Thursday, June 23, 2005

Democrats Demand Iraq Withdrawal

Democrats Demand Iraq Withdrawal Timetable
By Red Stater

Al Qaeda and other thugs in Iraq are now anxiously awaiting any announcement of US troop withdrawal. With Democrats in America claiming the US is losing the war and calling for US troops to be brought home, the enemy has new reason to be encouraged.

Ignoring successful Iraqi elections and a complete democratic government almost in place, Democrats want to "cut bait and run" now while any comparison to Vietnam can still be made.

A US withdrawal now would signal that America does not have the stomach for fighting terrorism anywhere but at home and would allow Islamic radicals to slaughter innocent Iraqi's and claim victory. (just as the communists did in Vietnam after US retreat)
Democrats argue that by pulling out of Iraq, terrorists won't have any reason to attack us.

This is like having the police pull out of inner city Detroit so that the criminals won't be as likely to commit crimes.

Why not provide terrorists with a detailed flight schedule of incoming/outgoing troops, troop levels, troop positions and military plans? Are Democrats really that insane?

It is this kind of "vision for a better America" that caused most Americans to vote against them in the last few elections, but Democrats don't seem to care about elections any more than they care about the safety of our troops or winning the war.


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