Thursday, June 23, 2005

Question For Liberal Media

A Question for the Mainstream Media
By Red Stater

Why is Al Qaeda fighting in Iraq?
It is a simple question that the mainstream media won't ask.
First it would require their admitting that Al Qaeda is even in Iraq which they don't seem to want to do, but beyond that it is a question worth asking.

If the only answer is because terrorists hate America, then why aren't the terrorists attacking America?
If the answer is because America invaded Iraq and created a place for terrorists, they already had a place to defend in Afganistan. Why defend Iraq?
Since the successful Afgan elections, Al Qaeda has dropped off the map there. Why?
Wouldn't it be easier for Al Qaeda to attack US troops where there are fewer US troops and easier targets of opportunity?
Wouldn't random attacks around the world be easier than fighting US marines in Iraq?

Perhaps the answer is that President Bush and Sec Rumsfeld are correct when they stress that success in Iraq is key to a stable middle east. That defeating radical Islam extremists in Iraq is essential to peace for generations to come and that by fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq and elsewere keeps us from fighting them on our soil.

Imagine if Al Qaeda had control of Iraq's oil supply and resources. Imagine if Al Qaeda had control of a country right in the heart of the middle east and within striking distance of Israel. They need Iraq, and without it have virtually no where to run except perhaps Syria and Iran.

Why is Al Qaeda fighting in Iraq?
Because it is their "Last Stand" and they are running out of options, manpower and money.

As VP Cheney said, "they are in the final throws of the battle".
The only way the US can lose is to quit, which is exactly what the terrorists and the Democrats both want us to do.


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