Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Reducing Your Level of Care to Reduce Government Deficit

Hearing the Teleprompter in Chief's daily televised speech in the background, I catch the phrase "we must reduce the cost of health care to reduce the deficit".

Say what?

There are two things are wrong with that statement.

First, tell me what happens when the government reduces the cost of any service they provide... considering the only way they can reduce the cost is to reduce the level and/or quality of said service.

Secondly, he is proposing to reduce the level of service in health-care (cost) as a way to reduce the deficit racked up by the federal government in careless, needless, mind-numbingly endless spending.

Notice there is no mention of improving the quality of medical care in America.... only the repeated mantra to "make it affordable".
Brilliantly insane.


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