Thursday, October 26, 2006

Most Offensive Politcal ad

This election seems to be drawing a high number of slamming negative political ads, but considering how the left has done over the past 6 years, it comes as no surprize.

Sure there are some Republican ads that are bad, but none of the come close to the Democrats ad in Missouri and Maryland for a cloning bill.

Imagine getting someone who has diabetes and who is willing take unsulin without eating until they nearly go into diabetic shock while reading a script and filming it all, begging voters to vote for Democrats or else there is no hope for finding a cure for diabetes.

Well as you have heard by now, the above is essentially what Democrats have done. It appears that Michael J. Fox went off his medication for parkinsons disease (again) to emphasize the effects of the disease for the cameras to drive hope the point to vote for Democrats or else there is no hope of curing parkinsons. He admits to pulling this stunt before the Senate during Stem Cell Research hearings in his book. He has now said that the "symptoms I displayed were from taking TOO MUCH medication". (dopamine)

The bill in question, which Democrats claim is merely a stem cell research bill, actually has little to do with stem cell research. It is a cloning bill in which stem cells are mentioned.
Government funded Stem Cell Research is currently being conducted in Missouri and Maryland.
Privately funded Stem Cell Research (including embryonic) is perfectly legal in all 50 states in spite of what Democrats are trying to convince you. Cloning is not allowed.

The truth is that there has been VERY LITTLE evidence that embryonic stem cells provide ANY cure for ANY disease that adult or other stem cells don't already provide. In the research that HAS been done, there are serious problems associated with embryonic stem cells in test studies like tumors and cancer. The most promising research for parkinsons involves gene therapy where a virus is injected into the brain and stimulates the production of dopamine.
Additionaly Americans aren't ready to embrace the buying and selling of humans (cloned or otherwise) for their parts and it should not be the first choice when looking for a cure for diseases.

So, my pick for the MOST OFFENSIVE POLITICAL AD (so far) of 2006 is the Michael J. Fox/cloning ad due to it being so distasteful and so misleading.

I feel sorry for the people of Missouri and Maryland for having to put up with it. I am pretty confident the good "show-me" folks will see right through that crap, just as a simple old Okie can do.



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