Sunday, September 06, 2009

Van Jones the Phony "Green Jobs" Czar, Communist, Truther... Quitter.

Shocking NEWS... the same man who palled around with radical leftwing domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and who spent decades faithfully attending church where racist radical Reverend Jeremiah Wright preached hatred of all things white and all things American, who also helped create the criminal election fixing organization known as ACORN, who has virtually quoted Karl Marx during his campaign, the guy we were told was a centrist, a moderate... a man for all seasons, ...that guy, the one, the messiah, somehow "accidentally" let a self described communist and 911 'truther' slip through the non-existent "vetting process" and named him official "Czar" of "Green Jobs"*. (*Of course like all things Democrat, there is no such thing as a "green job" since in one way or another ALL jobs rely on fossil fuels in some capacity and will continue to do so for decades if not centuries to come)

Oh, I almost forgot... he's a quitter.



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