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Red Stater endorses ISTOOK for OK Gov

While it is a little hard to find just where Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry (D) stands on many issues, …it can be done. (Thanks to algore for the internet) It is easy to find where challenger Ernest Istook (R) stands via his votes in the US House of Representatives and his numerous quotes on each.

The Governor does like to talk about “his” education program and I’ll get to that in a minute…

First, I must compliment Governor Henry on his position on gun control. However, it would be very difficult to be a politician in Oklahoma and not support the 2nd amendment.

While having the support of a great former football coach may be enough for some “voters”, just for fun, lets look at a few issues Governor Henry doesn’t like to discuss.

Immigration: (May 2003)- Gov Henry approved college tuition and college grants for illegal immigrants. (Feb 2006 Tulsa World)- “…is in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants”. Governor Henry does not support English as the official language. In the Oct 23rdtelevised debate from Edmond, he said illegal immigration is “a border-state and federal government issue”, not an Oklahoma problem. (Istook is for strict border control and in enforcing Oklahoma immigration laws. Istook does NOT support providing free college tuition to illegal immigrants)

Taxes: Gov Henry proposed and approved tax increases like the tobacco tax yet takes credit for recent Republican House (watered down by the Governor) income tax cuts.
(Istook is for tax cuts and smaller government)

Governor Henry increased spending in Oklahoma government by over 30% in the last 2 years.(FY 05-06 Budget Summary and Budget Review State of Oklahoma public records)

Economic growth: Governor Henry believes that by government “investing” in education Oklahoma will benefit from those students who later start businesses and in turn stimulate Oklahoma's economy and also to "invest" in Oklahoma based medical research and facilities and training centers for high tech medical and aviation research, Oklahoma will benefit from companies that might be created as a result of these research efforts. Oklahoma remains one of the “least business friendly” states in terms of tax incentives, amenities and red tape however.
(Istook is for incentives for business growth which provide Oklahoma's students with better paying jobs after graduation in order to keep Oklahoma's youth at home, thereby increasing Oklahoma's economy)

Gay Marriage: Governor Henry does not support a resolution for marriage defined as between “one man and one woman”. (Oklahoman Feb 25 2004)
(Istook does support such a resolution)

Abortion: Governor Henry has said that we could consider him “Pro-choice”.

Governor Henry has not supported parental consent for minors for an abortion.

Governor Henry also turned-back federal funding for Abstinence Education programs by refusing to provide matching state funds.
(Istook is "pro-life" and supports Abstinence Education)

Healthcare: Governor Henry’s highly touted healthcare program designed to serve 70,000 seniors and the poor, currently has less than 1,000 members at a cost of over $99 million (so far). Governor Henry has not commented on Oklahoma providing free healthcare for illegal immigrants.
(Istook has worked to reduce healthcare costs and improve access to healthcare for seniors and the poor)

Oklahoma Roads: Governor Henry touts all the new bridge construction for Oklahoma highways on his website, but Oklahoma roads remain among the worst in America. Despite some of the highest gasoline taxes in the entire country, Oklahoma’s roads are in horrible condition while utilizing the cheapest surfacing possible in most of the state (oil and gravel in rural areas). Drive down our most visible and tourist traveled street- 23rd Street by the state capitol and then on east toward Choctaw. Pick up a new set of shocks and tires on the way because you will need them. No-one in government should brag about the roads, bridges or bar-ditches in Oklahoma.
(No comment on record from Istook)

Education: Okay, lets look at Governor Henry’s self pro-claimed “model system” for education.

Governor Henry is credited with bringing in the LOTTERY system to fund education. (which was already funded by property tax dollars collected for education).

However, the governors program provides across the board, automatic school administrator and teacher pay raises based on tenure (time on the job) and NOT based on merit or performance. Governor Henry’s education program is to “throw money at it” with no accountability.

Governor Henry opposes parents having the “choice” of home-schooling or voucher systems both of which are widely accepted and considered very successful.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma was ranked 6th (worst) among states that inflate or exaggerate their educational performance statistics in 2005-2006 by an independent reporting group who looks at actual increases vs claimed improvement of all 50 states.

Finally Governor Henry supports expanding the failing OHLAP scholarship program despite enormous expense projections.
AP, February 12, 2006 Henry: College scholarship plan too expensive.

(Istook favors raises for teachers and administration based on merit and performance and supports homeschooling)

Governor Henry seems like a very nice man and I am sure that he is.

He is not evil or corrupt.
He is not a liar or a cheater.

He is just wrong on many issues regarding the future of Oklahoma and America.

Elect Ernest Istook Governor and see what a true “Reagan conservative” can do for Oklahoma.

According to Red Stater


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, red stater! You did me the kindness of commenting on my blog, so I thought I would return the favor.

Seems you are in favor of Istook. Or are you opposed to Henry? There is a difference you know.

A "broken glass Republican" will crawl across broken glass to vote against a Democrat, whereas, a "yellow dog Democrat" would vote for a yellow dog, if it were a Democrat.

Do you see the difference? One is positive--a vote "for"--the other is negative--a vote "against".

Don't get pissed yet, this is not a value judgement.

My point is in your post, which purportedly supports Istook. But you mention Henry twenty two times--twice as many as Istook--11, and every mention of Istook is in parenthesis except the first and last, not counting the title!

And for my money, this race is a lesser of two evils. Brad is a wimp, but Istook is extra-crispy right-wing. Nod to Brad.

2:17 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

fair enough oilfieldguy.

Nice try but no cigar.
Show me a pro-life, pro war, kill the terrorists, seal the borders, low tax, small government Democrat and I will absolutely vote for him/her.(lol)
I support Istook on the issues which means there are issues which I strongly disagree with Brad Henry.
Issues that the Governor doesn't seem to be out there promoting his view about. Since the newspapers are all in LOVE with Governor Henry, and most of the Oklahoma based blogs are in LOVE with Henry, I figured it my "civic duty".
Istook is pro-life and so am I (as are most Oklahomans)
Istook favors enforcing immigration laws and cracking down or illegal immigrants AND companies that hire them. He would not give free college tuition to illegal immigrants.(along with most OKlahomans)
I support his philosophy on incentive based economic development and also on an education system based on merit and performance- not tenure.I support homeschooling along with Ernest Istook.
I agree with him on much more if you have the time... however
If you do a search on Brad Henry you will see lots of ravingly glorious reviews but not much on where he stands on the issues like abortion immigration and taxes/big government. He doesn't commit to anything on many issues with good reason it seems. you will see that Brad Henry doesn't like to let his opinions be known on lots of issues.

I think that Many MANY Oklahoma voters have been duped into thinking that 'ol Brad Henry is a conservative type democrat and not a liberal democrat... my blog was to point out that there is more to Brad Henry than one gets in the papers.
With Ernest Istook however, it is easy to tell where he stands.

If Oklahomans were to look at the issues that affect Oklahomans and where the candidates actually stand- (forget whether R or D), Istook wins.
If they vote based on what Barry Switzer says and because Brad is a nice guy and doesn't cause trouble and he brought the lottery here... then Henry wins.

I thank you for taking the time to post and for being very civil about it.... unusual for a lib.
I commend you.

5:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't know if I'm a lib, I've called myself that many times. But, most of all, I am a fiscal conservative. The results are in as far as Reaganomics and trickle down, or whatever the latest shiny rightwing talking point is these days. Clinton left money in the bank, Dubya has piled up more debt than all previous administrations combined. Foreigners are holding the note. That scares me more than twenty guys with boxcutters.

As far as pro-choice vs. pro-coathanger, I don't know what polls say about Oklahoma, but pro-choice is favored by the majority of Americans.

I'll tell you why.

It's about the freedom from government intrusion. The pro-coathanger tribe insists that the deed to a womans womb belongs to Talibangelicals like Falwell, Dobson and Robertson.

They try to deny a woman equal access to medical procedures, which will not stop the practice, hence my title of choice--pro-coathangers.

Do they wish rapists to live forever, or do they allow an exception in the case of rape or incest. This is where it gets very tricky, because if they allow the exception, then they condone, by using their own language, murder of a baby, only when the innocent baby is the victim of a crime.

And if they truly believe that it is murder, what is the punishment for murderers? A fine for the Doctor? What about the people who hired the murderer? Isn't murder a capitol offense that warrants the death penalty for the entire conspiracy?

See, this is why this should be a private matter. If some broad gets 8 abortions, and we make it illegal, do you really think she's going to be a good mother. Should we force children on her.

Beyond this is the rallying cry by the Talibangelicals for their troops which gives them power and the Jesus pimps in the rightwing political establishment who use their base as keys to the national treasury for corporate welfare.

I don't suppose I'll ever sway you to be a pro-choice advocate, but I would hope to bring a little more understanding to you on this issue. I have voted for coathanger advocates in the past, and probably will in the future. In other words, it's not a deal-breaker for me, and I hope not for you too.

Best and keep blogging

9:42 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

i like the way you use thoughts and ideas to debate rather than just throw out insults... rare indeed.

Pregnancy is not an airborne virus and we are not living in the 50's anymore.

so, you are saying that in 2006, with over 1001+ ways to prevent pregnancy, some that cost less than $1 or are provided FREE of charge, AND with a pill that can be taken AFTER getting pregnant to end it, still with all this, (not to mention abstanance)...girls by the millions would go back to the coathanger rather than have a baby?
And because of this it's okay to just have a doctor kill a baby that is several months along?
And because of this it's okay for doctors to perform an abortion on someones 15 year old daugter without parental consent?

I say balony.
This is not the 40's or 50's where there were few options to avoid getting pregnant other than abstanance.

In cases of rape and/or incest, it is up for debate.
But you must admit that it is pretty sick that with all the contraceptives available, people don't even have to have a good reason (or any reason) for ending a human life besides.... "uhhh i changed my mind and don't want to be a mommy anymore".

That's not a choice, thats wrong.

9:55 AM  

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