Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Fix Your Own Country

-Ah, Mexico-
The Land of the Flee-ing and the Home of the Blame.

A beautiful, resourceful, fertile country nestled in between the United States and and Central/South America.

To the north of Mexico, The USA is a shining example of freedom, democracy and capitalism in action.

America really is that “shining city on the hill” to people all around the world.

The United States is the most successful form of government in the history of the world.

The US is an example of a government by the people, for the people, of the people.

To the south of Mexico, Central/South America is full of examples of failed socialism, corruption, dictatorships, poverty and civil war after civil war. These countries look to Cuba as their role models, not America. In fact Bolivia’s new “President” has vowed to be “America’s worst nightmare”. People are trying to escape from most countries in Central/South America for a better life. Mexico has very strict border laws and control over immigration along it’s southern borders, but encourages migration along it’s northern border.

Mexico has the choice to be more like the United States or be more like the rest of South America. Mexico has always had the choice.

Mexico could pattern itself after A: The best example on the planet or B: Failed examples. What does it choose?

Option B.

Now the Mexican people (want us to) believe they have the “right” to sneak illegally into America by the millions and then protest in the streets to change our government, but don’t have the “right” (or obligation) to fix their own government at home in Mexico? Insane.

There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants from Mexico now in the United States. The 2nd largest source of income to Mexico (the country) comes from Mexicans working in the U.S. and taking their money home to Mexico. Insane.

The Mexican government and “President” Fox’s official solution is for the United States to pass new laws making it easier for the Mexican people to leave Mexico and live in the US. Not any mention about trying to create new jobs in Mexico to keep people in their homeland.

Instead of changing and trying to learn from its neighbor to the north, Mexico decides to emulate all of the failed countries to the south. Get out and move to America.

Mexico also just passed new laws making it legal to carry small amounts of drugs like Heroin, Cocaine and of course Pot. As Americans scream for stricter border control Mexico makes it easier to carry drugs across.

Reclaiming stolen territory. Instead of moving to America to become American’s many Mexicans want to turn America into Mexico. Yes, there is a growing movement among the illegal immigrants to move so many into an area that they literally take it over and claim it for their own. Do this over and over and you own the Country. During protests you may have seen the signs that said “It is not your Country- you stole it from the Indians” and “Reclaim our Mexican land stolen by America” and worse. There is one problem with that theory. Since Mexico is what you are trying to get away from when you came to America, where are you going to go if you do turn America into Mexico? Canada? Canada is about broke too, and if you turn the US into Mexico it would bankrupt Canada as well as the rest of the world economy.

So before you go turning America into Mexico, you should consider the consequences.

Here’s an idea-

How about changing Mexico to be more like the U.S. instead of moving here and changing the US to be like Mexico which is the country you want to get away from in the first place? In other words…

Fix your own country instead of trying to make our country as messed up as yours.

Sorry, but someone had to say it.

Mexico is in a position to be a strong vital player in the world economy, but opts for rampant poverty and corruption instead. This is not acceptable in 2006

Mexico has tremendous agriculture potential. They have the fertile land, long growing seasons, plenty of water and plenty of workers, farmers and the farming knowledge.

Mexico has tremendous oil and gas potential as well as tourism potential which is not utilized to the fullest by any means. Mexico has manufacturing capabilities that are untapped and not used. Mexico has a labor force of terrific capability and potential. The only thing keeping Mexico from being as prosperous as America is…… Mexico.

Their answer is to just move to America instead of building their own country in America’s model. Their socialistic mentality in the government cannot consider turning the power over to the people. Their corruption and greed prevent them from getting rich beyond their wildest dreams.

They think America owes them something but their own government doesn’t.

The Mexican people need to rise up and take back their own country and build the government in the model of the US.

Where are the protests in the streets of Mexico City holding the government accountable for the lack of jobs, wages and the corruption? This is a good ‘ol fashioned cop-out.

They can crack down on corruption and stop tolerating it.

They can create an atmosphere for businesses to prosper and want to re-locate in Mexico. They can to take advantage of their tremendous tourism potential yet untapped.

They can to step up and be a world partner to the US and they can stop being dependant on the U.S.

But they don’t have the will.

No, it is easier to just move to L.A., get a free education for their kids, get free health care, get a job and then protest against America.

Until Mexico changes, we here in America will have border and immigration problems.

As long as it is official Mexican government policy to export Mexican people to the US as a commodity, we will have this problem. As long as Mexico looks to Cuba, Bolivia and Venezuela for leadership we have a problem.

As long as people from other countries can come here illegally, then protest openly demanding American citizenship rights in our country, and get it- we have a huge problem.

While Republicans are not exactly stepping up to the plate on this one, Democrats are in left field as usual and are on the side of the illegal immigrants of course!

Here is a message to the illegal immigrants:


Fix Mexico before you try and fix America.

We can raise our children, mow our lawns, do our dishes and build our houses without you.

Either become an American or don’t. You can’t have it both ways however.