Thursday, January 26, 2006

Take a Walk on the Wild Side (Kevlar Underwear Required)

Red Stater not afraid of opposing views, but Air America is.

"Things are different nowdays, folks are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke." Will Rogers- 1879-1935

Being the open minded and curious person that I am, I recently went on over to Air America Radio's Al Franken Blogs, to see what it is all about. I registered, logged in and commented on what I saw and read on the AAR blogsite message board. Since I was a guest in the opposing teams locker room (so to speak) it was important to be reasonably polite, not curse or call names and keep to the facts.
Hate Goggles:
It was clear right away that the folks who frequent the AAR blogsite do not subscribe to the above basic rules I outlined for myself. Sure, I expected there to be plenty of Bush hating- and there is- but what I didn't expect was a complete intolerance for anyone who has a different view besides HATE BUSH. The word "Nazi" is one of their favorites, which is ironic considering they enforce a zero-tolerance policy for any opposing view themselves.
The name "Red Stater" was enough to provoke hatred and outrage all by itself.

It is obvious that not many conservatives ever post there as the regulars post as if no one is reading or watching what they say, and thus facts don't matter. Hating Bush is all that matters. They go un-checked for the most part until someone like 'ol Red Stater (or you) happens by.
The Big Ban Theory:
The moderator(s) for the AAR boards had several online discussions (thinking I didn't see them) about what to do about "Red Stater". They wanted to ban me immediately, but didn't have one single complaint from other posters to use as justification. I stuck to relevant topics that they raised and used sources and links to support my opinions. That didn't stop them however as the very next day- Red Stater was banned for life. The reason was "inflamatory topics".
"Ban, Ban, They Shot Me Down" :
So, I then went to the "sister" blog called Air America Place. This is like "Air America Lite".
The blog posters at AAP prefer to talk about favorite tv shows and i-pod issues mostly but of course throw in an occasional "Hate Bush" here and there. Logged in As "Red Stater", I asked them to please help me understand what they think Democrat's plan is for Iraq, Terrorism, Taxes etc. (since there doesn't seem to be one.)
Red Stater was banned in just a few days!
aka: Red's Tater Banned 2:
I was able to re-register at AAP by simply using another username- "Red's Tater".
So, A few days ago they posted the total U.S. military deaths in Iraq at the top of the blog page. I responded by posting the official U.S. statistics for U.S. military deaths during 1995-1999 during peacetime and the Clinton administration which were close to the same rate as now during the war. (774-974 per year)
Since they never mention those numbers themselves, I asked why deaths now were more important to them than those individuals who gave their life serving their country during peacetime? No Answer to that question (merely name calling and cursing at me) and I was banned for evermore.

In fact the usernames "Red Stater" and "Red's Tater" are both banned from use at both blogsites by anyone in the future. (sorry you will have to pick another annoying handle)

So, If you enjoy driving liberals wild and crazy, (like I do) please go and pay a visit to these two ultra-liberal, wacko-leftwing blogs and have some fun. And I assure you, FUN it IS.

Please just stay calm, keep it clean, stick to facts and you will represent other conservatives well. (It isn't difficult against their "Hate Bush" logic) Let them do the spewing.

Of course you will most likely get banned too, but just accept that going in.
Let them demonstrate that the party of tolerance isn't.

Here are some helpful topics that are guaranteed to send them into orbit and you rolling on the floor laughing at them.
#1- Bill O'reilly (Al Franken wouldn't have a show without him)
Just type in those two (Bill O'Reilly) words and stand back.
#2- What is the Democrat plan (other than "Bush Lied") There isn't one and they know it.
#3- Iraq and/or Vietnam (they don't know the difference) Good luck with the history lesson.
#4- Rush or Hannity (they don't know the difference)
#5- Abortion, Taxes, Supreme Court nominations, Immigration/Borders, Guns, God or Gays. (in other words any actual issues)

Be ready for "Bush Lied us into war", "Republican Culture of Corruption", "Bush is Spying on Americans", "Bush blew up the levy's in N.O.", Everything in Farenheit 911, al franken's book, "Republicans are all rich, white, christian, racist, nazi's", Tom Delay, and of course Jack Abramoff.

Also, they absolutely HATE it when you say "Democrat" Senator etc. instead of "Democratic" Senator etc.

Oh, and be sure to tell them "Red Stater" and "Red's Tater" sends his "regards".
(That'll get ya' banned right there)

Since we started with the great Will Rogers, let's end this one with him also.
"I don't belong to any organized political party, ... I'm a Democrat!" Will Rogers 1879-1935


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