Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Communists Are Here...

Government takeover of the housing and home loan industry...
Government takeover of the auto industry...
Government takeover of the banking industry... wall street...
Government takeover of student loans...
Government takeover of medicine and healthcare... talk radio,...
The news media didn't need taking over since they were already in the tank and next the food industry, small business and finally...
government takeover of YOU.

So, hide your head in the sand or choose to be ignorant if you will, but the Democrat party is controlled by socialists, communists and fascists and it's time to fight back or lose our freedom forever. Don't expect to come crying later and get your freedom back.

Vote against socialism and communism in 2010 and 2012... vote against the continuation of the Democrat party communist takeover, it may be the LAST chance you get to vote for freedom. If you don't want to live in an America that looks like Venezuela or Iran or N Korea.... then wake up America. The communists are here.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Left Not Interested In Brutal Murder Over Political Views?

Last Friday an abortion protester was brutally murdered by a pro-abortion domestic terrorist while exercising his constitutional right to protest the killing of innocent unborn children... (by carrying a sign), yet the state controlled mainstream news media is silent and (coincidentally) the Obama administration is silent about his murder which was admittedly politically motivated.

The Michigan Free Press reports:

Harlan Drake, 33, of Owosso, was arraigned this afternoon on two counts of first-degree murder, one count of using a gun in commission of a crime, and carrying a gun with the intent to commit a crime.

James Pouillon, 63, was shot multiple times at around 7:30 a.m. as he protested across from Owosso High School, police said. [...]

[Shiawassee county prosecutor Randy] Colbry said the grievances were not known in detail, but that the killing of Mr. Puillon was related to the latter’s anti-abortion protest. But he said, “The defendant was offended by the manner of Mr. Puillon’s message.”

From The Weekly Standard-

"When third-trimester abortionist George Tiller was murdered on Sunday, May 31, President Obama issued the following statement hours after news broke about the killing:

I am shocked and outraged by the murder of Dr. George Tiller as he attended church services this morning. However profound our differences as Americans over difficult issues such as abortion, they cannot be resolved by heinous acts of violence."

Isn't it interesting how the left was outraged by the killing of a murderer (Tiller the baby killer) claiming those who oppose abortion are potential domestic terrorists, but completely uninterested in the politically motivated murder of an innocent person exercising their right to mere free speech?

Smell the hypocrisy. Smell the rotting corpse of the Democrat party?

CBS NEWS Ignores the Killing of Pro-Life Activist While ABC and NBC Explain Away Brutal Murder, Look at "Flip Side"...

Katie Couric’s CBS Evening News on Friday omitted any mention of the murder of pro-life activist Jim Pouillon in Michigan, despite having discussed the murder of abortionist George Tiller on the June 1, June 2 and June 9 newscasts (and then referencing the killing as a recent “hate crime” in a June 10 report on the shooting at Washington, D.C.’s Holocaust Museum).

Both ABC’s World News and the NBC Nightly News, in contrast, offered full reports on the killing of Pouillon and a local businessman, but offered different explanations by saying "Harlan Drake, had grudges against his victims and another intended target but “none of them were specifically related to anti- or pro-abortion beliefs.

Not quite the same coverage or outrage that the abortionist Tiller got now was it?

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Left Wondering If Radical Leftist Socialization of America Has Awakened The Silent Majority

I gotta laugh... (sorry), some on the left are beginning to wonder if the radical takeover of private companies and excessive out of control growth of government spending and extreme leftist policies being implemented on almost an hourly basis... (i.e. overreaching), by the rabid foaming at the mouth Obama administration which is totally controlled by admitted communists, radical leftist extremists, corrupt Chicago cronies and assorted other America haters appointed by the anointed one, is actually helping Republicans... ?... !

I can answer this with a quick reply.
Yes, and I told you so.

Wednesday Feb 11 2009- "Look for these foaming at the mouth Democrats to over reach, over spend, over legislate, over socialize and over step the boundaries Americans are willing to accept." -Red Stater

Bring on 2010 and 2012.

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Lessons From 9-11-2001

President Obama is commemorating the September 11th 2001 Muslim Jihadist attacks on America by using the date to promote education on swine flu and promote community service.

The lesson from 9-11 to those on the left is "never let a crisis go to waste" (even an 8 year old crisis) instead of the real lesson of that fateful horrible day.

So today was used as a marketing tool, a propaganda tool and a campaign tool by the Obama administration. The lesson they want us to learn is to think of 9-11 as a one-off event, to forget that we are still under attack, the lesson for us is to serve Obama, honor all things Obama.

But what is the real lesson to be remembered from the planned and coordinated attacks of Sept 11 2001 by Muslim Jihadists?

If you must ask, then you really are lost... so let me ask you this question.

If 3,000 innocent Americans were killed by a drunk driver... or a group of drunk drivers hellbent on destruction, then what would the lesson of that day be then?
Eliminate all drunk drivers of course... zero tolerance for drunk drivers, educate the public on drunk drivers, create a turn-in a drunk driver program, wipe out drinking and driving.

So, what should the real lesson from 8 years ago be?

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Creating Jobs.... One at a time, You Can Do It Too !

Two months ago I was looking for work and not getting anywhere.... then I got tired of waiting for someone to hire me and fix the problem for me and so 4 weeks ago I started my own business.

I started with no money, no contacts, no product, no customers, nothing ...but an idea.
4 weeks later we have done well over $30,000 in gross sales, have employed 3 trucking companies full time keeping 5 semi's and drivers busy hauling up to two loads per day from Oklahoma to Colorado. Next week they will haul 4 semi loads for us with drivers that were previously sitting on the couch waiting for the phone to ring in trucks and trailers that were parked with nowhere to go. In one month we have spent about $10,000.00 with that trucking company.

My supplier in Oklahoma was almost out of business a month ago and now is hiring more workers, buying new equipment and adding space to his facility as we have spent around $15,000.00 so far with them and will spend another $15,0000 in the next two weeks.

My point is not to try and claim I am somehow smart or special... just ordinary, but if I can create my own "stimulus package" and create job(s), then you can do it.

I encourage each of you to find a niche market, do the research and talk to potential customers, find suppliers wanting to sell into your region or area or just needing some business, work out the logistics, make it happen and live the dream.

I highly recommend it over waiting for the government to solve your problems or waiting for the President to send you a check.


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van Jones the Phony "Green Jobs" Czar, Communist, Truther... Quitter.

Shocking NEWS... the same man who palled around with radical leftwing domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and who spent decades faithfully attending church where racist radical Reverend Jeremiah Wright preached hatred of all things white and all things American, who also helped create the criminal election fixing organization known as ACORN, who has virtually quoted Karl Marx during his campaign, the guy we were told was a centrist, a moderate... a man for all seasons, ...that guy, the one, the messiah, somehow "accidentally" let a self described communist and 911 'truther' slip through the non-existent "vetting process" and named him official "Czar" of "Green Jobs"*. (*Of course like all things Democrat, there is no such thing as a "green job" since in one way or another ALL jobs rely on fossil fuels in some capacity and will continue to do so for decades if not centuries to come)

Oh, I almost forgot... he's a quitter.


Thursday, September 03, 2009

Students 'Asked' to Pledge Support For Dear Leader

Obamanation: Now the Obama administration and Hollywooders are recruiting grade school students to pledge allegiance to "serve" the "dear leader".

Flopping Aces
has the full yet disgusting story of the indoctrination into communism of our future generation.

Can you just imagine the outcry if George W Bush had gone into the schools to promote his conservative agenda, garner support for gun ownership, explain the need to drill for oil or to gain support for the war in Iraq?

Not a word from the state-run news media about Obama doing it however.

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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Obama's Job Approval At All-Time Low, Continues Down

Thanks to Flopping Aces for the image.