Thursday, October 04, 2007

WMD: Whoppers Manufactured by Democrats

The next time someone on the left mentions there were no WMD's found in Iraq, tell them this.

It doesn't matter

Why not? They might ask.

If one considers (only for a moment) the nonstop onslaught of lies dispensed by the Soros Clinton News Service (main stream news media matters), one doesn't have to guess what was coming NEXT if WMD's were found.

How do we know? You might ask.
Because in 2003 they were already "cooking" the lie ...errr I mean "official CIA report", just in case.
Here it is.

Money Quote:
"The important statement comes from what Retired CIA intelligence analyst Ray McGovern told AFP: "Some of my colleagues are virtually certain that there will be some weapons of mass destruction found, even though they might have to be planted."

"And he said: "Even if the planting was discovered by and by, they'll say, 'ok, the weapons were planted - fine.'"
So you see, it doesn't matter if the US had found armed nuclear warheads on missiles aimed at the US with Saddam's picture engraved, personalized autographs with a big beret and mustache on each one... the left and Democrats would have (and were preparing to have) promptly said "Bush planted it" and then deny, deny, deny the existence of WMD anyway until this very day... and beyond until Bush was long gone.

With current control of which media matters and when media matters, Democrats clearly would have done exactly what they are doing now...lie, and the SCNS media would print every word without question just as they are now.

Based on what we've heard Democrats say since 2003, this would have been one of their easier sells...

OR it could have been their greatest whopper of all time, alas we will never know.

In the meantime, we have discovered tons and tons of Whoppers Manufactured by Democrats (WMD) right here in America and instead the media reports on Brittany Spears, OJ and then attacks O'Reilly and Limbaugh and anyone else that dares question the great and powerful "Oz".

George Soros at the controls...


Note to Democrats who prefer to take things out of context: This is not an attack on Iraqis, the US troops, candy, chocolate, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Fast Food, Hersheys, Malt, Malted Milk, the Beef Industry (it's whats for dinner), The lettuce and/or tomato industry, Onion growers of America, Peter Piper's Pickles, Mustard Farmers of America, United Association of Ketchup producers (excepting Heinz), The National Cheese Board, Dairy's, cows, farms, farm workers, Saddam Hussein, Nuclear Weapons, the engraving industry, Sharpie Company, President Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney, Colin Powell, Condi Rice, General David Petraeus, the US military, The CIA, minorities, women, womens rights, illegal aliens, aliens from other galaxies, the mentally ill, Dorothy the scarecrow, tin-man, cowardly lion (unless he was a lying Democrat) or Toto, Berets, Mustaches, cooking, cooking shows, the food network, or Brittany Spears... OJ maybe, but this is in fact the truth about the media, Democrats, anti-war liberals, moonbats and the left.

But it doesn't matter.

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(it's whats for dinner)!

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