Thursday, March 05, 2009

Newsweek tells Americans to Wave White Flag Now and "Live With It"

Newsweek Magazine illustrates the self destructive defeatist mentality of the Obama administration and liberal Democrats regarding the Holy War (Jihad) being waged against America and the free world. "Radical Islam is a Fact of Life" says the cover, along with "How to Live With it".

It's kinda hard to "live with" being dead isn't it?

I suggest it is NOT a fact of life that Islamic Fascism will win and we must "live with it".

Since they have demonstrated that there will be no end to their holy war on us until either their victory or their demise.
Time Magazine recommends we concede and give them victory now... and avoid the rush later.

Great example of what our media and journalism has become along with the left and the Democrat(ic) party. A bunch of spineless, gutless, socialist, dhimmi's.

Do you know how to "live" with radical Islam?
Destroy radical Islam while you are still alive.

You can't "live" with radical Islam, it's against their religion.

Here is another great example of Newsweek's bassakward reporting.
Global Warming: Get Used To It
"The most inconvenient truth about global warming is that we cannot stop it. "

First Newsweek tells us we can't stop global warming which turns out to be global cooling and now tells us we can't stop Islamic Fascists from taking over the world.
Next month the magazine will become a "how-to" book called... Newsweek for Dhimmi's.


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