Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Is THIS the Al Franken Decade?

Vote for Hollywood to run the Country in 06 and 08!

Listen to the constant drumbeat coming out of Hollywood and count the Bush bashings. They have called the President of the United States every conceivable, horrible name, plus one or two that are beyond conceivable.

“Stupid” is the nicest thing they have called George W. Bush. Ted Turner said today that Bush had never even been out of the U.S. before becoming President and that made him ignorant.
They have called the President a Hitler, a Liar, a Racist, a Liar, a Nazi, a Liar, a Terrorist, a Liar, and much more without ever actually challenging him on any real policies, issues or facts.
They never wonder how can someone so stupid is also smart enough to outsmart them over and over and over again. So, who is really stupid?

George Bush is not a racist nor is he a nazi and he certainly is no terrorist by any definition. People do not have to resort to this in America to get into power. People do not have to protest in the streets to affect government policy here in America. We are a true republican form of democracy. We elect people to office who reflect our views to make decisions and run the government. It is beautifully simple.

If we disagree on how/what the government is doing, we have a thing here in America called elections. Win one and your ideas rule until you lose. Hate and slander is not a political platform. Calling your opponent ugly names is not a plan for how you would run the government.

Hollywood disagrees with the above. In fact, the campaign of hate began before the 2000 election had even been decided. They have since released one hateful lie about the President after another. You have heard them all. Al Franken has now made a new career out of Bush Bashing. Leading Democrats seem to agree and are willing to let Hollywood speak for them- no problem.

Hollywood has taken over the Democrat Party. Plain and simple. The head of the Democrat party Howard Dean is not the spokesman for the party and neither is Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid so says the party.

There is no official spokesperson for a very good reason.

Hollywood is the official spokesman for the left and the Democrat Party. Evidence as in Michael Moore sat next to Jimmy Carter during the 2004 Democrat Convention. You know, the same Michael Moore that made a propaganda film and called it a “documentary” which claimed President Bush knew about the 9-11 attacks and did nothing to stop it- that Michael Moore, the super-hero of the Democrat party.

So comes the question:


Are these really the people you want running the government? Do you really want Hollywood in charge of all the money and your taxes? Do you want Hollywood protecting us from terrorists that they don’t believe exist? Do you want Hollywood in charge of our borders? Do you really want Hollywood deciding whether or not “In God We Trust” should be a phrase our government even recognizes?

Remember that these are the same people that didn’t even bother to graduate high-school in many cases and certainly didn’t pay attention during history class in most cases, but now those same people want to give us all history lessons about how evil the United States is.

They are the same people that think they are going to change the minds of voters in America by making movie after movie after movie that portray American conservatives as evil, racist and just plain bad.

They are the same people that cannot manage their own personal lives in spite of great wealth but think they have the right to tell the rest of us how to run our lives.

Actors are artists- agreed? Artists are emotionally driven thinkers by and large- agreed?

They can override the logical side by relying on how they “feel”. They rely on emotions for decisions.

As opposed to logically driven thinkers who override the emotions to consider the facts.

The Democrat party is being controlled by the Hollywood liberal left and they have always been aligned but never before has “the tail wagged the dog” so effectively.

This actually really is “the Al Franken Decade” in the sense that his group is in charge of the Democrat party in America. Howard Dean, John Kerry, Al Gore and all the rest (with very few exceptions like Joe Liberman) adore the Hollywooders and have adopted their outrageous claims and point of view on the war, terrorism and the President.

Listen to the leaders of the Democrat party’s tone and words.

They are the same tone and words used by some movie stars and coincidentally the same tone and words used by Usama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, and other such thugs.

Ie: America is losing the war, Bush Lied about WMD, Illegal war of occupation for oil etc. same story.

Do you really want Al Franken or Harry Belefonte or George Clooney or Charlie and Martin Sheen as spokespersons for you? How ‘bout Jane Fonda?

Vote Democrat in 2006 and 2008 and that is what you will get.

The Al Franken Decade will become a reality.

A vote for Democrats is a vote for Hollywood, so

Vote Democrat and put Hollywood in Charge!

If the thought of this doesn’t make you register and vote then there is no hope for you my friend.

Red Stater

Friday, March 24, 2006

"Blaming the Poor-Poor Innocent Messenger"

The News-Media now wants us to believe that it is “too dangerous” to report good stories from schools and libraries in Iraq but “not too dangerous” to be at every single IED or car-bombing site within minutes with a live report lasting all day! Hmmmm.

And they still wonder why anyone would think they don’t provide balanced coverage.

Wolf Blitzer himself said on March 23 to Bill Bennett (after showing the wife of a serviceman asking the President how we can get better coverage of what is really happening in Iraq and receiving a loud standing ovation for the question alone)

Wolf: “Why would the public blame the media for the way things are going in Iraq”?

Bennett: “That’s not what they are saying Wolf, they are saying that most of the coverage is of IED’s and bombs with little coverage of the rebuilding or the rest of the story”

Wolf: “It is a dangerous place to do get stories and several media have lost lives…”

So apparently it is too dangerous to go the the school or library but not too dangerous to go where the bombs are blowing up?

Give me the duct tape.

While the joke below went around several years ago, it still a good analogy of how the news media inflicts their own opinions into the news.

From Hero to Zero- Headline News:

Two young boys from Boston were walking home from school and had to walk by a fence where there was a big vicious dog that barked and tried to get at them every day as they passed by.

One day the boys were passing by and the dog had gotten out of the fence.

The boys tried to sneak past but the dog attacked one of the boys.

The other young boy grabbed a 2x4 from the broken fence and began to defend his friend. The dog would not give in and continued the attack on the boy. The other boy hit the dog in the head with the board and killed the dog, saving his friend who had been severely bitten by the animal several times.

A reporter from the local paper came out to do a story on the heroic young man who had saved his friend. He told the boy he would ask some questions and type in the story right there on his laptop while the boy watched.

He started with the headline.

“Heroic Redsox Fan Rescues Friend”

The boy quietly spoke up and said, “Actually, I’m not a baseball fan and not really a hero”

The reporter quickly retyped the new headline…

“Heroic Celtics Fan Saves Friend from Vicious Attack”

The young boy again spoke up and said, “I’m not really a Celtics fan, …I kinda’ like the Nuggets, …but I do like politics though”!

“Great”, said the reporter as he backspaced again and typed another headline.

“Heroic Future Democrat Saves Friend from Attack”

The boy again said, “excuse me, but I like George W Bush”.

The reporter said “thank-you”, packed up his things and left.

Here is the headline that appeared on the morning news the next day.

“Bush-Backing-Bully Brutely Kills Beloved Family Pet in Boston”

And finally, if the US media isn't biased against success in Iraq, why hasn't there been one single report titled-

IRAQ: After Saddam
Part 1- Rebuilding a Country
The story on how Iraqi's are getting control of their own lives and building a new country while getting shot at and blown up by thugs who want them to fail at rebuilding.
Where is THAT story Wolf Blitzer or Chris Mathews or Helen Thomas?