Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry Shoots Democrats in the Foot... Again!

John Kerry gave voters a not so subtle reminder of what it would be like to have Democrats in charge with his most recent relapse of "foot in mouth" disease.

Claiming that young "students should stay in school, study and be smart so they don't end up stuck in Iraq" was about the dumbest thing any politician could say or do one week before a major election. (And he thinks Bush is stupid...lol)

Never mind that this is the best educated military the US has ever had or that it is the most educated military in the world. Never mind how brave they are. Never mind that they are serving their country. Kerry thinks that they are not too smart.

When criticized for his remarks, the Senator (who served in Vietnam) lashed out, refused to apologize and said it was a flubbed joke... "everyone knows that no Senator would criticize over 140,000 men and women in the United States armed forces, and Republicans know that too".
Oh Really Senator?
If one looks at John Kerry's (D) own words in testimony before Congress during the Vietnam war you will find that he said our military routinely "raped, killed, tortured, mutilated and burned villages in a fashion reminisant of Ghengis Khan" and that it was "widespread from the top to the bottom of our armed forces in Vietnam". (gee, that sounds a lot like criticism)

The same John Kerry (D) recently said our military shouldn't be "kicking in the doors in the middle of the night, terrorising innocent women and children in Iraq". (sounds like criticism)

Make no mistake about it, Democrats would like to shut Kerry up. They were doing fine until he opened his huge mouth (again). They were doing such a good job of hiding uberliberal Nancy Pelosi (D) San Francisco who would have become the next speaker of the US House and would have set committees, agendas and direct policy in the years to come. (sorry)

All Republicans need to do is see if they can get algore to make a public appearance before next Tuesday. That should just about secure the election for the majority party once again.

Thanks John, we couldn't have done it without ya'...(lol)
Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Seems like that is the Democrat plan for everything.
Say isn't that your plan for Iraq too?

This Red Stater thanks God for those brave men and women who are doing such a great job of serving their America, and protecting all of us back here safe and sound at home.
To them I say your mission is just and your bravery appreciated. Keep up the great work.

John Kerry is the one who needs the eductation.
He is a disgrace and should be forced to resign from the Senate.
-Red Stater

Monday, October 30, 2006

Red Stater endorses ISTOOK for OK Gov

While it is a little hard to find just where Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry (D) stands on many issues, …it can be done. (Thanks to algore for the internet) It is easy to find where challenger Ernest Istook (R) stands via his votes in the US House of Representatives and his numerous quotes on each.

The Governor does like to talk about “his” education program and I’ll get to that in a minute…

First, I must compliment Governor Henry on his position on gun control. However, it would be very difficult to be a politician in Oklahoma and not support the 2nd amendment.

While having the support of a great former football coach may be enough for some “voters”, just for fun, lets look at a few issues Governor Henry doesn’t like to discuss.

Immigration: (May 2003)- Gov Henry approved college tuition and college grants for illegal immigrants. (Feb 2006 Tulsa World)- “…is in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants”. Governor Henry does not support English as the official language. In the Oct 23rdtelevised debate from Edmond, he said illegal immigration is “a border-state and federal government issue”, not an Oklahoma problem. (Istook is for strict border control and in enforcing Oklahoma immigration laws. Istook does NOT support providing free college tuition to illegal immigrants)

Taxes: Gov Henry proposed and approved tax increases like the tobacco tax yet takes credit for recent Republican House (watered down by the Governor) income tax cuts.
(Istook is for tax cuts and smaller government)

Governor Henry increased spending in Oklahoma government by over 30% in the last 2 years.(FY 05-06 Budget Summary and Budget Review State of Oklahoma public records)

Economic growth: Governor Henry believes that by government “investing” in education Oklahoma will benefit from those students who later start businesses and in turn stimulate Oklahoma's economy and also to "invest" in Oklahoma based medical research and facilities and training centers for high tech medical and aviation research, Oklahoma will benefit from companies that might be created as a result of these research efforts. Oklahoma remains one of the “least business friendly” states in terms of tax incentives, amenities and red tape however.
(Istook is for incentives for business growth which provide Oklahoma's students with better paying jobs after graduation in order to keep Oklahoma's youth at home, thereby increasing Oklahoma's economy)

Gay Marriage: Governor Henry does not support a resolution for marriage defined as between “one man and one woman”. (Oklahoman Feb 25 2004)
(Istook does support such a resolution)

Abortion: Governor Henry has said that we could consider him “Pro-choice”.

Governor Henry has not supported parental consent for minors for an abortion.

Governor Henry also turned-back federal funding for Abstinence Education programs by refusing to provide matching state funds.
(Istook is "pro-life" and supports Abstinence Education)

Healthcare: Governor Henry’s highly touted healthcare program designed to serve 70,000 seniors and the poor, currently has less than 1,000 members at a cost of over $99 million (so far). Governor Henry has not commented on Oklahoma providing free healthcare for illegal immigrants.
(Istook has worked to reduce healthcare costs and improve access to healthcare for seniors and the poor)

Oklahoma Roads: Governor Henry touts all the new bridge construction for Oklahoma highways on his website, but Oklahoma roads remain among the worst in America. Despite some of the highest gasoline taxes in the entire country, Oklahoma’s roads are in horrible condition while utilizing the cheapest surfacing possible in most of the state (oil and gravel in rural areas). Drive down our most visible and tourist traveled street- 23rd Street by the state capitol and then on east toward Choctaw. Pick up a new set of shocks and tires on the way because you will need them. No-one in government should brag about the roads, bridges or bar-ditches in Oklahoma.
(No comment on record from Istook)

Education: Okay, lets look at Governor Henry’s self pro-claimed “model system” for education.

Governor Henry is credited with bringing in the LOTTERY system to fund education. (which was already funded by property tax dollars collected for education).

However, the governors program provides across the board, automatic school administrator and teacher pay raises based on tenure (time on the job) and NOT based on merit or performance. Governor Henry’s education program is to “throw money at it” with no accountability.

Governor Henry opposes parents having the “choice” of home-schooling or voucher systems both of which are widely accepted and considered very successful.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma was ranked 6th (worst) among states that inflate or exaggerate their educational performance statistics in 2005-2006 by an independent reporting group who looks at actual increases vs claimed improvement of all 50 states.

Finally Governor Henry supports expanding the failing OHLAP scholarship program despite enormous expense projections.
AP, February 12, 2006 Henry: College scholarship plan too expensive.

(Istook favors raises for teachers and administration based on merit and performance and supports homeschooling)

Governor Henry seems like a very nice man and I am sure that he is.

He is not evil or corrupt.
He is not a liar or a cheater.

He is just wrong on many issues regarding the future of Oklahoma and America.

Elect Ernest Istook Governor and see what a true “Reagan conservative” can do for Oklahoma.

According to Red Stater

Friday, October 27, 2006


In response to CNN’s current “Broken Government” (ie: vote for change) series theme which just happens coincidentally to air 2 weeks before an election.

I give you…


Fix it or Start over?

Thanks to algore's internet via blogs and talk radio, we can now easily see just how “broken” the mainstream news media really is.
The media is badly broken, perhaps beyond repair.

The big problem is that the print and network news media all have the same agenda (liberal) but claim to be "independent and objective". They claim to be non-partisan while being nothing but partisan. They can’t help it and most don’t even recognize that they are biased.

They present a predominately liberal slant to the news, cherry-picking stories and just plain making stuff up in the case of Dan Rather and ABC. All designed to help us in the viewing audience come to the same conclusion that they have reached.

ie: Conservatives are backward, stupid and evil while Liberals are progressive, smart and righteous. David Gregory, Chris Mathews and Helen Thomas lead the pack. MSNBC's "Countdown" with Keith Olberman is one of the best examples of claiming to do hard news without bias while being the exact opposite. Comedy Central's Daily Show with John Stewart is at least "honest" in that they brag about doing fake news (wink, wink).
FOX News is the exception to the rule which explains why it is also #1 in all the ratings. Fox simply gives BOTH SIDES (conservative and liberal) and is accused by the rest of the media for being right-winged biased. How hypocritical (and just plain wrong).

They all live in a vacuum surrounded by other liberal elites and feed each other expensive wine, cheese and caviar while laughing about how dumb and stupid the average person out there in middle America is. We just don’t get it according to them. But we get plenty.

The news media has set out to bring down this presidency and affect the outcome of this war. They are concentrating totally on this winning this election for Democrats and convincing Americans that we can't win in Iraq. They believe they are close to achieving all these objectives and reached a new low last week when CNN aired a terrorist produced snuff-film depicting the assassination of a US soldier with the speaker on the video telling the “shooter” to be sure and be careful not to kill any innocent Iraqi’s. CNN aired the video as true news, failing to mention that the terrorists in Iraq have actually shown no mercy for killing innocent Iraqi’s or that the video was merely a recruiting and propaganda tool for the terrorists.

CNN was clearly showing a terrorist propaganda video less than 2 weeks before an election to convince voters that we need to get out of Iraq. (by electing Democrats to office). Pathetic.

The Michael J Fox controversy is just the latest example. CNN, ABC and all the rest (expcept Fox) are reporting how outrageous Rush Limbaugh's comment that Fox was "Acting or off his medication". None of them mention that Fox had already admitted in his own book that he had done just that when testifying before Congress on Stem Cell Research in 1999 in order to emphasize his point on parkinsons disease.

None of them mention that Fox has said he was in fact "over-medicated" when he did the Democrat ad. None of them mention Fox claims that Missouri voters are voting on a Stem Cell Research bill when it is actually a cloning bill making CLONING constitutional in Missouri.

The latest episode of "Broken Government" CNN is called "Where the Right went Wrong.
Do you thing there will be an episode called Broken Government- Where the Left went Insane" any time soon? Of course not.
Broken Media at it's finest.

Is there an answer?

It’s simple really.

No reporter or “journalist” should ever be allowed to claim to be objective or to be without an agenda of his/her own. Every reporter should be required to simply state where they are coming from in the form of a small disclaimer. What is your “cause” and why are you doing this particular story from this particular angle? That’s all. Simple.

Just tell us if you are a communist, socialist, a liberal, a lefty, a Democrat, a conservative, libertarian, rightwinger, conspiracy theorist, anarchist, nazi, al qaeda or whatever. Then, say whatever you want and don’t pretend to be unbiased. You aren’t unbiased. We know that you are not unbiased. Now you know that we know that you are not unbiased. It was a lie and it is over.

Here is what the news media could do to convince us that they are fair and balanced.

For Starters…

After admitting to us where you are coming from,
provide equal time for the opposing opinion to your own once in a while. Consider for a moment that conservatives might be right... just for the sake of conversation if nothing else. Stop assuming that the "progressive", liberal point of view is automatically the correct point of view.

Credit where Credit is due

Stop discrediting Rush Limbaugh (talk radio in general) and pretending like his opinions don’t matter. Admit that people like Matt Drudge are credible and have a significant place in public news. They do matter, ...in fact it appears, his opinions matter more than YOURS as he has a much larger audience than any of you and is single-handedly credited with already affecting the outcome of several elections (according to leading Democrats and liberals).
Something you (main-stream-news-media) are trying to do now, but have yet to accomplish.

Separation of State and Glitter.

Shut up about Hollywood when talking politics. We don’t care what Al Franken, Michael Moore, Susan Sarrandon, Madonna, Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn or Whoopie Goldberg thinks about George Bush and world affairs and neither should YOU.

(if indeed you ARE a “journalist”?)

Most of them didn’t finish high school and you want to let them run the government and the country and the media? You want us to put these wacko’s in charge of the security of our children?

Stop it, that’s just plain stupid.

Stupid is as stupid does-

And while we are on the subject, you can stop calling George Bush stupid.

He was smart enough to beat the best Democrats had to offer, not once… but twice and he is smart enough to fool all of you media types into misunderestimating him all the time.

So if he is stupid, then you are morons and the Democrats are vegetables.

Image improvement

Start wearing a clown suit when you do the news, it’ll be good for your ego, and we’ll all get a laugh out of it.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Most Offensive Politcal ad

This election seems to be drawing a high number of slamming negative political ads, but considering how the left has done over the past 6 years, it comes as no surprize.

Sure there are some Republican ads that are bad, but none of the come close to the Democrats ad in Missouri and Maryland for a cloning bill.

Imagine getting someone who has diabetes and who is willing take unsulin without eating until they nearly go into diabetic shock while reading a script and filming it all, begging voters to vote for Democrats or else there is no hope for finding a cure for diabetes.

Well as you have heard by now, the above is essentially what Democrats have done. It appears that Michael J. Fox went off his medication for parkinsons disease (again) to emphasize the effects of the disease for the cameras to drive hope the point to vote for Democrats or else there is no hope of curing parkinsons. He admits to pulling this stunt before the Senate during Stem Cell Research hearings in his book. He has now said that the "symptoms I displayed were from taking TOO MUCH medication". (dopamine)

The bill in question, which Democrats claim is merely a stem cell research bill, actually has little to do with stem cell research. It is a cloning bill in which stem cells are mentioned.
Government funded Stem Cell Research is currently being conducted in Missouri and Maryland.
Privately funded Stem Cell Research (including embryonic) is perfectly legal in all 50 states in spite of what Democrats are trying to convince you. Cloning is not allowed.

The truth is that there has been VERY LITTLE evidence that embryonic stem cells provide ANY cure for ANY disease that adult or other stem cells don't already provide. In the research that HAS been done, there are serious problems associated with embryonic stem cells in test studies like tumors and cancer. The most promising research for parkinsons involves gene therapy where a virus is injected into the brain and stimulates the production of dopamine.
Additionaly Americans aren't ready to embrace the buying and selling of humans (cloned or otherwise) for their parts and it should not be the first choice when looking for a cure for diseases.

So, my pick for the MOST OFFENSIVE POLITICAL AD (so far) of 2006 is the Michael J. Fox/cloning ad due to it being so distasteful and so misleading.

I feel sorry for the people of Missouri and Maryland for having to put up with it. I am pretty confident the good "show-me" folks will see right through that crap, just as a simple old Okie can do.


Monday, October 23, 2006

ELECTION 2006: Vote Smart- Not Partisan, Your Life Depends On It

This is a very important election. The most important in several decades, maybe even one of the most important elections EVER.

Pretty bold statement? Please read on…

We are in a war, whether we like it or not:

War has already been declared on us, we have been given 3 warnings and now we must decide (again) whether or not we are going to fight back.

Just like Deal or No Deal except it is now Dead or Not Dead?

Republicans want to fight back, Democrats don’t. It’s simple really, but oh, so important.

This election will set the course of the future for generations here in America and the future of the free world.

This election will determine how this war will be dealt with or if it will be dealt with at all. The world is waiting for our answer.


Forget about sex scandals, taxes, abortion and gay rights for a millisecond. Forget about Republicans and Democrats too.

This is more important

If you believe that terrorism is merely a criminal matter or is the result of poverty and not an act of war, then please read on because this affects you too.

Unless we get this right, our grandchildren (and great grandchildren) will either be fighting the same war (only here in America) or they will be praising Allah.

That is the choice. Convert to Islam or die.

Do you understand that religious fanatics from the dark ages are working to get nuclear weapons to use on us and take the world back several hundred years under Muslim law?

Do you understand that there are schools across the Islamic world called Madrassas which teach the destruction of Israel and America to children who’s ultimate goal is to die while killing thousands of Americans?

Where would they get nuclear weapons?

There is a 5’-3” Potbellied, Dog-eating Dictator in N. Korea (PDRK) who has lied and cheated his way into developing nukes and is more than willing to sell them to anyone – especially someone eager to use them against America.

The “President” of Iran (Ahmadidijhad) has declared that he is destined to bring about the end of the world (Armageddon) and will begin by destroying Israel and the United States with nuclear weapons. Iran continues to defy the UN and the world with their nuclear programs.

Iran also controls the Hezbola terrorist group in Lebanon, which attacked Israel recently.

BTW, yes the N. Korean and Iranian “leaders” have met in private.

Iraq Is Important:

All of the extremist groups in the middle-east (Al Qaeda, Hezbola, Hamas, etc) NEED the U.S. to fail in Iraq so they will be able to freely organize and plan the Islamic take-over of the world from Iraq. They need Iraq and have publicly said so. (This is why you are currently seeing a rise in attacks on US troops in IRAQ just prior to a major US election- they need us to vote to “cut and run”- get it?.)

Our 3 Warnings:

In accordance with Islamic/Muslim law, Osama Bin Laden AND Iranian President Ahmadidijhad have now both officially issued the required 3 warnings to infidels about to receive capitol punishment- (Americans). The 3 warnings are also a signal to Muslims to leave America or die.

(Bin Laden had been criticized by Islamic Religious leaders who said the 9/11 attacks were not legal, since he had not given the proper warnings)

Not to be outdone, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has now also declared that the United States must be destroyed. He has met with the “leaders” from Iran and N. Korea as well as his hero Fidel Castro to discuss this very thing.

Now do you get it? These people hate all Americans, Republican, Democrat, gay or straight, black or white or whatever, we are their enemy and we must die.

Do we fight back and kill them first or do we wait and catch them after an attack?

Democrats want to pull out of the battle (cut and run), sit down and negotiate with dictators and criminals who hide in caves and cannot afford to be seen in public (or privately) about the destruction of Israel, the United States and ultimately the end of the world. Like the so-called “useful idiots” used by the communist party during the 1960’s.

For the sake of your grandchildren and your great grandchildren, VOTE.

Vote for whichever candidate (Republican or Democrat) that wants to kill the enemy BEFORE they attack us here in America.

Vote for the candidate that gets it.

Vote for the men and women who understand the threat to our future and are willing to deal with it NOW, not later. Vote to win this war now so our grandchildren won’t have to face a larger more organized enemy later.

No matter the party affiliation.

Then we’ll argue about taxes and stuff after we stay alive.