Sunday, January 15, 2006

Attention Blue Staters

Invitation to all Bush Haters: "Can we talk"?

If you are tired of current "hate" politics, then please consider this attempt to reach out to those who are either “left of center” or not sure where they stand politically, but are willing to consider the basic core issues without looking through Hate-Goggles.

Perhaps you are more conservative (“extreme right wing”) than you think. Do you dare to find out?

Okay, so lets get right down to it and answer the tough question first.

Some basic rules first: These are simple yes or no questions.
That means answer with a YES or NO.
If your answer is “yes-but,” count it as a “YES”.

#1- Abortion/Right to Choose.

(An unborn infant feels pain at 9 weeks, has fingerprints and all working organs at 12 weeks. Several methods of preventing unwanted pregnancies are readily available to both sexes. Around 1 million abortions are performed each year in the U.S.)

Q- Would you agree that abortions should only be available to adult women (and minors with parental notification) when necessary due to medical, health, rape or other reasonable need during the first trimester? (3 possible yes/no answers)

#2- Death Penalty

(Death by lethal injection is painless according to Physicians and studies)

Q- Would you agree that in certain instances of extremely violent, mass murder, repeat offender serial cases, that the death penalty should be applied? Yes or No

#3- The Government

Q- Do you view the federal and state government as too big, too involved in people’s lives, too wasteful, too corrupt, and/or too dishonest? (Bonus: 5 possible yes/no answers)

#4- Your Taxes

Q- Do you think your personal taxes are too high? Yes or No

#5- Control U.S. Borders

Q- Do we need to stop illegal immigration coming across the U.S. borders? Yes or No

#6- Jihad on us

Let’s say (just for the sake of discussion) that a war is being waged against you, me and all Americans as you are reading this. (BTW, it is.)

Q-Do we fight? Yes or No?

End of 1'st Round.

If you have answered 3 or more questions “YES” or “yes-but”, then you are a conservative, rightwing, nut-job, who is not in the mainstream of America according to the Democrat party.

If you answered “NO” or “Bush Lied” to 3 or more questions, I am sorry but you should probably continue to carry around your protest signs and hope for the best in '08.

If you made it through this round, please advance to the Lightning Round below:

Bonus Lightning Round:

God, Guns and Gays.

#7- Should all references to “God” be banned and removed from US currency, public buildings, public schools, Congress and the Courts, including prayer? Yes or No.

#8- Do you believe that we are safer if we are unable to own guns? Yes or No

#9- Is it any of my business what you do in your bedroom? Yes or No

#10- Gay marriage. Yes or No

If you answered NO to more than two of the bonus questions, you could be a true gun toting, rightwing, extremist, racist, sexist and possible homophobe according to the Democrat party.

Welcome to mainstream America, and say goodbye to Hollywood.



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