Thursday, November 17, 2005

"How Red Are You" Test

Take Red's own conservameter/liberalometer test and see just how Red (or blue) you are.

Answer the questions below and score your point total.
Note: If you use the phrase "Bush Lied" in any answers, you must deduct 20 points from your total for each infraction.

0 points (or negative points) = You are a hopelessly, flaming, liberal lefty bluestater.
1-10 points= So, you let Hollywood decide your political views for ya? Bad move lefty.
11-20 points= According to leading Democrats you might be a rightwing extremist!
21-30 points= You are red, very very red. God bless ya.
31+ points= You scare even Red Stater

Question #1- God and Government:
-0- "God" should be banned from pledge, money and all Gov't buildings.
-1- God should be recognized by the Gov't for historical reasons only.
-2- Freedom of religion and God are part of the fabric and history of the U.S.A. and should be a part of our future.
-3- Christmas decorations should be allowed on public property and the Ten Commandments should be in any courthouse that wants them there since the majority is Christian.
-0- Everyone in the U.S. should have to attend a church of their choice by law. There are plenty to choose from, just pick one.
5- Let's pray that God doesn't strike us down for even suggesting some of the above.

Q #2- Guns
-0- All guns should be banned, gathered, collected and destroyed
-1- Only police, licensed hunters and certified carriers allowed to own guns.
-2- Every US citizen should have the right to own guns (except convicted felons).
-3- All men, women and children should learn basic gun safety and how to shoot or hunt.
-4- There should be no restrictions on firearms to legal owners.

Q #3- Marriage:
-0- Forget marriage, live together. You don't need the "Government" or "God" to love someone.
-1- Marriage is a union between (anything) and (anything).
-2- Marriage is between a man and a woman with civil unions for gays.
-3- Marriage is between a man and a woman.
-4- Ban gay marriage
-0- Ban marriage

Q #4- Abortion:
-0- Abortion is fine anytime, under any conditions, if the woman chooses so.
-1- Is fine up until the final trimester, no parental consent for minors.
-2- Is fine except for partial-birth. Parental concent for minors should be required.
-3- Should be legal only in medical emergency, life/death of mother, rape and/or insest.
-5- All abortions should be banned.

Q #5- Death Penalty:
-0- Ban the death penalty in all cases and in all states.
-1- Use death penalty only after federal supreme court approval for each case.
-2- By states choice, use death penalty in extreme and multiple murder crimes
-3- Put in a fast lane for multiple murder, repeat offenders and child rape cases.

Q #6- Taxes:
-0- Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no poor no more. (Ten Years After- Alvin Lee)
-1- Taxes are necessary and we should all pay the government to help those who don't have as much.
-2- Cut taxes, reduce the size of government and promote business growth to help the poor help themselves.
-3- Abolish the IRS and ban income taxes.
-0- Ban taxes and turn the government into a corporation for profit.

Q #7- Education:
-0- Spend more money and lower standards to be more inclusive.
-1- Spend more money and spend more money.
-2- Spend more money and increase standards to improve results.
-3- Use voucher system, let schools compete for your education and have more choices including homeschooling.
-0- Ban public schools and homeschool all children.

Q #8- Borders:
-0- We don't need no stinkin' borders.
-1- Allow free access across U.S. borders with existing security.
-2- Enforce existing laws, increase security and stop illegal imigration.
-3- Close the borders, use the national guard.
-4- Build a wall and dare anyone to climb it.

Q #9- War:
-0- War should be banned. "What if they gave a war and nobody came?" (vw van bumper)
-1- The U.S. should only go to war when attacked.
-2- The U.S. must be prepared to go to war when necessary, with congressional approval.
-3- We are already in a war with radical Islam and banning it won't stop them/it. (9/11/2001).
-4- There is only one way to fight a war- "win it" with overwhelming force.

Q #10- U.S. or U.N. approval for war?
-0- War should be banned, end of discussion. (see #9)
-1- The U.S. should not be able to go to war without U.N approval
-2- The U.S. should be able to go to war without UN approval only if attacked.
-3- The President and congress should decide when and where the U.S. uses it's military.
-4- The President alone should decide about using military force.

And the tie breaker(if needed):

Bonus Question: Who do you want to win the war in Iraq?
USA or "others"?

If your answer included "Bush Lied", Halliburton, CIA leak, Selected not Elected, "War for Oil", Vietnam or chrony-ism, then you are a honest to goodness lefty bluestater.

IF your honest answer was USA, then you might be more rightwing than you thought.

Hope you had fun,


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