut in which so many of the benefits go to the most fortunate among us, at the expense of middle-class Americans who most need tax relief.” McCain is now proposing tax cuts that are more regressive than the Bush tax cuts.

If you have better solutions than either candidate, lets hear em. Write your senator. Tell your friends. blog about it. Put pressure on the candidates. Help people realize this economic crisis is going to NEED to be delt with in a non-partisianed way. Nobody likes it when partisianship clogs up congress, so why should the American people do the same? Help your friends and family realize they are going to have to face the reality that no matter who is elected, we all are going to have to make sacrifices to help clean up the mess this country is in. I think America would be a better place for everybody if we spent more time looking for a solution rather than spending so much time and energy slamming what actually seems like the best of the two options we're left with.

11:37 PM  
Blogger wentzr said...

Instead of "Unregulated breaks on the upper tier of our economy. " what sums up my feelings more accurately would be
"non-proportionate breaks on the upper tax brackets."

Let's face it. Bush's so called trickle down economy plan didn't work. It was taken advantage of by those at the top. We all know this, and many saw it coming, Even McCain. So why are his solutions even further in the wrong direction than Bush's??

Frankly I couldn't agree more with Obama's intent. The richest can afford more proportionately than the majority of Americans. I think his plan is a step further in the right direction than McCain's. My only problem with Obama's plan is that if current economic trends continue, and changes that have faced our economy continue, and a mindset that it at least aware of the need to economize doesn't sweep the nation enough to make a change, Obama will have to _have_ to start raising taxes across the board. I don't disagree with what it seems you are saying there, but I in all the attacks on Obama's proposed solutions, I don't see much of anything highlighted in McCain's plans that I feel very confident about at all. It really looks like he wants to pour kerosene on a brush fire.

11:56 PM  
Blogger wentzr said...

"He never said he did make 250k now."

What are you responding to? I said: He makes nowhere near the level where he would see a tax increase under Barack Obama's plan.

Slow down a little and read my original comment again. McCain himself didn't even look at the full picture before relying on this real-world example as the crutch of the final debate. Nobody likes to play pool on a tilted pool table, so why should the economic playing field be tilted at 400 degrees??? (that's in reference to the multiplier of 400 at which CEOs get paid in contrast to employees according to Forbes) It isn't working. It hasn't worked and it needs to be changed.

If you always do what you've always done,
you'll always get what you've always gotten.

12:11 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

wow wentzr, get it off your chest man. At least you are one of those libs that is honest about wanting socialism.

Picking through your rant... you coulda' stopped at... "Neither candidate is being completely upfront about the necessity to raise taxes across the board... "

This is simply wrongheaded... unless you are socialist that is.

Raising taxes on businesses that are already struggling is the absolute WORST thing you (and Obama) could do... which come to think of it, is probably the goal.

The more you make the economy need the government the more the government controls industry...the more the government controls industry, the more reliant the economy is on the government.

-The Democrat platform. I appreciate the time and effort you put into your thoughts... I simply and totally disagree with your conclusions however.

Socialism and communism have never worked... China's recent economic upturn is from China moving into capitalism...not the other way around.

9:40 AM  

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