Saturday, July 11, 2009

(Not) Shocking News: Obama Sides With The Communists (again)
"Republican lawmakers have slammed US President Barack Obama for branding Honduras' political upheaval a "coup," saying he was aligning himself with leftist Latin American leaders.

Lawmakers said Obama's reaction to President Manuel Zelaya's ouster had placed the US in line with the presidents of Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua.

"By calling this a coup and by early statements insisting on the reinstatement of Mr Zelaya, the administration now stands with the likes of (Hugo) Chavez, (Evo) Morales and (Daniel) Ortega, and not with the Honduran people," Republican Connie Mack said during a hearing by a panel of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Zelaya, who assumed the presidency in January 2006, raised the ire of lawmakers, judges and his country's military by seeking to "rewrite the constitution" for a referendum without the required congressional approval."


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