Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Change is Coming Alright

I ran into a friend yesterday (happens to be retired, Democrat and black) who voted for Obama and he was extremely upset over the way his favorite President is handling the economy with all the bailouts and trillions in spending with nothing to show for it.

He was mad.
He threw out something that maybe Obama should have considered. There are roughly 400 million people in the US. He proposed giving each and every person in America $1million.... $400million total. He pointed out it is far cheaper than the trillion Obama spent and would produce far greater and faster results.

He asked me which would stimulate the economy more?
Giving everyone in America a million bucks each to spend as they see fit or flushing a trillion bucks down the government bailout toilet on corporations and wall street and corporate greed never to be seen again?

Now I don't support everyone passing "Go" and immidiately getting a free million bucks... just imagine the instant inflation of prices on goods services if money suddenly became practically worthless... through the roof, but my Democrat friend is on the right track... just off the rails.

So I asked him, which would stimulate the economy more?
Give every American a tax-free year... pay no income tax for a year... thereby putting THAT money back into the hands of the people that earned it to spend as they see fit,
...or spending a trillion dollars on bridges and roads that lead to empty vacant buildings?

He liked the idea of no income tax for a year and added no property taxes, no inheritance taxes and no grocery taxes... we ended our conversation in basic agreement. Wow.
If this very partisan Democrat friend of mine is already mad at his hero, his savior, his blessed flawless Obama, and talking tax cuts... then things are really "changing" alright.

I'm feeling better and better about 2010 every day.


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