Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Other Gitmo

Want an example of where the main stream media is on the liberal-conservative anti-American scale?

There is another prison in Guantanamo Cuba, very near the US compound where we hear so much about abuse and torture. It is claimed by Fidel Castro to be a model prison for the world in terms of treatment of prisoners. Here is the real story of human rights violations in Guantanamo, the one you don't hear a peep about from the US main stream media. STORY
There are hundreds of stories about these prisons, but our press insists the problem in Cuba is the US prison where detainees receive Bibles or Koran's, ethnic foods and clean sleeping areas.

Watching the mainstream media report the news is like watching your favorite sports team while listening to the opposing team announcers.
Your team can be winning by 70 points but all you are hearing about is your teams cheap penalties and sloppy play- anything but the score.

Why is one CIA leak made into big news and another CIA leak not?
Media bias.

There is no such thing as un-biased news.
"Fair and Balanced" is about as close as you can get, but it is simply human nature to have an opinion when reporting a story to others.
We should all wake up and realize we have been fed the Democrat talking points one spoonfull at a time by the media for the most part.
Fortunately conservatives speak with their votes and liberals speak with protests signs.


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