Friday, June 24, 2005

Memo to US military

MEMO: To the US forces in Iraq
From: Red Stater

Thank you, each and every one, for your courageous service to our country and the world.
We are very proud of the job you are doing and in the way you conduct yourselves under extremely dangerous and difficult circumstances.

In every US war there have been those who wanted US troops to believe that their mission was unjust and there was no hope for success.
You know better and we know better.
Your efforts and dedication are making the world safer for generations to come and there is only one possible outcome- success.
Your cause- "Liberty" is a just one.
Your chance of success is 100% as you already know.

There is a Navy recruitment sign nearby that reads- "Life, ...Liberty... and the Pursuit of those who threaten it" which says it all.

You are a shining example to the world and make us proud to be American.
Be safe and "God Speed".

Red Stater


Blogger Lono said...

When oh when will you demand accountability for these swine? At what point do you stop defending them? What need they do that they haven't already done for you to say 'how about some accountability?'

the Duke Cunningham conviction
the DeLay indictments
Abramoff's lobbying crimes & conviction
the illegal wiretapping by the President
Bill Frist's insider trading scandal
Plamegate indictments
the (finally admitted) lies that led to the war

9:07 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

5 minutes after you criticize democrats for

Nancy Pelosi- idiot,
Harry Ried- money scandal,
william jefferson- $90k in the freezer..oops,
Barney Franks- admttied to gay prostitution from his house,
Bill Clinton...(lol),
and all the democrats tied to abramhoff.

get back to me then.

7:56 PM  

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