Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Bush Speech Schools Democrats

President Bush Gives Democrats Remedial Lesson on War
By Red Stater

In his speech to the country this evening, President Bush made leading Democrats look uninformed and out of touch with regard to the war on terror in Iraq.
The commander in chief detailed who the enemy is, why they are in Iraq and why the US cannot announce any dates for troop withdrawal as Democrats have demanded.

The President also complimented US troops for being the most professional and well trained military on the planet, assuring them that their mission is a just cause, not an illegal, immoral war as Democrats have claimed.
Democrats have been wrong since the beginning of the war in Iraq on how successful the war would be and also on the success of elections which were on time, while focusing on endless comparisons to Vietnam, troop levels and any success for the enemy.

So, while the Democrats continue to run around screaming "No WMD's"and "Bush Lied", the President and our military are focused on winning the war on terror and keeping America safe.
While Democrats can only talk about the failures of Vietnam, President Bush and our military are creating successes in Iraq that will be evident for generations to come.
And while the Democrats are telling us, the enemy and our troops that we cannot win the war, our troops are winning the war anyway.

It is too bad that Democrats cannot see past their own political agenda and focus on the real enemy- Islamic fundamentalists and former Saddam/Bath regime leftovers.
But, thank God they (d) are not running things or else Iraq WOULD be another Vietnam since their only policy is "Cut and Run".


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