Friday, September 11, 2009

Creating Jobs.... One at a time, You Can Do It Too !

Two months ago I was looking for work and not getting anywhere.... then I got tired of waiting for someone to hire me and fix the problem for me and so 4 weeks ago I started my own business.

I started with no money, no contacts, no product, no customers, nothing ...but an idea.
4 weeks later we have done well over $30,000 in gross sales, have employed 3 trucking companies full time keeping 5 semi's and drivers busy hauling up to two loads per day from Oklahoma to Colorado. Next week they will haul 4 semi loads for us with drivers that were previously sitting on the couch waiting for the phone to ring in trucks and trailers that were parked with nowhere to go. In one month we have spent about $10,000.00 with that trucking company.

My supplier in Oklahoma was almost out of business a month ago and now is hiring more workers, buying new equipment and adding space to his facility as we have spent around $15,000.00 so far with them and will spend another $15,0000 in the next two weeks.

My point is not to try and claim I am somehow smart or special... just ordinary, but if I can create my own "stimulus package" and create job(s), then you can do it.

I encourage each of you to find a niche market, do the research and talk to potential customers, find suppliers wanting to sell into your region or area or just needing some business, work out the logistics, make it happen and live the dream.

I highly recommend it over waiting for the government to solve your problems or waiting for the President to send you a check.



Blogger Dave said...

Way to go Red!

12:25 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Dare to dream Dave... live the dream Dave, you CAN do it.

9:01 PM  

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