Monday, January 23, 2006

Criminals and Democrats, say "Cheese"!

Since all of the major news media and Democrats are so excited to show us pictures of President Bush in a photo with accused criminal Jack Abramhoff, here are a few great looking shots of prominant Democrats to take a peek at.

Hillary, Algore with convicted drug dealer - CNN News.

Bill, Hillary and Denise Rich - Marc Rich pardoned of tax evasion by Clinton - CNN News.

Sheets - The Finest linen for bedtime or a fashion statement at gatherings? You be the judge.

In other news, Ted Kennedy (d) (MA) still has not been charged in the unexplained death of his aid who drowned after a car accident in which she was riding with Kennedy following a party decades ago. Their car went off a bridge and into a river. Kennedy made it out, got home and called the police ...the next day.
Was alcohol involved? If Ted Kennedy was there, then alcohol could have been involved. He was seen wearing his "I'm only here for the beer" T-shirt before leaving a party with his young female aid who would not make it home that night.

John Kerry (d) MA - In sworn testimony during the Vietnam war, stated that he had "committed horrible war crimes" against Vietnamese innocent women and children.

Did I leave anyone out?



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