Monday, October 23, 2006

ELECTION 2006: Vote Smart- Not Partisan, Your Life Depends On It

This is a very important election. The most important in several decades, maybe even one of the most important elections EVER.

Pretty bold statement? Please read on…

We are in a war, whether we like it or not:

War has already been declared on us, we have been given 3 warnings and now we must decide (again) whether or not we are going to fight back.

Just like Deal or No Deal except it is now Dead or Not Dead?

Republicans want to fight back, Democrats don’t. It’s simple really, but oh, so important.

This election will set the course of the future for generations here in America and the future of the free world.

This election will determine how this war will be dealt with or if it will be dealt with at all. The world is waiting for our answer.


Forget about sex scandals, taxes, abortion and gay rights for a millisecond. Forget about Republicans and Democrats too.

This is more important

If you believe that terrorism is merely a criminal matter or is the result of poverty and not an act of war, then please read on because this affects you too.

Unless we get this right, our grandchildren (and great grandchildren) will either be fighting the same war (only here in America) or they will be praising Allah.

That is the choice. Convert to Islam or die.

Do you understand that religious fanatics from the dark ages are working to get nuclear weapons to use on us and take the world back several hundred years under Muslim law?

Do you understand that there are schools across the Islamic world called Madrassas which teach the destruction of Israel and America to children who’s ultimate goal is to die while killing thousands of Americans?

Where would they get nuclear weapons?

There is a 5’-3” Potbellied, Dog-eating Dictator in N. Korea (PDRK) who has lied and cheated his way into developing nukes and is more than willing to sell them to anyone – especially someone eager to use them against America.

The “President” of Iran (Ahmadidijhad) has declared that he is destined to bring about the end of the world (Armageddon) and will begin by destroying Israel and the United States with nuclear weapons. Iran continues to defy the UN and the world with their nuclear programs.

Iran also controls the Hezbola terrorist group in Lebanon, which attacked Israel recently.

BTW, yes the N. Korean and Iranian “leaders” have met in private.

Iraq Is Important:

All of the extremist groups in the middle-east (Al Qaeda, Hezbola, Hamas, etc) NEED the U.S. to fail in Iraq so they will be able to freely organize and plan the Islamic take-over of the world from Iraq. They need Iraq and have publicly said so. (This is why you are currently seeing a rise in attacks on US troops in IRAQ just prior to a major US election- they need us to vote to “cut and run”- get it?.)

Our 3 Warnings:

In accordance with Islamic/Muslim law, Osama Bin Laden AND Iranian President Ahmadidijhad have now both officially issued the required 3 warnings to infidels about to receive capitol punishment- (Americans). The 3 warnings are also a signal to Muslims to leave America or die.

(Bin Laden had been criticized by Islamic Religious leaders who said the 9/11 attacks were not legal, since he had not given the proper warnings)

Not to be outdone, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has now also declared that the United States must be destroyed. He has met with the “leaders” from Iran and N. Korea as well as his hero Fidel Castro to discuss this very thing.

Now do you get it? These people hate all Americans, Republican, Democrat, gay or straight, black or white or whatever, we are their enemy and we must die.

Do we fight back and kill them first or do we wait and catch them after an attack?

Democrats want to pull out of the battle (cut and run), sit down and negotiate with dictators and criminals who hide in caves and cannot afford to be seen in public (or privately) about the destruction of Israel, the United States and ultimately the end of the world. Like the so-called “useful idiots” used by the communist party during the 1960’s.

For the sake of your grandchildren and your great grandchildren, VOTE.

Vote for whichever candidate (Republican or Democrat) that wants to kill the enemy BEFORE they attack us here in America.

Vote for the candidate that gets it.

Vote for the men and women who understand the threat to our future and are willing to deal with it NOW, not later. Vote to win this war now so our grandchildren won’t have to face a larger more organized enemy later.

No matter the party affiliation.

Then we’ll argue about taxes and stuff after we stay alive.



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