Thursday, June 23, 2005

According to Red Stater

Democrat Plan to "Take Back America" Flawed From Start
By Red Stater

Beware of any plan that begins with "Take".
The Democrats only plan to aquire red state voters seems to be by bringing down the current administration any way they can, thus "winning by default" and "taking back" America.

This is the Democrats vision for a better America, their plan for fighting terrorism, their plan to improve the economy and their plan to fix Social Security. Get mainstream America to hate Bush as much as they do, anyway they can.
The Democrats "Take Back America" vision includes basing their entire political platform on a fake documentary, getting an ex-comedian to do a fake radio/tv talk show slandering Republicans, and throwing in a screaming, Bush hating party spokesman. The plan includes shoving respectable Democrats like Joe Liberman to the back of the bus(or in the case of Zel Miller- "under the bus").

Democrats are continually pointing to the polls regarding the Presidents approval ratings but neglet to consider that while voters may not approve of everything President Bush does, it does not directly relate to increased approval for Democrats either.
As in:
Just because Red Stater might not like the way his/her steak was cooked does not mean he/she will be ordering fried baloney next time.


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