Thursday, March 05, 2009

Obama's Transparency in Government Promise Out the Window

Vice President Joe Biden gets on-the-job training in some old style Chicago politics as he speaks before AFL-CIO union officials in Miami Beach.

Normally such an event would allow TV cameras to capture brilliance of the Vice Presidents oral excellence... normally. But not in this case...
White House Bars Video Coverage of Biden's Speech to Labor Union.

Why would Obama not want the Vice President's speech on video?
Could it have anything to do with Obama and Democrats very controversial proposal allowing Union leaders and members to "influence" other members by eliminating the secret ballot system currently used. This is a bold move against secret ballots which are known to be free of such monkey business as bullying and pressuring people to vote a certain way while standing in front of a group of members. It is bad medicine... but remember also that we are dealing with a President who was brought up and made on old school Chicago mob politics.

Or maybe it's just that based on past performance, Obama doesn't want any more of Biden's speeches to be televised for fear of what might come out of his mouth on any given moment... naw, these thugs are not that bright.


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