Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hey Detroit, did you see the Barrett-Jackson?

You could buy a small new-car dealership inventory of 100 cars for about the same price as a 1954 Pontiac Bonneville concept car sold for ($2.8 million) this past weekend at the popular Barrett Jackson Auction and "extrava-ganza-frenzy" in Arizona, but it wasn't even the top dollar getter.

Good old U.S. "musclecars" of the 50's 60's and 70's dominated the sales over exotic foreign cars including Ferrari, Porsche, Mercedes and the rest. Mustangs and Camaro's, Cuda's and Vette's sold for around $1 million each and over.
Ray Alley's 1970 Chevelle NHRA SuperStock racecar sold for $1.8 million.

"Sold-sold-sold"- one Auctioneer would yell as he slammed the gavel 3 times for each car that rolled out under the incredibly bright lights that showed any flaws.

Thousands of bidders crowded the giant tents set up for the huge auction of over 1,000 cars and competed furiously for the baddest hotrod they could find. Money talks, everyone else walks.

A 1954 GM "Tour Bus" sold for the record amount at a whopping $4.1 million. A 1954 GM bus? 4 million dollars? The guy who purchased it also bought several musclecars to go with it.
The seller said he would have been happy with $600,000 coming into the "No Reserve" auction.

A 2007 (yes, 2007) Ford Shelby Mustang GT was auctioned off (before it even exists) for around $700,000. The bidding was for the first one off of the assembly line. The hotrod Mustangs will sell for under $100,000 next fall when released.

For folks at this auction, fuel economy/gas mileage was not a factor as many of these cars measure in "gallons per mile" (or gallons per quartermile) and not the other way around.

Millions of people around the world watch the Barrett-Jackson LIVE each year on SPEED channel via cable and it is the number one most watched program on SPEED.

With GM and Ford going through cutbacks and losses, are they listening to what Americans are buying? (and paying a lot of money to get)

With a new Chevy retro-Camaro in the works for 2008 and Chrysler planning a Dodge Challenger retro along with Ford's 2007 ShelbyMustang, American automakers are dipping their toes in the water, but they need to take the plunge.

Forget about trying to "out-foreign" the foreign car manufacturers and do what you do best.

Give us trucks that really are trucks and American-styled cars that rumble, go fast, look cool, and have ties to the past.

"If you build it, they will come"(back)


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