Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bush Lied And Now Bush Spied

Since both President Clinton AND President Carter authorized electronic eavesdropping without a court order in the interest of national security, there shouldn't be any Democrats crying about President Bush doing it. Especially after September 11, 2001 happened.

But in the interest of self promotion and politics, the leading Democrats have no problem forgetting about Clinton and Carter in an attempt to score points against Bush.

The NY Times ran the story "Bush Approves Spying on US Citizens" on the same day the US senate was to vote on the patriot act. The senate delayed the vote. The NY Times is merely the ministry of information for the Democrat party, completely ignoring the actual story.

After 9/11, phone calls to the US from known terrorists outside the US were monitored by the US government- ...okay- so what? (Red would be upset if we weren't listening to them)

The real story here is who leaked this sensitive information to the press and why Democrats who were briefed by the President at least 12 times on this are now acting like they never heard of it. The same Democrats who screamed about the leaking of a non-covert cia employee's name are now silent when something is leaked that genuinely threatens our national security.

What will it take for Democrats to stop trying to get elected by siding with the enemy?
When will Democrats put the Country and our safety ahead of politics and getting back into power?

Red Staters will not vote for a Democrat candidate on the sole basis that Bush is stupid, corrupt and evil. But that is the entire Democrat platform.

It is scary when a political party in this country has no plan, no adgenda and no morals.
All that is left is..... lies, accusations and self serving pander. ie: The Democrat platform.

Here are some potential lies and headlines for the Democrats (and their ministry of info-The NY TImes) that they haven't used yet- but stay tuned it is not even mid-term election time yet.

"Bush secrectly created Bird Flu to kill elderly and poor"
"Bush controlled the storm that hit New Orleans"
"Bush ordered levy in New Orleans blown up during storm"
"Bush and Rice have secret love affair in white house"
"Bush has ties to mob and mafia"
"Bush plans to combine state and church"
"Bush wants to bring back slavery"
"Bush will refuse to step down as President in 2008, names himself King"
"Bush is listening to your phone calls right now"
"Bush has made deal with aliens from another planet for king of world"
"Bush lied about bigfoot"
"Bush has plan to put poor people in jail"
*"Bush knew about 9/11 and helped Bin Laden do it"
*"Bush stole both the 2000 and 2004 elections"
*"Bush planned secret military draft"
*"Bush is stealing your Social Security"

*already used, but may be recycled again.

C'mon blue staters, get a clue.
We are being fed a series of lies by Democrats who are more worried about getting Bush un-elected than what is good for their Country.