Friday, April 27, 2007


Enough with Democrats getting away with murder (Kennedy) and saying anything to get elected (Pelosi) while undermining our troops (Reid) and endangering all of us (Dean, Gore, Clinton, etc).
Enough already.

Republicans, it is time to fight back.
"It's so simple, a caveman could do it".

Republicans need to unite and DEMAND that...

Nancy Pelosi step down from speaker of the House while investigations are conducted regarding her recent trip to the middle east, the Logan Act and possible criminal charges.

Harry Reid must resign as Senate majority leader following his remarks claiming the terrorists have won the war in Iraq and investigations need to follow regarding his fund raising activities and Indian tribes in NV.

Ted Kennedy needs to resign, issue an apology and hearings conducted into his involvement in the death of a co-worker following his driving a car into a river and leaving the co-worker at the scene, not calling authorities until the following day.

Robert KKK Byrd needs to resign. If you need to ask why, you are beyond understanding the answer.

Algore needs to be investigated for his involvement in Carbon Offset scams and global warming hoaxes.

Hillary Clinton needs to be investigated for manipulating intelligence information to justify voting for the war in Iraq and later claiming she was against the war. She needs to apologize to southerners for mocking southern accents when she gives speaches to minority groups. And, while she is looking under that "rug" in the white house to see what Bush left behind... she might just get another surprize from another intern.

Howard Dean needs to be evaluated for mental illness and committed to therapy in a safe place.

John Kerry and John Edwards need to be on TV more... they do more to hurt the Democrat Party than help it.

Republicans can just keep sitting back and taking all the lies and BS from Democrats,.... or decide to fight back.

America has just about had enough.

Democrat Economics Working Perfectly

With only 4 months in power, the Democrats have turned around the economy!
Reports show that the first quarter for 2007 had the slowest growth in over 4 years confirming Democrat promises to do something about the economy during their first 100 hours in office.

Once the Democrats let the Bush Tax Cuts expire (thereby raising taxes) the economy should spiral further downward to levels Democrats are more comfortable with.

Just think folks, by the time the 2008 Presidential election gets here...we could be in a full fledged depression.
Democrats have a soup-line plan "in the works" for just such an occasion.

"Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain"


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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Harry Reid Supports Troops By Waving White Flag

With US troops on the battlefield and major news reports refuting his claims, Senate majority leader Harry Reid waved the white flag of defeat and surrender, claiming that the war in Iraq is lost.

In what sounded like a page straight from Al Qaeda itself, surrounded by reports that the surge is already working even though only one-half of the surge has been implemented thus far, Reid (D) NV said, "based on the increased violence in the past few days, the surge is not working and the war is lost". Ben Laden must be smiling at this "news" while the US troops who have been killing Jihadists right and left must be surprised... meanwhile the Iraqi citizens must be terrified even at the possibility. (if they believe it)

The Democrat's definition of U.S. defeat is the same as the Islamic Jihadist's definition. Imagine if here in the U.S. we defined controlling crime by the same standard Democrats place on Iraq. One murder means the entire law enforcement community is a failure? Did the VA Tech murders mean we are in a civil war?
Democrats are now so invested in Iraq being a defeat for Bush (and America) there is no turning back for them. America MUST lose in Iraq for Democrats to be successful at home and they know it. If they allow Bush to be successful in Iraq (or even perceived as successful) Democrats have NO HOPE in 2008 and perhaps even beyond.

This latest declaration of US defeat however will allow Reid to once again present the official Democrat plan for what to do next in Iraq. (see photo above for complete plan details)

Note: BTW- The new Democratic plan for Iraq is brought to us by the brains behind the old Democratic Plan for Vietnam which explains why Democrat's claim that Iraq IS Vietnam.

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Tax Funded Abortions On Demand?

Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry has vetoed an abortion bill which has passed both the House and Senate and would limit funding of abortions by the state (except when life of mother is at risk), but not limit a woman's right to "choose".

Physicians and activists are lined up on both sides of this issue as to whether or not the government (using tax dollars) should be in the abortion business.
We'll see if the liberals consider Governor Henry a hero for going against congress or if they view him the same as they view the President's upcoming veto of the war funding/pork/cutnrun bill,... as an abuse of power.

Congratulations to the Oklahoma House and Senate for taking a stand. We'll see if they have the courage to overule the good Gov'nr.
UPDATE: 4/20/07 Message from OKLAHOMANS FOR LIFE:

Governor Vetoes Pro-Life Bill;
Urge Senate to Override Veto

Pro-Life Oklahoman,

Wednesday's veto of pro-life Senate Bill 714 by Governor Brad Henry is but one more obstacle to be overcome in getting state government out of the abortion business in Oklahoma.

A two-thirds majority vote in the 48-member state Senate is necessary to override the governor's pro- abortion veto. The pro-life bill passed the Senate last week, 32-16, exactly the two-thirds margin that will be necessary to override the veto - so long as no one changes sides.

All 24 Republican senators support the bill and support the override of the veto. Our job is to make sure all eight Democratic senators who have supported the bill up to now continue to do so, and that they vote to override the veto.

There is tremendous pressure on these eight pro-life Democrats from pro-abortion groups. We must make sure they hear from pro-life Oklahomans thanking them for their support for the unborn child, and asking them to continue to support SB 714 by voting to override the governor's veto.

The eight Democratic senators who cast pro-life votes for SB 714 last week, their hometowns (and other major district towns), Capitol phone numbers (leave message on voice mail after hours), and email addresses, are:

1) Susan Paddack, Ada, (Pauls Valley, Holdenville), 405-521-5541
2) Sean Burrage, Claremore, (Pryor), 405-521-5555
3) Tom Ivester, Elk City, 405-521-5545
4) Charlie Laster, Shawnee, 405-521-5539
5) Jay Paul Gumm, Durant, 405-521-5586
6) Mary Easley, Tulsa, 405-521-5590
7) Earl Garrison, Muskogee, 405-521-5533
8) Kenneth Corn, Poteau, 405-521-5576
Please thank these senators for their support of the pro-life bill, SB 714, and ask them to continue to do so by voting to override the governor's veto.
To send an email to all eight senators, just send to this address, and your message will reach all eight of them. Your message will say, "Dear Senator, Thank you for defending the unborn child by consistently supporting SB 714. Please vote to override the Governor's veto of this pro- life bill. Thank you."

There are three other Democratic senators who voted for SB 714 earlier in the process, and then reversed their position and voted against the bill last week. They, their hometowns, and Capitol phone numbers, are:
1) Nancy Riley, Tulsa, 405-521-5600
2) Joe Sweeden, Pawhuska, 405-521-5581
3) Charles Wyrick, Fairland, (Miami, Grove) 405-521- 5561
Please urge these senators to support the pro-life bill, as they had earlier in the legislative session, by voting to override the governor's veto.
To send an email to all three senators, just send to this address and your message will reach all three of them. Your message will say, "Dear Senator, Thank you for supporting SB 714 earlier this session. Please vote to override the Governor's veto of this pro-life bill. Thank you."

Tony Lauinger

State Chairman, Oklahomans for Life

phone: 918-749-5022

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

POLL: Who Should Go at MSNBC?

Take the Rush Poll for who should resign at MSNBC in order for an African American show anchor to replace them. Al Sharpton called MSNBC "all white- all day and all night" following the Don Imus mess, and the news media is always telling us about equality, so... which white guy should go?

Chris Matthews?
Keith Olberman?
Tucker Carlson?

(I voted for Keith Olberman because Chris doesn't claim to do straight news without opinion and Tucker doesn't matter)


The Supreme Court decision to ban partial birth abortion procedures is a long overdue step in the right direction, but in no means addresses the problem of over 1 million unnecessary abortions performed each year in America.
With the level of education available, free contraception if needed and over 100 methods of preventing an unwanted pregnancy from occurring in the first place, abortion should be the exception not the rule.
There is no excuse for 1 million abortions per year... except carelessness and irresponsibility... abortion is being used as just another form of contraception and that needs to be changed.

Banning this horrific procedure doesn't ban abortion at any level and probably won't affect the above numbers. However, the death of an unborn infant (capable of living outside the womb) who is pulled partially out of the womb before scissors are thrust into the back of the skull etc. should NEVER have been allowed in the first place. BRAVO to the Supreme Court 5-4 decision.

Now you know (one of the reasons) why Democrats want control of the Supreme Court appointments.
Liberals scream over baby seals and polar bears, but partial birth abortion is fine with them?

Score ONE for the unborn.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Had Enough?

Have You Had Enough…..YET?

Democrats have gone long past their first 100 hours...days without doing anything they promised… but in spite of being in “power” just a few months, here is what they HAVE done…

Had Enough "Cut and Run" Politics ?
Voting on non-binding resolutions “in protest” during a time of war is bad enough, in fact it is “jr-high”, but Democrats in congress don’t seem to get it.

Democrats are refusing to fund the troops (without pork $$ bribery) and refusing to admit that there is any threat from ISLAMIC JIHAD, banned the term “war on terror”, refuse to admit who we are fighting in Iraq and why, while claiming the biggest threat we face today is… “global warming” from driving our cars? Are they kidding or just insane?

Had Enough Queen Nancy?
The self anointed Speaker of the State Nancy Pelosi visited Syria in violation of the Logan Act to offer them an “alternative Democratic foreign policy” (shadow policy from the current US policy) and misquoted a so-called message from Israel in the process of declaring she has achieved peace in the middle-east conflict. Israel denounced her claims and the executive branch of the US government (sets foreign policy) denounced her visit. She is now considering going to Iran. Ahmadinejad is on the same page with Nancy, they should be able to agree on just about everything.

Had Enough PC Police Gone Wild?
The Democrat party and the News Media have declared Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as the official judges for which words are now allowed and who is allowed to say certain words. Rush, Sean, Glenn and other conservative talk hosts are the next and ultimate target since liberals and Democrats consider any view opposing their view as “hate speech”. Imus was merely the sacrificial scape-goat to allow the attack on conservative radio to begin. Notice how the media refuses to let go of the Imus story, which should have gone away after he apologized and the Rutgers Basketball team accepted.

Had Enough “no gun zones” ?
The liberals and Democrats are now using the VA College shootings as a call for eliminating guns from the society. In fact, the only reason the shooter knew he could walk around safely without worry was the fact that the College was a “no gun zone”.

When we make everywhere a “no gun zone”, criminals and killers (yes, they exist) will be able to walk around knowing THEY are the only ones with guns. The best way to keep anyone from walking into a school with a gun etc. is to have bigger guns somewhere inside the school. You know the old saying… “When guns are outlawed…”

Had enough TAXES?
Democrats refuse to admit that the Bush tax cuts are the reason the economy …not only survived following 9/11/2001, but recovered and is thriving during wars in 2 countries and a major US port city wiped out by a hurricane. The Democrats answer to providing more jobs (95%+ employment rate) and create new business is to raise OUR taxes by not making the Bush Tax Cuts permanent.

Had enough of the Democrats and their unofficial communications division (the news media) using EVERY news story to ram another one of their twisted agenda’s down your throat?

Americans have a choice to make again in 2008.
What kind of America do YOU want?

The Islamic radicals are watching and waiting…(and drooling)
The pot-bellied, dog eating, terrorist sponsoring, US hating Dictators around the world are watching and waiting (and drooling),
free speech is under attack and the thugs, muggers, thieves, killers, murderers etc. are watching and waiting too (drooling).

I’ve had enough, but unfortunately we’ve got a lot more of the above coming before the election gets here. America will have “had enough” by then.

If so, I suggest voting.


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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Young Racer Critically Injured in Rare Crash

First, here is a picture of a Jr Dragster for those who have not seen one.
NHRA rules limit the speed and ET by age and experience from 8 yrs-17yrs old.
8 year olds are limited to a 12.90 ET or slower in the 1/8th mile (660') which translates into about 40-45 mph under most conditions. Older racers are limited to a 7.90 ET and reach speeds near 80mph. While Jr Drag Racing is considered very safe, every dad, mom and racer knows that a race car can hurt you on any given day.
In over 13 years since Jr Drag Racing league was formed, this (story below) is the first serious injury reported. Every dad makes sure these cars are as safe as humanly possible before sending our children down a racetrack. NHRA and safety equipment manufacturers will most certainly be looking at ways to make these cars even safer than they are. Most safety developments in motorsports today were developed and used first on the drag strip by drag racers starting with seat belts, fire suits, chromemoly/tig chassis, the HANS device, and the original funding to create the SFI rating used on every piece of safety equipment in every racecar in every form of auto racing today.

Red Stater's heart goes out to the Greer family and also prayers for a speedy recovery for Kaylee. Story Below-

Wed April 11 2007 from Competition Plus
8-year-old Kaylee Greer suffered life threatening injuries while making her very first pass in a Jr. Dragster at Ohio Valley Dragstrip near Louisville, Kentucky last week. According to reports, after turning off the track her car veered left and hit a retaining wall head-on.

Kaylee was StatFlighted to Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, where doctors said they had never seen anyone survive the type injuries she suffered. She's presently still at Kosair, where she underwent surgery last week and was fitted with a halo. Kaylee has been kept sedated to keep her from moving, and had additional surgery this week to put in trach and a feeding tube. Her father reported that she has moved her hands and feet, but her road to recovery will be a long one.

A race to benefit Kaylee is scheduled for Sunday, April 22, at Ohio Valley Dragway. Complete race details, as well as information regarding other fund-raising activties scheduled for the day of the race, can be found on the track's web site at:

A silent auction will also be held that day at the track and if anyone would like to donate an item to be auctioned off for Kaylee's benefit they can contact:

Tammy Smith, 502-494-7864, or Missy Bobblitt, 502-510-1933.

A bank account for those who wish to donate in that manner has been established. Anyone can make donations payable to:

Kaylee Greer Recovery Account

and mail to

Kaylee C/O Tammy Smith
8602 Old Boundary Rd
Louisville, Ky 4029

NOTE from Redstater: There are a number of Oklahoma based Jr Drag Racers (big cars too) and we encourage each of you to help the Greer family in their hour of need.

UPDATE: 4/15/07 Kaylee Greer's Condition Improving.


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Pelosi "Shadow-Gate" Investigation Needed

Less than 6 months after her coronation as Speaker of the State and leader of the "free" world, Nancy Pelosi is neck deep in controversy and scandal to come.

served on the executive committee of the far left leaning socialist group called the "Progressive Caucus" where she formed her warped foreign policy now being spread around the globe in illegal shadow foreign policy meetings.

With her visit to Syria where she proclaimed that she had achieved peace in the middle east (followed by Israel's contradiction of her statements) she violated a long standing U.S. law called the Logan Act which prevents ANY American from meeting with the leader of another country to discuss American foreign policy without consent from the executive branch (the President).
Pelosi had no such consent but instead was asked specifically to NOT meet with Syria in compliance with American policy to isolate that government.

Not only did Pelosi meet with Syria's leaders, but she offered an opposing "alternative democratic" foreign policy to the current US policy (Bush) according to another member of the team traveling with Pelosi to the middle east, Tom Lantos (D). "We offered an alternative democratic foreign policy" to Syria and later said he and Pelosi are "prepared to go to Iran".

Congressmen (and women) offering a foreign government an "alternative" foreign policy is something all Americans should be concerned about no matter who is in power.

If you have been calling for BUSH to be investigated, then you need to be calling for Pelosi, Reid, Bill Richardson (meeting with North Korea) and the entire Democrat party to be investigated for forming a shadow government to undermine US policy and a sitting President (during a time of war).

We need to get Pelosi and Lantos under oath.

6 months in office and the Democrat abuse of power is out of control.
Contact your local representative and demand investigation of "SHADOW-GATE".


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I-Man Say's It All

As the Don Imus "Nappyheaded-Ho's" fiasco continues to explode, several thoughts come to mind.

First is "why now"?
The I-Man has been offending everyone who gets in his sights for over 30 years. Back in 1974 when he released "This Honkey's Nuts" he pretty much provided the disclaimer for everything said since ...right on the cover.

Now, what he said is horrible and not something I would say, however it is within context of other things Imus has said about every ethnicity, religion, political affiliation or group.
So, ...why the outrage NOW?

The same news media that is acting shocked and suprised by Imus's comment are the same people that regularly appear on his show. Now that same media has proclaimed Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson as the official "final word" on what words are allowed and what words are not allowed.
I don't believe Imus is any more of a racist than Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or Stevie Wonder who was the first person I ever heard use the term.
Imus is obnoxious, opinionated and rude, but not much of a racist.
Imus was insignificant in that he does not hold a large audience and has low ratings.

The Young women on the Rutgers basketball team should flick Imus off like a little bug.

The market should decide who is on the air.... the people ARE the market and the people should decide.
NOT the government or the PC police. If you are offended by someone on the radio or tv, turn them off.

Carlos Mencia has made a living insulting minorities and handicapped people, do WE want the PC police to swoop in and save us from Carlos?
If we the people let the PC police take Imus off the air, then who's next (Keith Olberman).

I don't agree with Imus or lot of people on the air, but I will defend his right to be there.

Now, to be fair, he has offered to have a "black person on his show every day" from now, THAT sounds racist to me.


Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Two Kinds Of Politicians

I believe the answer to the original question posed by Mzz Finney in the Democrat e-letter for "America's Next Top Pundit Idol and Democrat spokesperson" promotion can be found below.

While I am no Ronald Reagan by any stretch of the imagination, (one of the greatest leaders of our time) I have been elected to two terms in public office and when I made the decision to enter politics (a long time ago) I realized there were basically two kinds of politicians ...aside from the obvious party platform differences.
I asked myself which kind was I going to be?

Option number one is the kind of politician who leads by seeking to reflect the attitudes and opinions of "the citizens" whatever that may be at the time according to subjective review. This type politician claims to not infer his/her views on others, but instead gathers the prevailing view of the perceived majority and adopts that position. Power to the people! (Rule by committee, finger in the wind)

Option number two is the kind of politician who considers the facts, forms an opinion, takes a personal stand on issues and clearly states his/her opinions without worrying about what the so-called majority thinks. This type politician lets the voters who agree vote for him/her and those that don't agree- won't vote for him/her. Let the chips fall where they may.
This is a leader.
America needs LEADERS not panderers and appeasers.
In these times we cannot afford to run the country by opinion poles and surveys (which are rigged and designed to get specific results in the first place). We have elections to put in office the person(s) we want to run the country the way they promised they would... not to run the country by conducting an opinion pole or focus group on every issue.

Option number one is also the most vulnerable to special interest groups who form the loudest and most visible voice that politicians hear and see. If you run your politics by putting your finger in the air, guess who is going to be blowing on your finger (or worse). Therefore, you have one party (and possibly the country) controlled by special interest groups and not by "the people".

You can tell by the post below (which was an actual email sent from the DNC) begging voters and non-voters to tell the Democrat Party WHAT the Democrat policy and message is, what kind of politicians the Democrats are. Stick his/her finger in the air to determine what his/her position is. (So what if they are guilty of constant flip flopping... so are the voters!)

This is NOT leadership and it's NOT proper governing. It's pandering, jr High politics at best and it's just one more reason I am NOT a Democrat. Zero leadership.

BTW, the answer to the original question posed by the Democrat letter below is option number two. But to answer their "other question" on Iraq, the Democrats just banned the term "global war on terror" and they don't believe we are even in a war, so any new Democrat spokesperson would first need to admit that there is a war.
Regarding the so-called "issues important to Americans" in the email, do you hear any Democrats discussing fixing the border problem or enforcing immigration laws? (cricket noise)
How about Democrats discussing their strategy for dealing with the Islamic holy war being waged against the US? (crickets)
Reducing Taxes? (crickets)
Creating jobs? (crickets)
The new Democrat spokesperson (BTW, does anyone know who or where the former/current spokesperson is?) does have one thing going for him/her, ...a blank slate to work with.
Laughable but scary.
-red s tater


The Endless Insanity of The Democrat Party

The Democratic Party

Dear Red,

George Bush has said about the failed war in Iraq: "we're not leaving, so long as I'm the President."

So what do the Republican presidential frontrunners think about brining our troops home?

John McCain thinks that "there are neighborhoods in Baghdad where you and I could walk through" and believes that setting a date to withdraw our troops from Iraq is "a very bad decision."

Rudy Giuliani believes that "a timetable for retreat seems like a very bad strategy."

Mitt Romney believes that the war still has "a reasonable probability of success," and when asked just this morning if his policy would be the same as President Bush's, he said "of course."

Why don't the voices of the Republican presidential candidates echo the concerns of the American people?

We want to ask that question to as many people as we can before the 2008 election - and you can help. Right now the Democratic Party is creating a new ad on the war in Iraq. Instead of stating the case ourselves, we want people like you to explain why it's time to end the war and bring our troops home.

Help us out and become the Democratic Party's newest spokesperson:

Gov. Dean came to the DNC with one goal: to put the Democratic Party in the hands of its grassroots supporters across the country. Like you, he understands that the energy and determination of our members is our Party's biggest asset.

So rather than react to these out-of-touch Republican remarks with sound bites from Washington D.C. consultants, we want our response to reflect the views of the people who matter most: regular folks like you.

Make your voice heard now:

Democrats in Congress are doing everything they can to bring this war to an end, but President Bush and his Republican allies insist on prolonging the war indefinitely.

Meanwhile, our brave troops - perhaps your friends or family members -- continue to risk their lives every day. They are stuck in the middle of a bloody civil war with no military solution and no end in sight.

That's why we need to keep putting the pressure on. The majority of Americans are already against this war, but there are millions more who still need to be convinced.

By sending in your opinion on the Iraq War, you can be the person who does the convincing. Make your case today:


Karen Finney
Communications Director

Paid for and authorized by the Democratic National Committee,
This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Democratic National Committee, 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington, DC 20003

Contributions or gifts to the Democratic National Committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

DNC, 430 S. Capitol St. SE, Washington DC 20003

Yes, Insane but true... Democrats don't know what their message is... please send ideas (and money) to the DNC.
YOU could be the spokesperson for the party without a message.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Got Carbon Offsets?

Be sure to get your official Red Stater Carbon Offsets and become Carbon Neutral, Environmentally Balanced and at One with Nature,!

Actual Carbon Offset footprint impact may vary from overblown and overhyped claims of man's affect on the planet, batteries not included, some assembly required, mileage may vary. Void where prohibited, no refunds, rebates, warranty or guarantee implied. Not for human consumption, for off-road use only. All claims and references to global warming (trademark) are purely coincidental and do not represent actual science or research data. Not responsible for natural warming and cooling trends or natural temperature variances on the Sun, natural temperature shifts in climate and/or historical evidence. Claims that global warming is real are for political purposes only and not intnended to be taken seriously by rational thinking human beings. Management reserves the right to refuse service. In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash.

Act NOW Before It's Too Late, there are only 50,000+ Polar Bears today compared to less than 5,000 just 25 years ago. At this rate, there will only be 500,000 in another 25 years.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Surge, Pork for Votes and Moonbat of the Day

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is my MOONBAT OF THE DAY!
On November 30th of 2006, (just over 4 months ago)...Harry Reid said that he "would NOT do anything to cut off funding for the troops in Iraq".

Today, Harry Reid is proposing what?
Hint: Cut off funding for the troops in Iraq by March of 2008.

Even Michael Ware of CNN in Baghdad today said that cutting funding (and withdrawing) by March of '08 would be a "nightmare scenario" for the entire region and for America. It would result in "a disaster of horror and death to millions of Iraqi's and would endanger America by turning Iraq over to Iran and terrorist groups".
Hey Harry, you're trying to play Texas Hold-'em with a Texan and playing politics with the lives of men and women who deserve much, much better.
Harry Reid is Today's Moonbat of the Day!

Coming in Second Place was Senate House Leader (and self appointed Sec. of State) Nancy Pelosi who is currently meeting with the Leaders in Syria against White House request.
For all of you out there who said that the US can NOT win the war in Iraq, ...the "surge plan" IS working and we ARE winning. If you are still in denial, This story in the New York Post details exactly how President Bush's plan is working and why it is working by someone who was there.
Of course most of you Bush/America haters would rather believe the throat cutting terrorists than the truth, but that doesn't change the facts.

News Media Diverting Attention Away From Iraq Surge Success

Have you noticed that CNN, MSNBC etc. is covering everything BUT the war in Iraq lately?
Since the MSM ONLY reports the bad news for America, it seems that they virtually have nothing to report from Iraq. So, instead we get endless over-coverage of the Anna Nicole Smith drama and over-coverage of algore's global warming hoax to fill the void from the lack of bad news in Iraq, thus taking our minds off of the success of the surge.

Democrat House and Senate Votes for Sale
It's not looking good for the "Iraq is Vietnam" moonbat college professors (you know who you are) or the fake journalists (David Podvin & Jamil Hussein) or you anti-war peaceniks (Fonda, Rosie and the Sheen's). The new Democrat led congress looks more and more like a bunch of blithering idiots unable to accomplish anything except spending.
First, Democrats threatened to de-fund the war, then they agreed to fund the war if it means lots of PORK BARREL $pending for their home $tates.
So, these brave and honorable Democrats will fund a war they claim is illegal, immoral and can't be won as long as it gets them some PORK ($) which gets them re-elected.
All of you voters that voted Democrat last election must be $o VERY proud. (lol)

Truth has a way of finding it's way to the top and liberal Democrats are headed to the bottom.
By the 2008 election, voters will have had more than enough of their junior-high mentality politics and junk science global warming nonsense to last a while.... hide and watch.

Moonbat of the weekend: On HSN this past weekend a woman was selling a new line of clothing. It was tie-die looking shirts. She made the comment that "people can't wear Cashmere sweaters anymore because of global warming".
So, I guess all those ski-coat companies are shutting down too? And, what are we going to do with all these long sleeved shirts? (lol)

This moonbat has the potential to be the Democrat Presidential nominee providing she likes pork and hates winning wars.


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Sunday, April 01, 2007

The ONLY Way To "Go"

It's sad that the first comment about the tragic death of Eric Medlen (post below) was from an anonymous MOONBAT (pictured) who thought it would be "cute" to take a shot at him (and the US military).

What kind of "person" would say such cruel and horrible things about a man they never met or know anything about?
(ie- Eric raced in the NHRA, not nascar)

This brings up an interesting point however.
We are ALL going to die, death cannot be escaped.
The only real question IS, what kind of life are you living when it happens to you.

Many of our brave military men and women have died in the course of doing what they believed in for the country they loved, fighting for freedom and justice.
These are heroes of the highest degree.

Eric Medlen died living his dream, doing what he loved doing, working beside his best friend - his father. (Yet anonymous moonbat couldn't resist mocking his death)
My wish is that everyone could "go" doing what they love to do surrounded by the people they love the most. (including anonymous moonbats)

We COULD all just stay in bed with our heads under the covers and wait for the final "day" to come.
Or, we can live our lives to the fullest, reach for our dreams and give our all, knowing that when "that day" does come, we can say that we were NOT one of those standing on the sidelines anonymously throwing rocks at those who dared to live their dream.

Those of us who have met Eric Medlen celebrate his life, his energy, his courage and his dream. Mourning the loss of another kind of hero, but a hero none the less.
Eric was the kind of hero who lived his life, every single day, to the fullest and made everyone around him smile, while living, working and achieving his personal dream.
How many among us can say that?

After winning his first race a few years ago, Eric said to the ESPN2 camera "I am proof that you should never stop believing in your dreams, ......dreams really DO come true". Eric and his father John Medlen were the first in their family to climb out of the meat cutter industry to pursue their dream of racing.

Just 2 weeks ago in Gainseville FL (2 days before Eric's accident) after not qualifying for a race for the first time in his career, T/F driver Brandon Bernstein's cell phone rang. It was Eric Medlen who asked Brandon if he had any ice-cream. Brandon, a bit confused said, "sure, in the freezer". Eric said, "good, go eat some ice-cream, 'cause nobody can be sad eating ice cream".
Brandon had to laugh, even if just for a moment.

While everyone that knew Eric had nothing but praise and great things to say, NHRA Pro Stock Champion Greg Anderson summed it up pretty well. "John Force (Eric's boss) came over to me once a few years ago asking what his team could learn to be more like our team. I told him that actually I wish I could be more like Eric Medlen and have his attitude, ...that kid always had a smile, ...he NEVER had a bad day no matter what. Eric had life figured out at an early age and it was something I wish I could learn".

As for the hateful person who posted that horrible comment, I hope that people who have met you can say the same things about you when your "day" comes as those that knew Eric have said about him, ...but based on your comment, .....I doubt it.

"God Speed Eric".


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