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POTUS: Why Duncan Hunter is the Right Man - Part 1

Why Duncan Hunter is the Man for POTUS, Part 1

Guest Post By Alexander J. Madison - February 08, 2010

The 2010 elections are right around the corner. All conservatives must work tirelessly to nominate and elect candidates who will not only stop Obama’s socialist agenda dead in it’s tracks, but who will also reverse course on the Republican ‘slow drift’ socialism it has embarked upon since Reagan departed.

Though it may now appear too early to spend much effort lobbying for the right 2012 Presidential candidate, all one needs to do is glance through the headlines to understand that a gaggle of Republican politicians are already lining their coffers and elbowing for a place in the primary.

Examples? Sure.

Tim Pawlenty, governor of Minnesota, has set up his Freedom First PAC and has hired some of President Bush’s old campaign hands to steer him to victory. Yes, the same Tiny Tim who has spent much of his governorship tongue kissing the wacko environmentalists and who stated: “We should not spend time on voices that say climate change is not real” and “We should have listened to President Carter” (about energy policy). Zoinks!!

How about the old Newster? Gingrich is well positioned financially to make a run for the Presidency. He has hinted strongly he will do just that, even proclaiming himself to be considered a “frontrunner”, naturally. If his global warming couch-pimping with Nancy Pelosi wasn’t enough to compel a little bile into the back of conservatives’ throats, then his cross country treks with Education Secretary Arne Duncan and Al Sharpton singing the praises of Obama’s education policy should do the trick.

Mitt Romney has been busy as well, and will no doubt be running. He’s already the favorite of the GOP elite and the “it’s his turn” crowd. Of course, his flip flops are so numerous and spectacular, that he will be made into a Mitt sausage all over again, just like McCain did to him. It would be a miracle if the Obama camp isn’t already secretly shuffling donations his way.

Sarah Palin pretty much erased all doubt about her intention to run during her interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace. With a good percentage of the tea partiers solidly behind her, she could be a formidable force. Unfortunately, her inexperience regarding foreign policy is an Achilles heel, just as it is for Mitt Hucklenty. And she will certainly have to answer for some of the weak tea responses she gave the media as McCain’s VP selection.

Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, also is making lots of noise and has a Fox TV gig to promote himself. However, his inexplicable record of criminal pardons and commutations as governor once again reared its ugly head in 2009 – this time with 4 dead police officers – and he should seriously rethink his candidacy.

Others that are “maybes” to run include Rick “Vaccine” Perry of Texas (assuming he wins re-election), Lou Dobbs of CNN fame, Haley “Eminent Domain” Barbour, and Libertarians such as former NM governor Gary Johnson and Ron Paul.

With this in mind, it is incumbent upon conservatives to promote a rock-ribbed Reaganite instead. A rock-ribber without a PC bone in his body, who doesn’t moisten his finger or ‘focus group’ to help him determine his views, whose arm does not twist when the Party bosses come calling, and who has a certifiable, undeniable record of domestic and foreign policy conservatism. That man is Duncan Lee Hunter.

While it is true that Hunter, like several others mentioned above, ran for the 2008 nomination, it is also true that the rank and file GOP and independent voters largely wanted nothing to do with a return to conservative principles in 2007 and 2008. The absolute proof of this is that the 2008 frontrunners were named Giuliani, Romney and McCain throughout the entire campaign (with a late surge of panic for Huckabee).

Today is a different day. The guy Glenn Beck and Mike Reagan and Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin “really liked”, but “couldn’t win” is poised to reap the benefit of Americans finally waking up from their slumber and demanding a return to Constitutional governance and Reaganesque foreign policy. Duncan Hunter is the only likely candidate that comes close to satisfying this demand. But it is up to him and those that know this to get out in front of the train early and spread the word – that America can finish the revolution Reagan started if they support the right man for the job.

Hunter throughout his Congressional career advocated wholesale deletions of Federal departments and agencies such as the Department of Energy, the Department of Education and the NEA. He has an unvarnished record of opposing the drivel coming out of regulatory agencies such as the EPA and OSHA, and has pushed to slash their scope and funding. When asked this past January whether he still advocated getting rid of these dead weights, his response was “Oh absolutely!”

And Mr. Hunter delivered perhaps the finest defense of free market healthcare in the Congressional Record, dating back to the days when Clinton and Co. were pushing their version of socialized medicine. It can be found in it’s entirety at this link:


When it comes to amnesty and illegal aliens, even old Tom Tancredo didn’t promote the kind of toughness that Duncan Hunter advocated. That toughness not only included building a double fence separated by a Border Patrol road across all the smuggling corridors on the Mexican border, but insisted on the deportations of all illegal aliens as they are apprehended. A 2007 interview with PBS’s Judy Woodruff sheds light on Mr. Hunter’s unwillingness to bend on illegal Aliens:

JUDY WOODRUFF: You also have been adamant in saying that you think that the illegals, known illegals in this country should be deported. How do you go about finding them?

REP. DUNCAN HUNTER: Well, I think, to some degree, we're like a boat that's got a big hole in it, and we're bailing water furiously. You have to plug the hole in the boat, which means you have to secure the border.

Once you secure the border, we have a deportation system, in fact, for people that say, "You can't deport people by the thousands," we deport thousands of people from this country every month! And if we don't, if we don't adhere to the law, the many people who are here right now, the millions of people who are here right now, who came in illegally after the amnesty of the 1980s, came in after the U.S. Senate, the U.S. House held up a big sign and we said, "This time we really mean it," 1986, I believe. We said, "We really mean it. Nobody else can come in illegally." And folks came in illegally and left tire tracks on those signs.

Regarding foreign policy, Ronald Reagan restored America’s confidence and superpower status after years of drift during the previous RINO and democrat administrations. George W. Bush provided a stop gap after Clinton and the supposed post Soviet Union “peace dividend”, but our nation is in dire need of increasing defense spending once more. Duncan Hunter vows to follow the Reagan model of “Peace through Strength”. Indeed, you can find no stauncher supporter for beefing up our Naval strength, increasing the size of our Army and Marine Corps, and perfecting our missile defense systems. Hunter is also adamant about America leading the world. Especially our adversaries, in space based weaponry, something that President Obama foolishly has vowed not to pursue.

You can be sure of one thing. If Hunter had been nominated last time, he would have wiped the floor with Mr. Obama in the debates, unlike a very stiff and uncertain John McCain. You can be sure of another thing. If Duncan Hunter were president right now, Iran would have already halted its pursuit of nuclear weapons, one way or another. When Hunter stated in an interview last October that “the West must move quickly. I think the United States needs to destroy those facilities”, he meant it. And if Mr. Hunter were now president, the ever bellicose China would be far less bellicose, knowing they had an adversary who would never blink. As Hunter said in the same interview, “the storm on the horizon is clearly China. This too, he meant.

In summary, the reawakening of the American people to finish the Reagan revolution, to return to the federal government back to its constitutional duties, to restore the confidence of our nation, to checkmate our adversaries, and to jealously protect our sovereignty calls out for a leader of exceptional fortitude and love of country. Duncan Hunter is that man.

(Part 2 will focus on economics and the poison of political correctness – stay tuned)

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Friday, February 05, 2010

Duncan Hunter Bonus Interview: Slams Obama Admin over Push for Gays in the Military

Bonus interview, posted by pissant at Free Republic-

AJM: Hello Mr. Hunter. I’m sure you’ve seen the news. Your son, Duncan D., has been getting hammered in the left-wing media and blogs for defending the Military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

DH: Yeah, I’ve noticed that. He must be doing something right (laughs). He’s doing a great job, as evidenced by the frothing attacks from the homosexual lobby, the media and their democrat allies. I talked to Duncan, called him up. Gave him some encouragement and a few ideas. But he’s doing great.

AJM: Have you had a chance to write anything up on this?

DH: No, I’ve been so busy. I haven’t had a chance to write anything on this yet. But I think I may get on the TV out in Texas. I’m going to see my cousin out there, who is real sick. Probably leave tomorrow. But I might be able to do a television interview out there on this.

AJM: Can you briefly summarize what your thoughts on this are?

DH: Well, I think that it’s disgraceful! It’s insulting that after nine years of our guys in uniform being deployed in inconvenient and dangerous places fighting for this country, for the Obama Administration to be prying this back open now. Especially from a President who has very limited knowledge of military life and who looks to socialist countries for ideas.

Now with Colin Powell on their side, they are going to really try to push this thing. The military leaders supporting the Administration seemed to have forgotten what the mission is. It isn’t social experiments to please the liberal democrats. I think it’s a real tragedy for these leaders to go along with this nutty idea.

No one talks about the absolute invasion of privacy. For these young men and women to have to be in extremely close quarters, shower with, live with essentially, people that will have a sexual attraction to them. That is unacceptable.

Most kids that join the military make a decision in conjunction with their families. And they do so, often times, because of its wholesome reputation and support of the traditional, conservative values that these young men and women and their families hold. It would be very detrimental to let a group of leftwing activists destroy that.

They are pushing this without thinking through its effects on National security. And affecting a National Security issue with a political decision is generally damaging. And this attempt by the Obama Administration to re-open this question and re-force this question is in that category.

I know that we did a lot of work, a lot of research when Bill Clinton tried to pay off his campaign contributors in the homosexual community in 1992 by opening up the military to their ranks. I know the enormous amount of research we did, the enormous amount of testimony we elicited in the Republican Research Committee during the hearings we held on it.

AJM: The big argument they are making that I’ve seen time and again, including from Mr. Kerry, who attacked your son, Senator Kerry that is, is that “times have changed” and it’s time now has finally come. How do you respond to that argument, that times have changed?

DH: His answers may change, but values haven’t!

But listen, I’ve got to walk in the door and meet some guys. That ought to give you plenty of ammo for now.

AJM: Absolutely. Thanks again and have a great rest of the day.