Friday, February 05, 2010

Duncan Hunter Bonus Interview: Slams Obama Admin over Push for Gays in the Military

Bonus interview, posted by pissant at Free Republic-

AJM: Hello Mr. Hunter. I’m sure you’ve seen the news. Your son, Duncan D., has been getting hammered in the left-wing media and blogs for defending the Military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy.

DH: Yeah, I’ve noticed that. He must be doing something right (laughs). He’s doing a great job, as evidenced by the frothing attacks from the homosexual lobby, the media and their democrat allies. I talked to Duncan, called him up. Gave him some encouragement and a few ideas. But he’s doing great.

AJM: Have you had a chance to write anything up on this?

DH: No, I’ve been so busy. I haven’t had a chance to write anything on this yet. But I think I may get on the TV out in Texas. I’m going to see my cousin out there, who is real sick. Probably leave tomorrow. But I might be able to do a television interview out there on this.

AJM: Can you briefly summarize what your thoughts on this are?

DH: Well, I think that it’s disgraceful! It’s insulting that after nine years of our guys in uniform being deployed in inconvenient and dangerous places fighting for this country, for the Obama Administration to be prying this back open now. Especially from a President who has very limited knowledge of military life and who looks to socialist countries for ideas.

Now with Colin Powell on their side, they are going to really try to push this thing. The military leaders supporting the Administration seemed to have forgotten what the mission is. It isn’t social experiments to please the liberal democrats. I think it’s a real tragedy for these leaders to go along with this nutty idea.

No one talks about the absolute invasion of privacy. For these young men and women to have to be in extremely close quarters, shower with, live with essentially, people that will have a sexual attraction to them. That is unacceptable.

Most kids that join the military make a decision in conjunction with their families. And they do so, often times, because of its wholesome reputation and support of the traditional, conservative values that these young men and women and their families hold. It would be very detrimental to let a group of leftwing activists destroy that.

They are pushing this without thinking through its effects on National security. And affecting a National Security issue with a political decision is generally damaging. And this attempt by the Obama Administration to re-open this question and re-force this question is in that category.

I know that we did a lot of work, a lot of research when Bill Clinton tried to pay off his campaign contributors in the homosexual community in 1992 by opening up the military to their ranks. I know the enormous amount of research we did, the enormous amount of testimony we elicited in the Republican Research Committee during the hearings we held on it.

AJM: The big argument they are making that I’ve seen time and again, including from Mr. Kerry, who attacked your son, Senator Kerry that is, is that “times have changed” and it’s time now has finally come. How do you respond to that argument, that times have changed?

DH: His answers may change, but values haven’t!

But listen, I’ve got to walk in the door and meet some guys. That ought to give you plenty of ammo for now.

AJM: Absolutely. Thanks again and have a great rest of the day.



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