Sunday, December 03, 2006

FAKE JOURNALISM = Zero Accountability for Libs

Liberals and liberal bloggers LOVE fake journalism and fake journalists.

It is the foundation of "The Party of 1999's" "Take Back America" (hate Bush) campaign.
Aside from there not being any accountability, the fakers say what liberals want to hear and provide talking points to repeat (and report) to others (as fact).

We all know that followers of "the party of 1999" LOVED the fake documetary Farenheit 911 and love to quote Jon Stewart from the fake news program (on Comedy Central) The Daily Show, and how they LOVE the miserably failing Air America Radio headlined by that benchmark of journalistic integrity Al Franken, but also fake journalists at the NY Times like Jason Blair and CBS News like Dan Rather who knowingly used forged/fake documents against President Bush seem to be commonplace.

We have the Associated Press getting it's "news" directly from terrorists claiming to be Iraqi policemen such as "Captain Jamil Hussein" (The name alone should have been a red flag/clue) and reporting stories alleging American losses and atrocities that didn't happen. UPDATE:12/4/06 (NY Times rushes to defend AP, gets slammed).
NBC/MSNBC used these fake AP stories (by Hussein and others) to base their decision to "declare" Iraq is in a state of "Civil War".

But we may have our very own "Captain Hussein" type right here in America doing as much damage as possible under a fake name as well. He is widely heralded as an "investigative journalist" by libloggers and blind followers of "the Party of 1999" alike. His "work" is repeated and copied and posted across the liberal blogosphere as gospel. He doesn't seem to actually exist however. (except in e-print) David Podvin is the name and America/Bush hating is the game.

Since Podvin doesn't offer any sources for his information/claims and doesn't have any accountability whatsoever, he can write anything (and does) without worry of bothersome facts. Which is odd considering he writes for a site called "make them".
Ironic or hypocritical?

A liberal blogger (silverback) was writing a book (bashing conservatives) and wanted to include some of David Podvin's "journalistic work" in the book (Podvin claimed Karl Rove and Jack Welsh(NBC) struck a secret deal to get Bush elected in 2004 in exchange for loosening broadcast media regulations resulting in increased profit by NBC) but silverback was promptly denied any access or information/bio etc on the elusive Mr. Podvin.
Silverback wanted to verify the information and source (a credit to silverback) even though he loved the story and wanted to help spread the word. Silverback was confused as to why a "journalist" claiming to be "holding others accountable" was not accountable himself for his outragous yet enticing claims.

So, who is "David Podvin"? At best he/she/it is a partisan political hack. At worst he/she/it is guilty of fraud, lies and possibly treason. Doing a google search on "david podvin" returns thousands of links to liberal bloggers who post his sewage as fact. Doing a search "about david podvin" gets ZERO results. He is the mystery man that is everywhere, yet nowhere.

It seems that Carolyn Kay (of is the only person at the "daily planet" who has seen (or can speek with) the great Superblogger "Podvin"(without his cape and mask). An inquiry to holdthemaccountable about Mr. Podvin will get a response instead from Ms Kay that explains "he is shy and likes to remain anonymous".
Well, he doesn't seem to be shy about making slanderous claims, but anonymous... yup.

So, when you see a story written by, told by or referenced to David Podvin or any of the fake "journalists" out there, HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. When you see bloggers like or or ink 19-truthtopower, or or or or sourcewatch.corg, etc. etc. etc. etc. parrot Podvin's lies, HOLD THEM ACCOUTABLE.

Mr. Podvin, (if there is such a person) why don't you come out of "the closet" (or cave somewhere in Afganistan) and be a man (if you are a man).
You must be very proud and confident of your "work" if you hide (behind a woman) to avoid scrutiny.

This makes one wonder just how many "David Podvin's" (fakers) there are out there writing absolute trash and getting praised for it.

Liberal bloggers (and followers of The Party of 1999), you've been had, you've been played and NOW you've been served (the truth).

PS: 2 things before you go off "half-baked"...
1-Now, before you libs start screaming about the Bush Admin.'s television "news reports" with the Iraqi's saying "thank you America", remember those were paid advertisements NOT news reports as you like to claim.
2-I am not a journalist but offer news and views "According to Me". You may use the comments section to disagree.

DAVID PODVIN UPDATE: Make them Accountable too, Podvin counterpointed.


Blogger Stu Smalley said...

Gosh darnit, who is that hunk you have pictured in your post?
He is smart enough, good enough...
Speaking of "hunks" I know David Podvin VERY well thank you.
He is a "very close" and "very personal" special friend of mine and in fact we had dinner together last night.
He is considering running for President and wanted me to run as VP, but I had to tell him that my "decade" ended well over a decade ago.

11:48 AM  

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