Sunday, January 15, 2006

Scoreboard: Alito -100, Democrats -0

Sam Alito: Stellar / Ted Kennedy: Embarrassing / Byrd: No Comment

During the recent Ali-yee-oto, (hiccup) Aloti-yoti-oh, errrr-uhhhh, (burp) …Alito hearings for the Supreme Court, the senior senator from Massachusetts Ted Kennedy (D) did the political process proud once again.

Drunk with power and rage, driving off of the bridge to reality and drowning in the river of denial, Kennedy splashed and kicked and screamed verbal insults at Alito.

Unable to even remember Sam Alito’s name, Kennedy who was member of an all-white, male-only club in the late 1950’s and 60’s, accused Judge Sam Alito of being a racist and sexist due to Alito’s former membership subscription to a Princeton Alumni Club/magazine in which editorials had reportedly spoken out against women and minorities.

Kennedy (hiccup) demanded a subpoena for the records of the Club, which it turned out, had already been made public.

It had already been determined in a story by the NY Times several months ago that Judge Alito had virtually no connection with the club, club activities, fundraising or any editorials. “He was a subscriber to the magazine not the writer or editor of the magazine,” said CAP club member and Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Sam Alito had joined the Princeton Alumni Club in support of the ROTC where the University had ruled to not allow ROTC members on the Princeton campus to recruit. Alito is a strong advocate for the ROTC program. Alito knew nothing of any racist or sexist activity (primarily because there was none). Past editors of the club magazine have included women and minorities,- none who were racists however.

Ted (hiccup) Kennedy however, did know exactly what the club he had belonged to was about and years later he reportedly had his name removed from the membership.

The only way democrats could have been more hypocritical would be for former KKK member/current Democrat Senator Robert Byrd to call Judge Alito a racist.

Now that would have been priceless.

If you want to make a case for term limitations, look no further. It is about time for Sen. Kennedy to lose.

Meanwhile, a few Democrats who don’t know how to handle losing and/or how the process works, are considering how to filibuster Alito at the last second without looking like the idiots they are.

In other news:.. THANK YOU to President Bush for selecting great, quality candidates of both character and philosophy to the Supreme Court. (see post below, Supreme Appointments: July 2005) Thank you to members of the Senate who confirmed John Roberts and soon, Sam Alito too.


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