Saturday, November 25, 2006

Broken Media is Worse than "Broken"

I thought the media was broken, (Oct 06 post) but turns out it's worse than that.
The folks over at Flopping Aces have done an excellent job of putting together clear evidence that the American News Media is giving us large doses of enemy propaganda without disclaimers or balance to affect our view on the war.

Reports which are totally unconfirmed are being fed to us as "fact".
The news media is reporting that 4 or more Mosques were destroyed in Bahdad and several people were set on fire with gasoline or kerosene when in fact only one Mosque was attacked and not destroyed and the reports of the burnings are without any confirmation by any responsible news or government official.

It turns out that AP is getting a large number of it's unconfirmed reports directly from the terrorist group Hamas and also from enemy combatants inside Iraq. The American News Media is more than happy to report the stories as factual which serves the terrorists just fine.

Who is "Capt." Jamil Hussein and why is he listed as the sole source in a number of stories about Shiite attacks on Sunnis?
The Iraqi police, the Iraqi Army and US centcom is unable to confirm his authenticity so far.

If you doubt that that AP, NY Times, LA Times, CNN, MSNBC and the rest are "in bed" with the enemy, read THIS .

It is time for Americans to stand up and reform the Main Stream "drive-by" Media before they destroy the very freedom that allows them to be such "useful idiots".

Reform the horribly Broken Media (before it's too late).

UPDATE: 11/27/06- Flopping Aces and Michelle Malkin are hot on the trail of the source(s) of the propaganda and also the News reporters involved. Read all about it... here.

MSNBC (and NBC) is using these fake reports as justification for deciding that Iraq is indeed in a all-out "civil war" in their statement this morning.
How do YOU spell treason?

UPDATES III & IV- 11/29/06 -A new letter from CENTCOM states that Iraqi officials will announce that there is no Captain Jamil Hussein working for the Iraqi police. The Associated Press has been reporting fake stories from a fake police officer which supports the terrorists.
AP "News" has been caught RED handed but they are "proud" of their work.

UPDATE: Boston Herald story calls for REFORM in the main stream media. "The Associated Press has lost it's Rudder"

UPDATE QUESTION: Is David Podvin the American equivalent of Jamil Hussein or just another alfranken with an "alias"?
Liberal blogs are quick to pick up his "stories" and repeat them as fact but who is David Podvin?
More to come...

Time for reform in the media.


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