Wednesday, June 29, 2005

According to Red Stater

U.S. Borders Need Immediate Action

Considering our border with Mexico is open enough for thousands of tons of drugs and truck loads of "undocumented workers" (illegal alien) to roll across daily, it should come as no surprise that it would become the route of choice by enemies of the United States as well. It also appears that terrorists know that they can use the media as an information gathering tool and more by posing as media.

It is remarkable that we have not been hit since that day in September 2001. It is not an accident nor due to a lack of effort on the part of the terrorists groups.
However, something needs to be done about access from Mexico by the masses in the interest of our national security. The immigrant worker problem could easily become overshadowed by a much larger issue- the safety of all Americans.

This is not a Republican nor Democrat issue- we are all Americans who should demand protection from all enemies seeking to cross our borders.

Mexico needs to step up and get with the program. Mexico has large oil fields, great agriculture potential, great tourism and still can barely feed itself, high unemployment and widespread corruption to the point that it is more like a third world country than anything else. Instead of being a major player in the world and showing an interest in anyone's national security Mexico chooses to blame the US. Mexico has no interest in securing it's border with the US, in fact they want to open it up more.

Canada-A man who had just committed a murder was allowed to cross the border into the US. The amazing thing is that the man was carrying a bloody axe and chainsaw. The alert border guards made the man leave his "tools" with them before he was allowed to cross into the US.

It is time for washington to clamp-down on our borders.

UPDATE: U.S., Mexico and Canada rollout 2008 border plan

Good News From Iraq

Good news from Iraq is out there, but the US mainstream media is not interested.
In a world where one car bomb voids all of the other stories regarding any progress or success, and in a Country where the main stream media has a political agenda of it's own, people must seek out the truth. Sad, but true. Thank goodness for the internet.

NEW July 1- US Military Planting Amber Waves in Iraq

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bush Speech Schools Democrats

President Bush Gives Democrats Remedial Lesson on War
By Red Stater

In his speech to the country this evening, President Bush made leading Democrats look uninformed and out of touch with regard to the war on terror in Iraq.
The commander in chief detailed who the enemy is, why they are in Iraq and why the US cannot announce any dates for troop withdrawal as Democrats have demanded.

The President also complimented US troops for being the most professional and well trained military on the planet, assuring them that their mission is a just cause, not an illegal, immoral war as Democrats have claimed.
Democrats have been wrong since the beginning of the war in Iraq on how successful the war would be and also on the success of elections which were on time, while focusing on endless comparisons to Vietnam, troop levels and any success for the enemy.

So, while the Democrats continue to run around screaming "No WMD's"and "Bush Lied", the President and our military are focused on winning the war on terror and keeping America safe.
While Democrats can only talk about the failures of Vietnam, President Bush and our military are creating successes in Iraq that will be evident for generations to come.
And while the Democrats are telling us, the enemy and our troops that we cannot win the war, our troops are winning the war anyway.

It is too bad that Democrats cannot see past their own political agenda and focus on the real enemy- Islamic fundamentalists and former Saddam/Bath regime leftovers.
But, thank God they (d) are not running things or else Iraq WOULD be another Vietnam since their only policy is "Cut and Run".

God and Government

Seperation of Church and State
Our Declaration of Independance begins with a recognition of God the Creator.

"God" is woven in the very fabric of our Country from our beginning and throughout our history without ever establishing any religion or denying anyone the freedom to express their religious beliefs, or lack of belief there-in, by the government.

The Ten Commandments on public property does not establish any religion but does properly demonstrate that a part of our Country's foundation(ie: history) includes the recongition of a belief in God.
This is in line with other such acknowledgements throughout US history. "In God We Trust", " nation under God..." "...nothing but the truth, so help me God".
Every courtroom in America has a Bible (or other if requested) in it. No one is forced to believe by this action.
Every US President has made direct references to God. All without establishing any church or religion over another.
No one has ever been forced or required to even have a religion or believe in God by these acknowledgements.

To deny that God is a part of and belongs in our government is to deny that "we the people" are the government and "we the people" may (or may not) believe in God, but we (red staters) sure know the difference between God and religion also between God and church.

Most red staters know the difference between the government establishing a church or religion and our government reflecting the majority view and accurate history of our great country.

Activism by the courts is one of the things many red staters are furious about. The red staters need to put pressure on Democrats who are blocking court nominations.

Express your outrage at the filibuster.
That is, unless you want your house/property taken away by the government to build condos or a mall for "the good of the many".
But, that's another story.

Red Stater

Friday, June 24, 2005

Memo to US military

MEMO: To the US forces in Iraq
From: Red Stater

Thank you, each and every one, for your courageous service to our country and the world.
We are very proud of the job you are doing and in the way you conduct yourselves under extremely dangerous and difficult circumstances.

In every US war there have been those who wanted US troops to believe that their mission was unjust and there was no hope for success.
You know better and we know better.
Your efforts and dedication are making the world safer for generations to come and there is only one possible outcome- success.
Your cause- "Liberty" is a just one.
Your chance of success is 100% as you already know.

There is a Navy recruitment sign nearby that reads- "Life, ...Liberty... and the Pursuit of those who threaten it" which says it all.

You are a shining example to the world and make us proud to be American.
Be safe and "God Speed".

Red Stater

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Question For Liberal Media

A Question for the Mainstream Media
By Red Stater

Why is Al Qaeda fighting in Iraq?
It is a simple question that the mainstream media won't ask.
First it would require their admitting that Al Qaeda is even in Iraq which they don't seem to want to do, but beyond that it is a question worth asking.

If the only answer is because terrorists hate America, then why aren't the terrorists attacking America?
If the answer is because America invaded Iraq and created a place for terrorists, they already had a place to defend in Afganistan. Why defend Iraq?
Since the successful Afgan elections, Al Qaeda has dropped off the map there. Why?
Wouldn't it be easier for Al Qaeda to attack US troops where there are fewer US troops and easier targets of opportunity?
Wouldn't random attacks around the world be easier than fighting US marines in Iraq?

Perhaps the answer is that President Bush and Sec Rumsfeld are correct when they stress that success in Iraq is key to a stable middle east. That defeating radical Islam extremists in Iraq is essential to peace for generations to come and that by fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq and elsewere keeps us from fighting them on our soil.

Imagine if Al Qaeda had control of Iraq's oil supply and resources. Imagine if Al Qaeda had control of a country right in the heart of the middle east and within striking distance of Israel. They need Iraq, and without it have virtually no where to run except perhaps Syria and Iran.

Why is Al Qaeda fighting in Iraq?
Because it is their "Last Stand" and they are running out of options, manpower and money.

As VP Cheney said, "they are in the final throws of the battle".
The only way the US can lose is to quit, which is exactly what the terrorists and the Democrats both want us to do.

Democrats Demand Iraq Withdrawal

Democrats Demand Iraq Withdrawal Timetable
By Red Stater

Al Qaeda and other thugs in Iraq are now anxiously awaiting any announcement of US troop withdrawal. With Democrats in America claiming the US is losing the war and calling for US troops to be brought home, the enemy has new reason to be encouraged.

Ignoring successful Iraqi elections and a complete democratic government almost in place, Democrats want to "cut bait and run" now while any comparison to Vietnam can still be made.

A US withdrawal now would signal that America does not have the stomach for fighting terrorism anywhere but at home and would allow Islamic radicals to slaughter innocent Iraqi's and claim victory. (just as the communists did in Vietnam after US retreat)
Democrats argue that by pulling out of Iraq, terrorists won't have any reason to attack us.

This is like having the police pull out of inner city Detroit so that the criminals won't be as likely to commit crimes.

Why not provide terrorists with a detailed flight schedule of incoming/outgoing troops, troop levels, troop positions and military plans? Are Democrats really that insane?

It is this kind of "vision for a better America" that caused most Americans to vote against them in the last few elections, but Democrats don't seem to care about elections any more than they care about the safety of our troops or winning the war.

According to Red Stater

By Red Stater

Karl Rove sent a message to Liberals. "Wanna play rough?... we can play rough".
During a speech in NY Rove said, "After 9/11, conservatives were planning for war.
After 9/11, liberals were planning indictments, therapy and understanding for the terrorists".

In an unrelated story, Sen Ted Kennedy (d) MA spoke today about "indicting" the President and the Sec of Defense.
Sen. Kennedy(d) has also asked how we can "better understand" why terrorists would attack us.

And in yet another totally unrelated story, Ex-comedian turned "journalist" Al Franken, Ex-nobody turned "political hack" Michael Moore and Ex-Doctor turned "screaming maniac" Howard Dean(d) are all in need "therapy".

According to Red Stater

Democrat Plan to "Take Back America" Flawed From Start
By Red Stater

Beware of any plan that begins with "Take".
The Democrats only plan to aquire red state voters seems to be by bringing down the current administration any way they can, thus "winning by default" and "taking back" America.

This is the Democrats vision for a better America, their plan for fighting terrorism, their plan to improve the economy and their plan to fix Social Security. Get mainstream America to hate Bush as much as they do, anyway they can.
The Democrats "Take Back America" vision includes basing their entire political platform on a fake documentary, getting an ex-comedian to do a fake radio/tv talk show slandering Republicans, and throwing in a screaming, Bush hating party spokesman. The plan includes shoving respectable Democrats like Joe Liberman to the back of the bus(or in the case of Zel Miller- "under the bus").

Democrats are continually pointing to the polls regarding the Presidents approval ratings but neglet to consider that while voters may not approve of everything President Bush does, it does not directly relate to increased approval for Democrats either.
As in:
Just because Red Stater might not like the way his/her steak was cooked does not mean he/she will be ordering fried baloney next time.