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Duncan Hunter is "Mr Americana"

Duncan Hunter is a slice of true classic Americana.

His continued pride in America is evident in everything he has done, which is quite a bit over his life and career.

After serving in Vietnam as an Army Ranger, Hunter went to college on the GI bill. Later he ran for congress in a previously democrat controlled district of California at the same time his friend Ronald Reagan was preparing to become President.
Hunter won and so did his friend.

Duncan Hunter is the candidate that even Reagan’s son
Michael Reagan has said best reflects and embodies the
true Reagan philosophy and conservative ideals.

Over his nearly 30 year career in congress, Hunter was responsible for implementing and making reality many of Reagan's national defense policies such as the US ballistic missile defense program that helped bring down the Soviet empire, Hunter’s missile defense system is a stunning technological achievement worthy of comparison to the US effort to send a man to the moon.

Today, thanks for Hunter’s leadership, effective ballistic missile defense sites are already operational to protect America even in Alaska. Hunter has also continued to be instrumental in rebuilding our military to maintain our national defense even after the Clinton years of dis assembly.

On the war in Iraq, Duncan Hunter has cut through red tape to provide our men and women fighting with armor for their Humvees and Kevlar protection. Hunter worked with private companies who rushed to get radio scramblers out to jam IED's before they can explode.
Hunter even called Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to have command decisions changed real time to save lives in the field during the battle for Fallujah that his son was fighting. Hunter knows how to and is willing to stand up the little guy in combat because of the experience he gained with the Army Rangers and paratroopers in Viet Nam.

Duncan Hunter likes to hunt and worked to preserve a special place for military veterans to be able to always do so themselves.
His favorite thing to cook?
Venison of course!

When the ACLU sued to "tear down that cross" overlooking a veterans memorial in California, Duncan Hunter fought the ACLU and won. That cross stands today because of Duncan Hunter.

Hunter believes that American security begins at the American border and we must secure the flow of unchecked illegal crossings occurring daily and nightly. He is the author of the border fence bill and was responsible for the construction of the largest portion completed near San Diego. That fence reduced crime in San Diego by over 50% and illegal immigration by 90%.

While other politicians are looking for ways to blame the automotive industry for everything under the sun, Duncan Hunter has defended groups like 4x4 organizations, offroading recreation and performance enthusiasts believing that innovation and new breakthroughs in safety and energy saving technology come from the innovators in the racing and motorsports world and not from government programs and politicians.
Hunter is the only presidential candidate that is a member of the Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus which is associated with SEMA a recognized name in motorsports to be sure.
Hunter singlehandedly fought off the Sierra Club and environmentalists in defense of off-roaders and Sand Drag enthusiasts who are eternally grateful to Duncan Hunter for having a place such as the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area.

Hunter never brags, or does photo-op stunts to create the image that he is genuinely old school true American through and through. He doesn't have to hire consultants to create a conservative image for him either. He is quiet, yet determined, strong and effective.
Hunter’s exploits, achievements and identification with the real people of America is a secret that the main stream media wants to keep or would like the public to think is boring. But the automotive enthusiasts, the innovators, the workers, the hunters, the patriots and the military know a different Duncan Hunter who is one of them, looks out for them, shares their dreams
and ideals.
They know that Hunter is like the two men he admires, Ronald Reagan and Teddy Roosevelt, all rolled into one.
Just as there is nothing boring about the unsung common man that makes up true Americana, there is also nothing boring about the man from their ranks, their native son, Duncan Hunter.
Duncan Hunter sure fits the template for what America is, where America has come from and where America needs to be going.
Duncan Hunter is "Mr. Americana" and is my choice to lead and guide America into the future whether he becomes President or not.
-red stater
Picked up by Free Republic
And for NASCAR fans!
And for Patriots and heroes!

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Anonymous dannygirl said...

So, you like him that much huh? Well...So do I. I hope he stays in the race to until the end. who knows? We can all be a little nutty together. I love my country too. Duncan Hunter is the best and only candidate that should be in the running for president.

Maybe the foolishiness of the people of this country shows we may deserve what we get. Hunter is Mr America. I hope he is always in press inspirining this country. God Bless him


6:55 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

God Bless YOU Dannygirl !

I posted your previous comment over at the Ann Coulter Official chat message board... YOU are a hero!


7:00 PM  
Blogger RMS941 said...

Hello Red
As per normal Super job with this post. Keep up the great work.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous dannygirl said...

Hey thanks Red,

I really needed that blessing.

I'm the first caller:
Cross talk - Monday Jan 14, 2008
Faith to Action:

Faith 2 Action- Nov 20,

Check me out on this Christian radio programs. They all have their head in the sand. They really want Huckabee. But they have to be some what ashamed know Huckabee's recorder so they won't say anything against Duncan Hunter. All the sudden now, "all the candidates are not good enough". Gee, I guess they never have acknowledege, the one and only true Christian Consevative is Duncan Hunter. How awfully convienent. Lazy weak compromise with Catholic Church Christians. The Catholic Church has been encouraging and aiding the illegal aliens all along.

Crosstalk American Vic Eliason cut me off. They won't even let me speak. He did that once before. Janet Foldger cut me off twice and ignored my many emails. She was totally for Huckabee from the begining. She helped fix it in the so called "values Voter debates" that Huckabee would win. It was fixed from the start. I don't listen to then anymore.

God Bless Danny

PS: When we all get to heaven what a day off rejoicing it willl be!

9:24 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

You ARE a blessing Dannygirl!

you go girl!


10:30 AM  
Anonymous dannygirl said...

Hi Red,

I'm on Hunter's Ranger jan 17, 2007. Did they turn on him or what? He bad mouth Hunter. What a creep. There guess host is turn coat. He wants people to vote for Romney. No matter what, I'm am never voting for Romney! Never!!


9:05 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Dannygirl, thank you for the headsup.

Listen, you should really come over and join us at the ACOC (ann coulter official chat) look for the duncan Hunter thread in the generally speaking section.

Your input would be greatly appreciated and there is the single largest group of Hunter supporters on the internet there.
Hope to see ya' soon.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous dannygirl said...

Just did joined. Have to wait for activation.


9:30 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Dannygirl... just go here

and click on register.

We're all there... I will introduce you. You will LOVE Pixie!

9:32 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Keep trying... the gang is excited to meet you, as I said earlier... based on what you did in NY for Hunter, you are a Ranger hero.

Be sure to go to the General Topics area and see the Duncan Hunter thread, we are on page 50... or maybe 51 by the time I get back

See ya soon,

10:42 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Dannygirl, I just got a notice that they didn't approve you due to you having a gmail account... do you have another email address you can use?

10:46 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Following last nights efforts to get dannygirl onboard at the ACOC, I received a 14-daY SUSPENSION! lol

I received this private message From scotth a moderator at ACOC:

After I see that you have picked up this message, I am going to suspend your account for 14 days. When you get back, you may want to keep in mind that these Duncan Hunter threads are not your "turf." You seem to get your back up if anyone makes valid criticisms of him. It gets worse when you go up against a moderator. I don't need to remind you that we already talked about this earlier today. The cute little album cover was an insult.

9:49 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

And now... as Paul Harvey used to say, "The Rest of the Story".

First - The moderators lied about dannygirl not having/using a valid email address. I received the message from Dannygirl via another member wherein she was first approved and sent an email to her legitimate ISP email address, then later revoked.

Second- The moderator (kevin) came in the Duncan Hunter thread and started a fight with false accusations about the Hunter campaign. I don't consider anything except this blog... "my turf" but I will defend Duncan Hunter anytime anyplace if I believe he is being wrongly accused of something.

Finally- The cd cover scotth refers to is a cover of the band Opie Gone Bad from Denver CO. I have met and spent time with the lead singer of that band Jake Schroeder... they are my new favorite band and had nothing to do with scotth or kevin but was used as an excuse to ban me apparently due to kevin thinking he looks like Ron Howard... Opie.

Not my problem dude.

I consider these moderators to be the equivalent of Barney Fife... a bullet in their pocket and a hankerin' to use it, but few brains behind it. Mall security guards at best.

I will defend those I hold in high esteem and when pressed I will defend them even at my own peril.

Proudly banned (for 14days) for defending Duncan Hunter at a site that used to support Duncan Hunter but now is just another "liberal tool" to quote one of my favorite 10 year olds.
-red stater

10:06 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

UPDATE- The 14 day "ban" was a lie. They never removed the ban.

9:47 PM  

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