Thursday, August 24, 2006

GOOD NEWS for Democrats...sorta'

Ever heard that old saying... “The good News is that we found the problem; the bad news is that we found a bigger problem”?

The “Good News” for Democrats is that many RED STATE conservatives are expressing displeasure with the President over various issues.

So, bad news for Bush is Good News for Democrats. Every week new poll numbers show Bush at an “all-time low”. Other issues like government spending and the way the Iraq war is dragging on has some conservatives unhappy with Bush also.

More bad news for Bush is just more Good News for Democrats. Right?

Can’t you just feel the momentum and excitement and adrenaline?

Democrats are “smelling blood in the water” which seems to be blinding their thought process
(assuming that they have a thought process) and sending them into a “Bush feeding frenzy”. The blood that Democrats smell is actually their own however as the “Bad News” for Democrats is that much of the country is to the RIGHT of George Bush on all these issues which means Democrats have no shot.

Democrats have operated for the past 6 years under the assumption that if they could just get enough Americans to hate President Bush, they would get back in power.

Week after week we have been treated to a new outrageous and usually insane attempt by Democrats to get us to hate Bush. The drumbeat continues hate Bush, hate Bush, hate Bush.

It’s just like the Roadrunner and the Coyote. They set traps that end up catching nothing or themselves. Beginning with the 2000 election (Bush Stole the Election), The September 11th attacks (Bush knew about 9/11 and did nothing to stop it)(more recently Bush blew up the world trade centers),The war in Iraq(Bush lied about WMD), 2004 election (Bush’s secret military draft- “vote or die”), Hurricane Katrina (Bush bombed the levy’s), CIA leaks(Valerie Plame secret agent) and NSA wiretapping(Bush is listening to your phone calls), Democrats have slandered the President with lie after lie after lie thinking millions of conservative voters will just automatically vote for a Democrat this fall and again in 2008 if they hate Bush enough.

Here is a reality check for liberals/Democrats:

#1- Conservatives that are mad over Iraq, are mad because they feel we didn’t use enough force and just level the entire country to begin with, NOT because they suddenly disagree with the war or how it is being conducted. They are surely NOT going to turn our safety over to Democrats who don't believe we are even in a war.

Red State voters want a President that is more hawkish than Bush, NOT a liberal Democrat that doesn’t even believe we are in a war. We are going to have to deal with Iran (and N Korea) sooner or later and it looks like it’s gonna’ be sooner rather than later. America needs a man/woman with the stomach to get the job done. The Democrat party doesn’t have one.

#2- Conservatives that are mad about the NSA wiretapping leak are mad about finding WHO leaked the information and why, NOT because they think we shouldn’t be listening to terrorists phone calls to the U.S. and Democrats don't get it.... (again).

These voters are looking for a President that will do whatever is necessary to keep another September 11th level attack from ever happening again NOT a liberal Democrat who is trying to protect the rights of the terrorists to make those calls and leaking super-sensitive information about national security issues during a time of war all to serve their own political, power-grabbing, Bush hate-fest.

#3- Conservatives that are upset about illegal immigration and enforcing the border laws are NOT looking for a liberal “open-border” policy Democrat to solve the problem and secure our borders.

Red State voters want the borders shut down and illegal immigration stopped, NOT amnesty and open borders. Not one Democrat has even proposed any legislation or solution to the problem in the House or the Senate and many oppose enforcing existing laws!

#4- Conservatives that are upset about the amount of spending by the current administration are certainly NOT going to look to “tax and spend” Democrats to cut back. That is laughable. Forget about it.

#5- Speaking of taxes, Red State voters are NOT going to vote themselves into a big fat tax increase by electing a majority of Democrats. Red State voters hate taxes.

Make the “Bush tax cuts” permanent and please stop taxing people when they are DEAD. Maybe then you can talk about picking up new voters.

Good grief.

#6-10- Other issues Democrats are on the wrong side of the fence include, abortion on demand and partial birth abortions, Separation of state and church does NOT mean separation of state from church, (it simply means the church shouldn’t run the government and the government shouldn’t run the church), Americans DO have the right to own guns and defend ourselves, marriage is between one man and one woman and oral sex, is sex.

The good news for liberals is that some red state voters are mad at Bush.

The bad news is that the red state voters are mad at Bush for being too liberal.

So, before you go ahead and declare yourselves automatically elected to office and officially “back in power” solely on the basis that conservatives are mad at Bush, you might want to consider that conservatives are looking for someone who is MORE conservative than George W Bush to vote for- and that is the real BAD NEWS for liberals and Democrats alike.

The other BAD NEWS for Democrats is that liberals don't vote. So break out your protests signs liberals, without any new innovative ideas, that is all you’ve got.