Saturday, October 31, 2009

Duncan Hunter, America Needs You Now Sir.

"You know the thing I think that makes us different from other people around the world, is I think Americans still have a strong streak of independence. And an even stronger streak of independence from government. And attempts to control things by government, tend to nettle Americans, and to draw resistance. And the liberals and democrats continue to think that the desire for security, and for comfort, and for assurance – all the things that you’re supposed to get from a socialistic system, that those factors are going to outweigh those streaks of independence and self reliance. And I think what the Obama administration is going to discover is that the desire for “security and comfort” will certainly not outweigh this strong streak of independence that the American people possess." - Duncan Hunter 10/27/09

Read the complete interview thanks to Pissant
Special thanks to Russell Scott and J.A. Madison.
I stand ready to serve on a Hunter campaign to defeat socialism in America....