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Exposing Another Liberal Lie: "No Healthcare"?

For all of you liberal moonbat liars (Democrats) who claim pregnant women (legal or otherwise) and the poor have no access to healthcare, below is a list of facilities that provide FREE healthcare in Oklahoma to those who cannot afford it. (from the OU med ctr website) Note that this list is for the OKC area only and there are dozens and dozens more across the state.

of these agencies care about citizenship status (yes, I checked). So, if you are REALLY concerned about people, post this list on your blogs instead of running around lying to get your socialized medicine agenda approved. These are NOT government run healthcare facilities but are (for the most part) non-profit, independently managed, outstanding facilities.

Free or Low-Cost Health Services
in the Oklahoma City Metro

We are just one of many organizations that provide some free or low-cost healthcare services in our community. Here is a list of some of the other organizations that serve the medically needy in the Metro area. This list is provided for your convenience and does not constitute a recommendation of any specific organization or provider. Remember to ALWAYS call first to see if you, or your family member, can qualify and when you can be seen. All of these providers follow business rules regarding who qualifies for their services.

The following may provide one or more services, including: Children’s Services, Dental Care, Eye Care & Glasses, General Care, Medication Assistance, Mental Health Services, or Women’s Services.

Download Printable PDF Version of List

Baptist Mission
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
2125 Exchange Ave, Oklahoma City | 235-6162

Charity Eye Clinic
(eye care & glasses)
701 NW 8th, Oklahoma City | 236-5212

(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
3815 N Santa Fe, Suite 122, Oklahoma City | 524-8100

Community Action Agency
(eye care & glasses)
1900 NW 10th, Oklahoma City | 232-0199

Community Vision Clinic
(eye care & glasses)
3840 N Lincoln, Oklahoma City | 473-7430

County Pharmacy
(medication assistance)
7401 NE 23rd, Oklahoma City | 713-1893

Good Shepherd Ministries
(children’s services, dental care, general care, women’s services)
222 NW 12th, Oklahoma City | 232-8631

Guild of St. George
(medication assistance)
117 NW 7th, Oklahoma City | 235-3436

Healing Hands Health Care
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
411 NW 11th, Oklahoma City | 272-0476

Health For Friends
(children’s services, dental care, eye care & glasses, general care, women’s services)
317 E Himes St, Norman | 329-4161

Hope Center Health Clinic
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
7 N Broadway, Edmond | 348-4680

Hope Community Service
(mental health services)
Oklahoma City | 632-1900

Lion’s Eye Bank
(eye care & glasses)
4123 NW 10th, Oklahoma City | 557-1393 or 947-6540 for glasses

Little Flower Clinic
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
11th and N. Walker, Oklahoma City | 235-7055

Mary Mahoney Memorial Health Center
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
12716 NE 36th, Oklahoma City | 769-3301

Medication Assist
(medication assistance)
711 Stanton L Young, #700, Oklahoma City | 228-3200

Ministries of Jesus
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
3456 S Boulevard, Edmond | 340-7400

Neighborhood Service Organization
(dental care)
614 NE 4th, Oklahoma City | 236-0413

North Care Center – Adults
(mental health services)
1140 N Hudson, Oklahoma City | 272-0660

North Care Center – Children
(mental health services)
NW 50th & Meridian, Oklahoma City | 858-2700

Oklahoma City County Health Department
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
921 NE 23rd, Oklahoma City | 427-8651

Oklahoma City County Health Department West
(children’s services, women’s services)
4330 NW 10th, Oklahoma City | 419-4150

Oklahoma Community Health Service
(children’s services, dental care, general care, women’s services)
1025 Straka Terrace, Oklahoma City | 632-6688

Olivet Baptist Church
(children’s services, dental care, eye care & glasses, general care, women’s services)
1201 NW 10th, Oklahoma City | 951-2645

Project Woman
(mammograms only - women’s services)
Central Oklahoma | 604-4642

Rx for Oklahoma
(medication assistance)
1125 E Main Street, Norman | 701-8216

St. Charles Catholic Church
(children’s services, general care, women’s services)
5024 N Grove, Oklahoma City | 789-2595

University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry
(dental care)
1201 Stonewall Ave, Oklahoma City | 271-6056

Variety Health Center
(children’s services, women’s services)
420 NW 6th, Oklahoma City | 235-6466

Variety Health Center
(children’s services, women’s services)
3851 Tinker Diagonal, Del City | 677-1129

Pretty impressive list isn't it?
If you know of anyone who needs medical assistance and can't afford it, instead of lying to them and telling them there is nowhere for them to go because of Republicans... how about if you liberal scumbags actually helped someone for a change?

-red stater

Here is the info for Denver CO. (in html format from a pdf file.)

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Blogger Bucky The MoonBat Slayer said...

Lies are about the only way the Liberals can sell socialized medicine to sane taxpayers. They've been beating that Communist drum for years, and they're not going to let up. Of course, anyone who opposes them gets labeled as "anti-children." We need to label the liberals as "anti-taxpayer."

9:58 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Welcome Bucky, very pleased to see that you dropped by. Please vote in my "WORST BLOG" poll before you go back to slaying moonbats.
Thankyou for your service.

10:46 PM  
Blogger The Localmalcontent said...

Very clever Red! Though I suspect that Libs. will not bother to get the message, heh!

I bothered, cause I knew you don't waste space, without.

10:59 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

ohhh some of them got the message.(even if they deleted it)
I went and posted the entire list in their comments section.

So Sooner thought, Kittenstomper and some of the others can pretend they don't know any better... but they pretend most things.

But in reality I hope that people who need help and take the word of morons might see the list and get the help they need.
FREE or at whatever cost they can afford.

The Better Half is employed by one of these facilities, She knows how it works. She sees it every day.

12:38 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

That's a great list, and it's great you posted it. More Oklahomans should be aware of the resources available to them.

One question, though...why are you so angry, and why do you seem to assume that everyone who may disagree with you on an issue is a "moonbat?"

Just curious.

9:10 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

Thank you Sarah, I appreciate your comments.
Perhaps if the left didn't spend so much time claiming there is no such list or resources, more Oklahomans would know about it.

Which brings me to your second point and question. Much of what you perceive as anger is sarcasm and satire, but some is genuine anger.
I'll define "moonbat" further below so there is no doubt who and what I am talking about.

First, Lets talk about the issue you posted on here for example.
Yes, it makes me angry that leftist bloggers and Democrat liberals tell people that think they can't afford basic healthcare, that the only option they have is to elect a Democrat or impeach Bush. It is a lie.
Hurtful Lies make me angry.

I've tried posting nicey-nice and it doesn't work. Playing patty-cake with someone who is using a flamethrower isn't effective and will get you destroyed.

Now I simply say it as it is.
Plain and as truthful as I can put it. Let the chips fall where they may, I can stand behind all of my claims proudly with conviction.
As long as that is the case, a little anger isn't going to hurt anyone.

Now- MOONBATS: It has nothing to do with disagreeing with me... Oklahoma Lefty disagrees with me all the time and I don't think I've ever called him anything but wrong.

Moonbat is about the nicest word I could find to describe what I will call Hurtful Liars who cling to lies in the face of facts to further a political agenda.

I could (and probably should) simply call them what they are.
I should call a communist just that and I should call a fascist a fascist and a liar a liar... but moonbat is more of a term of in "look at the cute moonbat" he thinks Bush blew up the twin towers, the levees in New Orleans and is responsible for global warming (if there is such a thing)...or the clever moonbat thinks algore won the 2000 election in spite of the fact that he didn't.

Moonbat is the nicest thing I can think of when confronted with blatant, balface lies.
I don't have the time and/or desire to debate moonbats on the existence of unicorns, bigfoot or whether the world is flat or not.

I would be happy to use a different term to describe the pathological liar, the politically insane and the the partisan punditry that attacks conservatives at every turn... help me out.

I'm really glad you stopped by and I hope to hear from you again.

10:44 PM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

One question that no one has brought up is...

on a list (not made up by rightwingers) of free womens healthcare providers one name is absent.... one "name" who professes itself to be a leader in womens healthcare, to be the sole source for advice and healthcare for poor women in particular...poor pregnant women in need of medical advice and help... is missing from the list...
The lone champion for womens healthcare rights with offices nationwide including more than one in OKC... not on the list?

The shining light of hope for those without healthcare to get guidance on planning to be not on the list...what is the name of that great organization for womens health? They are so great and do so much...
It escapes me now...

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:58 AM  
Anonymous William M Bruce said...

I need help with dental care. I can't work and haVE NO Insurance. A tooth on the upper left side decayed and came out leaving the root. The skin has grown over the tooth area and it causes me alot of pain. My upper teeth are bad cause me sinus problems and headaches and nausea. Can someone please help me. Bruce Smith 404 West Second St. Edmond, Ik 73003 405-340-8052 email

9:12 AM  
Blogger Red S Tater said...

University of Oklahoma School of Dentistry
(dental care)
1201 Stonewall Ave, Oklahoma City |405 271-6056

12:54 PM  

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