Thursday, September 07, 2006

Democrat Party Set To IMPLODE !

They’ve tried every trick in the book and even written a few new books of tricks, so if the Democrats don’t sweep the fall elections and take control, look for the massive implosion that follows.
The “TAKE BACK AMERICA”/(hate Bush) campaign is finally nearing the ugly end. Were they successful in convincing America that Bush is the enemy and Islamic Fascist terrorists are potential friends yet to be negotiated with?

They have pulled out every dirty trick and lie they can think of, so if it doesn’t work, what is left? Attack each other? I can hardly wait. Now THAT will be FUN.

Meanwhile, Democrats have not given potential voters one single plan/proposal/suggestion/hint of what THEY would actually do (if elected).

It’s not by accident… they DON’T WANT YOU KNOW what they would do if back in power. They say they “can’t get their message out”… that’s because they are too busy hating Bush, which by the way, IS their message- “Hate Bush”.

Well, here is what they “would” do.
Check their speeches and voting records on each subject. I dare you.

How would Democrats fight the war against Islamic Fascists? “Sit down and talk”, “Bring in other countries”. (Increase taxes to pay for it)

How would Democrats improve the economy that they claim is so bad? “Increase taxes” by eliminating the BUSH TAX CUTS (which are stimulating the best economic growth in history). Create new jobs (during the fastest job growth period in over 50 years) by “raising taxes”.

How would Democrats secure the borders and stop illegal immigration?Get rid of the borders and make all immigration legal”. (increase taxes to pay for it) watch for the bumper sticker- “Mr. Bush, tear down that wall”.

How would Democrats fix Social Security? “Raise your taxes, spend the money on something else, blame Bush and let someone else figure it out later”.

What would Democrats do about Iraq? “Re-deploy the troops” (cut and run).

The lesson from Vietnam is “cut and run” according to Democrats. BTW- John Kerry served in Vietnam. Oh, and raise taxes to pay for the illegal war they inherited from Bush.

Iran? “Sit down and talk” Negotiate, discuss, debate, exercise diplomacy, get China, Russia and France to put pressure on…zzzzz …zzzz…….zzzzzzzzzz.BOOM.

Israel? “Goodbye”. With Iraq abandoned, Iran unchecked and Israel without US protection, it will cease to exist. (Millions will be murdered)

The list goes on to abortion on demand without parental consent including partial birth abortion…to gay marriage and beyond…. to completing the removal of “GOD” from public view.

The Democrats stand for nothing and expect us to fall for anything. But, not so fast…

Putting out all those outrageous claims against BUSH as official party line has backfired and totally destroyed their credibility, so Democrats will NOT win control of the House and Senate this fall. You heard it hear first. Nobody believes them anymore.

When they don’t win this November, (and they WON’T) stand back and watch out for the fireworks and chaos that follows.
They will start to turn on each other and eat their own, scratching clawing and attacking each other for control of the fragmented party. What they did to Zell Miller will be considered mild after they get through with each other. I can hardly wait.

Won’t that be kinda’ fun to watch for a change? I know that it makes voting in a few weeks even more special to me, knowing that by voting for a safer and more secure future, I can be a part of the movement in America that slaps those lying cheating anti-American liberal Democrats “back to the drawing board” where they belong.

It’s time to see James Carville rip Howard Dean, Kerry, Gore and the Hollywood wacko’s that have taken over the Democrat party and driven it into the ground at terminal velocity. It’s time to see sensible Democrats “Take Back Their Party” for the good of our country and all of us. It’s time to see Democrats held accountable for their anti-American, self-serving lies and strategies.

And so it will be.

RED STATE America is about to RISE UP once again in greater numbers than ever before to save the country from this almost treasonous attack from within.

Better luck to the liberal wacko's in 2008 and beyond. Maybe you will get a clue from Joe Liberman and Zel Miller. Two great former Democrat stars who you threw under the (VW) bus on your way to the peace rally/hate Bush rally. I doubt it.

Keep it up.

Red’s Tater-