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Just where is investigative reporter David Podvin?

All attempts to contact him are "handled" by the last (and only) person to ever see him, Carolyn Kay of who replies to inquiries with... "he is very shy". (See my first post on Podvin here for more background)

So, where is shy David Podvin (investigative reporter)?

He seems to exist only electronically in the form of his “investigative reporting” being posted (by other people) on virtually every democrat weblog, and he exists in teaching material used in our schools, (see Fake Journalism 101) but Podvin himself/herself hasn’t been seen for some time in public (if ever).

So, one must ask…Where in the world is David Podvin (investigative reporter)?

Did Bush’s “black helicopters” come and take Podvin away to a secret base in the New Mexico desert where they are testing water-boarding techniques and putting panties on his head?

Does the “big-media machine” consortium (that Podvin claimed suppressed information about NBC’s Jack Welsh and Bush’s brain Karl Rove having a secret deal which assured the outcome of the 2000 election for George Bush and huge profits for the NY Times) have David Podvin somewhere in a newspaper closet room.

Did superior beings from another world recognize his entertainment value and take him to the distant planet “kartoon”?

Did the men in the white coats catch him in a butterfly net and lock him in a padded room where he imagines that he is a big star on the liberal internet scene….(and actually is).

Was he taken by terrorists to a cave somewhere in Afghanistan where he is “forced” to write vile lies about his own country and post them on the internet as fact?

Does the "miserable" Carolyn Kay @ have him tied up in her bedroom with his ankles broken and a keypad duct-taped to the bed, “forcing him” to write horrible lies and propaganda promoting her twisted Anti-American agenda, based on her own personal failures in life?

Has Carolyn Kay "done away with" Podvin and assumed his "identity" on the internet where she finally gets to be a "real" man?

Is Podvin just another "democrat pundit pet-detective" with an internet connection, a dictionary and no-girlfriend, pretending the world around him to be something it isn’t for political gain?

"RELEASE DAVID PODVIN"... "Make HIM/HER/IT Accountable".

The David Podvin WATCH is on.

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