Tuesday, June 28, 2005

God and Government

Seperation of Church and State
Our Declaration of Independance begins with a recognition of God the Creator.

"God" is woven in the very fabric of our Country from our beginning and throughout our history without ever establishing any religion or denying anyone the freedom to express their religious beliefs, or lack of belief there-in, by the government.

The Ten Commandments on public property does not establish any religion but does properly demonstrate that a part of our Country's foundation(ie: history) includes the recongition of a belief in God.
This is in line with other such acknowledgements throughout US history. "In God We Trust", "...one nation under God..." "...nothing but the truth, so help me God".
Every courtroom in America has a Bible (or other if requested) in it. No one is forced to believe by this action.
Every US President has made direct references to God. All without establishing any church or religion over another.
No one has ever been forced or required to even have a religion or believe in God by these acknowledgements.

To deny that God is a part of and belongs in our government is to deny that "we the people" are the government and "we the people" may (or may not) believe in God, but we (red staters) sure know the difference between God and religion also between God and church.

Most red staters know the difference between the government establishing a church or religion and our government reflecting the majority view and accurate history of our great country.

Activism by the courts is one of the things many red staters are furious about. The red staters need to put pressure on Democrats who are blocking court nominations.

Express your outrage at the filibuster.
That is, unless you want your house/property taken away by the government to build condos or a mall for "the good of the many".
But, that's another story.

Red Stater


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