Thursday, January 05, 2006

Liberal Media Bias and "Away-Team" Reporting

If you are like most red and blue-state American's and have a favorite sports team in baseball, football, basketball or hockey, the TV and radio announcers can play a large role in how you view the game.

Try listening to a game with your favorite team on the radio broadcast of the opposing team announcers. If you travel or have a cable tv package or satellite, you know what I mean.

You will hear everything your team is doing wrong and everything the other team does right. You will hear about alleged criminal activity of ex-players from your team and how the other team donates time to the Children’s Hospital and the homeless. You will hear all about dirty, cheep tactics from your team and about the great sportsmanship of the opponents.

In hockey, many tv announcers have a loud signature "GOAL" scream for the home-team, but when the "other team" scores, all you faintly hear is... "the puck went in the net"....

For “Red Stater”, Listening to and reading the mainstream media’s reporting on politics and the Iraq war is just like listening to an opposing teams broadcast of the events.

Our team could be winning 75-0 but all we are hearing is gloom and doom.

Finally, after hearing none of our team’s successes, but all of our team’s injuries, penalties and failures highlighted and replayed over and over, we could begin to question our team’s coaches and players. Their abilities and motives. By listening to the other teams announcers, you would think your team is going to “blow it” any second and lose the game.

The fact is, neither team’s announcers give a totally objective view of the game. They can’t. There is no such thing in sports, or in News reporting. Reporters are biased/people are biased.

We humans make decisions now based on the info we have now. Waiting for all of the facts doesn’t work for most of us. It is easier to simply adjust our opinions based on new information as it comes in rather than to not have an opinion.

The main-stream media, in order to avoid being accused of “home-team” reporting, puts itself in the role of “away-team” reporting and calls it “journalism”.

It is not journalism to automatically have an “anti” perspective on a positive story.

Cable News political talk shows provide a format for reporting “both sides- you decide” type reporting which at least attempts to address both sides of a story.

But wouldn’t it be refreshing to see the media in the U.S. be the home-team reporter once in a while, like when it comes to the safety of our troops in war and of our citizens here at home?

There is no more harm in rooting for the home-team in times of war than there is in times of sports achievements, space program, technological breakthroughts etc.

Of course there is a bias in the news media and of course it is to the left/liberal tilt. Duh.

You don’t have to conduct a study at UCLA to determine that, just ask any Red Stater.

But if you need clinical scientific proof, here it is.



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