Friday, November 16, 2007

Ron Paul vs Duncan Hunter vs Dennis Kucinich

What is the difference between Duncan Hunter and Ron Paul or between Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich?

One of these men believes in America and is proud of our military... the other two, not so much.

Vote for the man who believes in the greatness of America, not the men who only believe in democrat talking points.

Speaking of democrat talking points based on lies, here is Dennis Kucinich vs Duncan Hunter on the same subject. Kucinich sounds exactly like Ron Paul... or is it the other way around?

As you can see, this second video was from July 4th 2007. Since that time Al Qaeda has been proven to have been the root of the so-called civil war in Iraq and has also been all but defeated since that time. Violence is down in Iraq and the US is winning the war. Kucinich was dead wrong then just as Ron Paul is dead wrong now. The facts tell the truth and support Duncan Hunter's position.

Before you write Duncan Hunter off... remember that he won the Texas Straw poll in September.
Duncan Hunter represents the "Republican wing of the Republican party" according to the Missouri Republican Assy. Duncan Hunter represents me.

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