Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Letterman Principle

“The Letterman Principle” - My 100% Crap beats your 60% Crap.

The David Letterman vs Bill O’Reilly "debate" is the perfect example of the liberal’s method of forming an opinion. Form your opinion based on what Hollywood thinks, not on facts.

During the interview, Dave told Bill that he had never seen or heard Bill O’Reilly’s show (the #1 rated cable news analysis program several years running) but, he (Letterman) thinks that, “about 60% of what you say is Crap”. “About 60%, …right Paul?,… “Yeah… sixty percent crap.”

Without knowing anything that O’Reilly had ever said and without being able to give even one example of O’Reilly distorting a single fact, Dave (with Paul) is able to come to the conclusion that O’Reilly is a liar. Did Dave ever challenge Michael Moore or Al Franken that way? (LOL)

The next time you happen to hear someone spouting the “Bush Lied, O’Reilly is a liar or Republicans are liars” mantra, remember they are basing their entire view of politics on the rich, Hollywood stars (mostly high-school dropouts) opinions and ex-comedian’s book covers. One thing the liberals all learned in junior high (before quitting school) was that if you wanted to be liked by the “cool” people then, you had better agree with them.

Letterman would rather be liked by “cool people” like Michael Moore and Co. than by “stuffed shirt, Bible thumping, liars”. Unfortunately, many of Dave’s viewers who don’t get into the details don’t challenge Dave’s opinion because he is “cool”. Cool is good, in it’s own place, but not so much in deciding politics or views on life.

You don’t have to dig very deep to see that actually the conservatives are much more open minded and understand the importance of civil debate than the Hollywood liberals who first seek to degrade conservatives, discredit and suppress the viewpoint and in some cases virtually criminalize the individual to eliminate the point of view.

O’ Reilly was armed with loads of facts and his analysis of those facts.
Letterman didn’t need any facts to analyze.
Dave heard the word “conservative” in association with Bill O’Reilly and therefore could conclude that about 60% of what O’Reilly said was a lie. Perhaps Dave had seen the cover of Al Franken’s book and that was good enough for him.

Letterman: "I'm just spitballing here"...."I'm not smart enough to debate you..."
After challenging O'Reilly on the right to criticize Cindy Sheehan for calling the insurgents in Iraq "freedom fighters", Dave simply said he didn't believe O'Reilly- (liar).

With all due respect to Cindy Sheehan and sympathy for her loss. Her voice should NOT carry more weight than any of the 2,000+ families who's son's and daughters have given their life serving their country in Iraq. Her political views are no more valid or important than any others. Referring to the very people who were trying to kill her son and other U.S. military as "freedom fighters" is disrespectful to all, including her son and the rest of her family do not agree with her views. In O'Reilly's opinion she is being used by the anti-war crowd and the Democrat party as a weapon against Bush.

O'Reilly doesn't do the news, he does news analysis. He has representatives from both sides of every issue to debate on his show and he gives the opposite side to his view- "the last word".
That is about as "fair and balanced" as it gets whether you like O'Reilly or not.

So the real question is:
Do the liberals and Democrats who have claimed that
Bush knew about Sept. 11th attacks and did nothing to stop it(false),
Bush “stole” the 2000 election(false),
Bush suppressed black votes(false),
Bush is planning a secret draft if you vote for him (vote or die)(false),
Bush bombed the New Orleans levy(lol false),
Bush is listening to your phone calls(false*,* unless you are planning an attack on the US),… etc. etc. etc.,
do those Democrats really think that somehow while making these incredibly outrageous claims (lies), at the same time, they can convince anyone with a brain (actual voters) that it is the conservatives who are liars?
If so, they are believing 100% crap not just 60%.


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