Monday, November 06, 2006

Are You Voting To "Cut and Run" Tomorrow?

Will you be Voting to “Cut and Run” tomorrow?

Polls show Americans favor “cut and run” plan of Democrats by a large margin.
We shall see.

If you are part of the “get out of Iraq” crowd and will be voting on Tuesday, this is for you.

Do you honestly believe that after removing a brutal dictator and tearing apart his corrupt government, we should pull out and let that country be taken over by Islamic throat-cutters (yes, I called them throat-cutters) and erupt into an actual real live “civil war” (or worse)?

This is your idea of “changing America’s foreign policy”?

This is your idea of improving America’s image and making friends in the world?

This is the Democrat plan, folks. Vote for it or vote against it, but know that’s it.

According to all the leading Democrats, getting out of Iraq is more important than finishing the job of securing and rebuilding Iraq.

According to Democrats there is no radical Islamic war being waged on America. Democrats believe the Islamic throat-cutters will suddenly just disappear from Iraq the moment US troops leave since they claim the throat-cutters and gut-splatterers are only in Iraq because American troops are in Iraq. The Throat-cutters say they are in Iraq for a much higher cause than that. Democrats have disconnected from reality as a result of their hatred and outright obsessive rage for George W Bush.

“Bush Rage” is a blinding light so bright, that once infected by it, you can’t stop looking at it and as a result you are blinded from seeing anything else, except in that light.

Bush rage is highly contagious to those susceptible to peer pressure and is almost incurable. The light is so bright and appealing and the hatred is so strong and fun.

It takes an open mind and the ability to consider for even a moment that you might be infected with something. Look away from the W for just a moment. I urge you to “come out of that light” for a second for the sake of the country and see a different world in a different light.

If you believe an all-out civil war is going on in Iraq, first you aren’t listening to anything but Democrat talking points, and/or the throat-cutters talking points, or perhaps you don’t know about the Kurds who control about 1/3 of Iraq just fine, or maybe you don’t understand what an all-out civil war really looks like, or perhaps your crazed hatred for Bush has blinded you from looking at Iraq as anything but a political weapon.

If the US troops leave Iraq now, then you will see what a real civil war really looks like. It will make today’s Iraq look like a picnic at the beach.

Is there a Civil War in America?
Of course not, but yet American born thugs, gangs and criminals slaughter many more innocent people right here in American than die in all the Iraqi vs Iraqi conflicts in Iraq- granted we are a larger country, but can you really expect more from Iraqi’s than you do of Americans in terms of killing each other?

The fact is that most of the killings of innocent Iraqi’s are the result of outside influences from Islamic throat-cutting radicals who DO want a civil war to break out. Yes the Sunnis and Shiites have “issues”, but Iraqi’s by a large majority WANT their government and country to succeed. They have formed a new government, held valid elections and voted by a much larger percentage than we do here in America and they voted in spite of the real threat of literally being killed for doing so. We cannot afford to leave these people now and let them down in their greatest moment of need and support.

Al Qaeda and other throat-cutters cannot afford for Iraq (America) to succeed. They have said so. They will do anything and everything to defeat the Americans in Iraq and take over that country. World domination is their clearly stated goal and it hinges on Iraq.

Chief throat-cutter Osama Bin Laden himself has said so, numerous times now. Al Qaeda has made their claim, which is a “final stand in Iraq to defeat America or die trying”.

Iran has also been a primary source of the outside influence of violence in Iraq and has been warned numerous times by the Untied States and the new Iraqi government.

Iran cannot afford for Iraq and America to succeed either, and has called for America’s defeat there.

If the United States “cuts and runs” on the Iraqi people before the throat-cutters are wiped out, it will be the single biggest mistake in our country’s history. Our great grandchildren will still be trying to understand why we didn’t stay and keep those people from being slaughtered after being so close to winning. Our grandchildren will ask us why we quit and why we didn’t we do what was necessary to stop the Islamic throat-cutters world domination when we had the chance? Why?

Is the excuse going to be that you were so busy hating Bush that you never took the Islamic throat-cutters thing seriously?

Iraqi’s will have no choice but to believe that America was NOT their friend.

A friend would not have left them to be slaughtered by the throat-cutters after giving them the hope of freedom. Islamic Fascist throat-cutters will have no choice but to believe that America doesn’t have the courage to fight for freedom in Iraq and that America is too weak to fight for it’s own freedom as well. The rest of the world will look at Vietnam, Mogadishu and Iraq to determine the credibility of America at war.

How do YOU want America to be viewed 25 years from now?

As a friend to the middle east and all freedom-peace loving people around the world who stayed until the job was done, or as a liar and betrayer of promises who is weak and vulnerable to defeat if confronted?

Will America be the country that fought for freedom or the country that betrayed freedom in the middle east?

We (voters) will decide tomorrow (and again in November of 2008) the fate of millions.

Americans will judge our decision for generations after living with the results (or lack of) in the future.

Now, if you still want to vote for us to "cut and run" on the Iraqi's, go ahead turn that Bushrage-light on again, look deeply into it and vote for your local Democrat.



Blogger RoseCovered Glasses said...

Yes I am. I am a two tour Vietnam Veteran who spent 36 Years thereafter working in the US Defense Industrial Complex on many of the weapons our boys are using as we speak. And I am convinced we should leave. Please see "Odyssey of Armaments" posting at my blog.

7:54 PM  
Blogger RoseCovered Glasses said...

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7:57 PM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

I thank you for your service, read your blog and understand that you have unresolved issues with the government that go back decades.

I respectfully disagree on cutting and running.
This is NOT Vietnam and these throat-cutting fascists Islamic radicals will claim victory and follow us home if we leave now.

I suggest you vote Republican and support the plan to bring our troops home victorious and not in defeat as the Democrats plan to do.

In my opinion that is the way to honor them and those that have already given their lives in this just and honorable cause.

For all our sakes, I hope you find it in your heart to do the right thing for our future.

With all due respect,


10:16 PM  
Blogger RustyBelgrades said...

Yes, "Cut and Run"...I love that phrase. It is another one of those pretty titles politicians, media, and whomever use to summarize an entire policy. And in just a few cute little words. He's right though, leaving Iraq is as stupid now as entering it was. I've yet to hear an appropriate plan to leave, or as the Dems have been calling it, (If they have watched any Repub speeches), "Cut and Run". Do understand that there are those, the ones that are blinded by the light, that are pissed off that the US even approached Iraq, and voiced their opposition from the get go. The gigantic mess that exists in Iraq could have and should have been prevented, regardless of how noble and wonderful our intentions may have been. Besides, our anger has not yet reached the level of vengence demonstrated by the Starr's of the Clinton Administration. But hey, what do I know? I am just a leftist pot-head, orgy loving, Pagan, that wants to be weak on terrorists and make all of our children homosexual while teaching them demonic science.

10:37 AM  
Blogger Red Stater said...

"in just a few cute little words, he's right though..."

Thanks Rusty, that's all ya' had to say!

"Cut and Run" is accurate and short, rare these days, would you prefer "Stay and Win"?.

...being blinded by the light of BUSH RAGE going back to the 2000 election is no excuse to not pay attention to who the real enemy is.
(hint, it's not BUSH)
You speak of "noble intentions" and admit that is our goal, but you say it isn't worth it.

If not noble intentions, what is worth it?

As far as the rest goes, thats too much information.

11:56 AM  
Blogger RoseCovered Glasses said...

Well, now that the election is over,we can get down to the real issues. Please check the below blog for a plan.

9:27 AM  
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Blogger Red S Tater said...

well... here it is November 2008.. two years after democrats took control of the house and senate... George Bush won... we stayed in Iraq and won the war in spite of Democrats.

George Bush 47 - Democrats 0

3:10 PM  

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